Among Us is one of those games you keep playing not for the rank or the collectibles, but for the opportunity to have fun. In the mobile market, we see it as the absolute best of the social-survival genre. It’s like Survivor… if the contestants were in outer-space and if one of them could go around killing people for fun. We discussed the fundamentals of this immensely fun release from Innersloth in our beginner’s guide, so don’t hesitate to check that out if you’re new to the game. Learn more about how to optimize your Among Us experience on PC.

Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us on PC

This time around, we’d like to explore the idea of becoming the perfect Crewmate. At a very basic level, winning is as simple as “DoTaskWin,” which, incidentally, is also one of the more famous player names within the community. We couldn’t have put it any better, Mr. DoTask.

However, since the only way to get someone out is to have a majority of votes, there is an added, social dynamic to take into account. As you shall see, this complicates things endlessly (to some players’ despair and others’ delight).

What the Crew Does in Among Us

Since there’s just one Impostor every time around, you’re most likely going to be a Crewmate whenever a game begins. As such, if you want to be successful, you must first learn how to work well with other Crew members. Your primary objective is to complete the tasks before the Impostor kills you alongside everyone else. On a secondary note, you have to find the evidence that may indicate whether someone is an Impostor and then convince everybody else to vote them out.

Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us on PC

The tasks will vary from swiping your card in the Administrator panel to refueling the ship, and even shooting down incoming asteroids. The fun part is that there are a variety of tasks that the host is able to calibrate and they will affect your in-game experience. According to how long it takes to complete them, tasks are either short, common, or long.

You have two abilities as a Crewmate, namely “Use” and “Report.” The first is necessary to interact with everything within the game, while the second becomes active whenever you encounter a dead body. Essentially, the report function makes it possible to immediately oust a killer if they’re caught in the act or as a way to notify everyone else that something terrible has happened.

Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us on PC

If the host allows it, the “use” ability can activate your emergency meeting (each player gets exactly one), which will pause the game for a discussion and vote. You want to save this for when you’re absolutely sure that you’re in danger of being killed or for when you caught the killer in the act. As much as we’d want to be able to defend ourselves against the Impostor, there is no other way to do so but convince everyone else to vote them out.

Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us on PC

The Crewmember’s Guide to Survival

In what follows, we’ll give you a short rundown of the most important tips every Crew member should know:

The Buddy System Always Works

Never go off on your own. Aside from exposing yourself to an easy kill that will end your fun prematurely, you’re also risking arousing the suspicion of other people. If there’s nobody to blame or the Impostor is particularly sneaky, you’ll easily be voted off for lone wolf behavior.

Learn the Vent System

This goes for both Crew and Impostors. If you really pay attention while playing, you’ll see that most rooms have a vent opening. These are like shortcuts in-between the rooms with the twist that only Impostors can use them. If you see someone behind you one second and then in front of you soon after that, it’s likely that they’re getting around using the vents. Innocent people will never go near these and neither should you.

Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us on PC

Suspicious Behavior

Since this is a social game, the most useful thing you can learn is how to read other players’ behavior. As a rule, Impostors will try to divert attention away from themselves, although some have become skilled enough to do this inconspicuously.  Suspicious behavior includes conversational tactics as much as it does erratic movements around the map.

  • For example, Impostors will constantly run away from or around sabotaged areas, rather than straight to them.
  • Another definitive tell-tale is when they try to Swipe their card in an effort to blend in. The task doesn’t always feature, so inexperienced Impostors are likely to give themselves away with this one.

Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us on PC

Don’t Abuse the Emergency Meeting

If there’s one thing other players hate, it’s people abusing the EM function without good cause. You only get one shot at this, so keep it for a moment when you believe you might be in danger or you know for sure that you’ve found the Impostor.


Last, but certainly not least, don’t be a slacker. Nobody likes a troll, nor people who go around aimlessly. It only makes the game more difficult for those who are invested in the match. If you don’t want to play, don’t get in a game.

Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us on PC

Winning Is Easy

All it takes to win as a Crewmate in Among Us is a bit of coordination. This is quite hard to achieve when you’re playing on the mobile version, since communication is only possible throughout discussions. To make things easier, convince everyone to go around in a big group or two smaller ones. If you stay together, spotting erratic behavior in others becomes much easier than if you’re spread thinly across the map.

Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us on PC

Ideally, nobody except for the Impostor should want to get away from the group, since he or she is the only one among you who has a different interest at heart. Throughout discussions, it makes more sense to play Among Us on PC with BlueStacks, as it gives you the opportunity to write to your team faster and communicate seamlessly.

That’s it! These are the most important things to keep in mind when playing Among Us as member of the Crew. We told you the game is deceptively simple, yet, as you will see for yourself, it’s also insanely fun.

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