Among Us is a social deduction multiplayer game that captured the imaginations of gamers, both casual and hardcore alike, during the lockdowns imposed due to the pandemic situation in 2020

The game had three maps when it became mainstream, with The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus all available to the public. The Airship is the latest addition and is the largest map in Among Us, with Innersloth also teasing a map 5 that is in the works right now.

The craze started with The Skeld, with almost all mods and variations also birthed and made popular on the map first. Once players felt saturated with their gameplay on The Skeld, they moved on to other maps, with varied experiences of it.

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However, with 4 maps on the table at the present moment, let us make an attempt to rank the Among Us maps as part of our tier list.

1. The Skeld

Among Us Maps Tier List - Ranking the Current Among Us Maps in Terms of User Experience

The GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in the Among Us map pool, The Skeld was the only playable map during the initial days of Among Us in 2019 and the time when it was briefly popularised by former Dota 2 professional and Twitch streamer Henrik ‘AdmiralBulldog’ Ahren. 

Even after the advent of maps like Polus and MIRA HQ, The Skeld was the only free-to-play map at the start, with the other two forming part of DLC (Downloadable Content) that would cost players something extra before all of the maps were made free. 

The Skeld is based on the spaceship owned by MIRA that the crewmates use to travel from the MIRA HQ to their Polus base and vice versa. The map is not big and has a lot for the casual gamers, with as many as four visual tasks present along with the shooting gallery in the Asteroids task. 

For the impostors, there are 14 vents on the map despite its rather small size in comparison to other maps, with many interconnected vent systems allowing impostors to move more freely. The Skeld was the birthplace of many popular and crazy Among Us mods and variants and was also the base model for The Airship map at the beginning.

The tasks are evenly distributed throughout The Skeld, with at least 2 tasks present in each location and features the spawn point and the meeting point at the same location, making it the breeding ground of many-a trolls and fun voting sessions. 

The Skeld was the most played map by content creators and Among Us streamers during the time Among Us went mainstream in the gaming industry and as such, the map holds a special place in the hearts of many Among Us enthusiasts.

2. Polus

Among Us Maps Tier List - Ranking the Current Among Us Maps in Terms of User Experience

Polus is MIRA HQ’s base set on the planet Polus, hence the name of the map. Polus was the largest map of the Among Us universe before the arrival of The Airship. First of all, it has, hands down, the best eject animation of all time, with players thrown into the lava after being voted out. 

To add to the unique experience, the vents appear as holes in the ground, further lending to the lore of the crewmates being infiltrated by an alien entity whilst on the planetary base. The doors also do not open easily and players will have to enable all the buttons to use the door.

Polus is a more balanced map for both crewmates and impostors, with a buff to the impostors venting animation thanks to the lack of vent doors that would be visible to crewmates sometimes. However, with just one critical sabotage on the map along with several closed-knit tasks that make the crewmates feel safer than usual, Polus allows both facets to succeed based on their skill and luck. 

One great thing about Polus is that even though it is a large map, the gameplay doesn’t feel as labored when compared to that on The Airship, perhaps due to the clustered tasks,  simultaneous sabotage rectifiers and usable doors. This map also gave rise to the marinating furore, with players that are wrongly voted out thrown into the lava eventually. 


Among Us Maps Tier List - Ranking the Current Among Us Maps in Terms of User Experience

Down from the largest map in Among Us to the smallest one in the map pool, MIRA HQ is set high up in Earth’s atmosphere and is the headquarters of the MIRA corporation and thus, the crewmates that work for the organization. 

MIRA HQ saw Among Us introduce the doorlog  system, with players able to access the log to see who used what doors. However, the lack of a security system really complicates things for the crewmates, which is just magnified multiple times due to the smooth venting system that connects all corners of the map and the door system that really slows down the crewmates in their tasks. 

To add to it, the Oxygen task requires crewmates to travel to two extreme corners of the map while the reactor sabotage sees crewmates having to go through the decontamination zone, further slowing them down as they attempt to rectify this sabotage. 

Overall, MIRA HQ is not just the smallest map but it also is the one that favors the impostors the most, what with the extravagant vent system, lack of security cameras, difficult sabotage, secluded areas and narrow crooked hallways where the impostors can hide bodies easily. 

The map doesn’t look as aesthetically appetizing either and was genuinely the least favorite among the maps already available when the game became uber-popular in 2020. 

4. The Airship

Among Us Maps Tier List - Ranking the Current Among Us Maps in Terms of User Experience

The latest addition to the Among Us map pool, The Airship is not only the largest map in the pool but also has the longest name among all maps as well. Added on 31st March 2021, the new map also has a few completely new tasks namely, jewel polishing, emptying trash among others while including reworks of some famous tasks and areas like the Cockpit, MedBay and more!

As far as the Among Us lore is concerned, The Airship is the only map not owned by the MIRA corporation that the crewmates work for, with the map also the only one with no visual tasks. 

However, the new map failed to capture as big of an audience as was expected, with players getting a taste of something new. The Airship had a lot of new stuff, with new tasks, the moving platform connecting two parts of the map along with reworks of several iconic parts of previous maps. The map though, proved to be too big for the 10 player lobby and became a lot more monotonous, giving Impostors the advantage with the vast landscape of the map.

The lack of visual tasks was also a big downer. While visual tasks are mostly turned off in competitive lobbies, the lack of it was a disappointment for the casual Among Us gamers, who would have at least liked the option of enabling or disabling those tasks in The Airship.

Now that the 15 player lobbies are available, it should improve the Airship experience a bit. Still, there is a sense of feeling that the Among Us developers need to work more on improving Airship as a map before it can truly be accepted by the community. 

It will be interesting to see how Map 5 turns out and whether it can change the Among Us map tier list to a certain extent. 

You can also Play Among Us in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!