Among Us has now established its reign on the internet, in my humble opinion. From politicians to Youtube personalities to everybody in-between. It is now the game you have on your phones, tablets, PCs, and maybe even on consoles in the future. A combination of social distancing in the current year combined with the little skillset required to play the game made Among Us so influential that not even PewDiePie could ignore it and he has been ignoring most games since the bridge incident on his PUBG live stream but we shall not speak of it. 

Getting right into it, let’s assume you are a crewmate in Among Us. So what is it that a crewmate does exactly? Is it just tasks? Not exactly. After playing Among Us for hours and going from one lobby to another you will inevitably reach the point that tasks are there to keep the player or you in this scenario busy in the game. Is it really surprising that most if not all players want to be impostors all the time? Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be an impostor all the time but what if there was a way to ruin all the fun these impostors are having in the game. You’d be surprised at how easy it can be to spot the impostors in the first five minutes of the game. 

The Psychological Mind Games of Among Us

The thing is that any game no matter how good has to have a power balance. In games like COD or PUBG, that balance is achieved by weapons and items having different power scaling. But since Among Us isn’t a battle royal game or an FPS shooter it can’t create a power balance normally. Instead, what Among Us tries to do is skip power scaling or balancing and instead go for human psychology. Let me explain. If you are a crewmate in Among Us then naturally you will be vary of every other player in the game as they can be the impostor and potentially will kill you. This is critical to understand since impostors behave completely differently.

Impostors in Among Us already know from the moment the game starts who are the other impostors and who are the crewmates. This leads to them responding to the game completely differently. Think of it this way. A crewmate is afraid of the impostor while the impostor is afraid of getting caught. Play it out in your head and you reach the correct conclusion. An impostor is not afraid of crewmates so their responses to emergency meetings or voting or tasks are completely different from a crewmate. Think back to every time you were a ghost in the emergency meetings and how the impostor used to respond every time a dead body was reported. 

How to Bamboozle Impostors in Among Us

  1. Everyone knows that Impostors fake tasks so that is one way of knowing who the impostor is but knowing is one thing and surprising is another. Every time an emergency meeting is called just write that you know who is the impostor. It is not important that you do know the impostor but the idea itself is scary for the player who is the impostor. It trips them up in most rooms and they will always be on their best behavior since your death will make them the prime suspect.
  2. Another thing you can do is write in emergency meetings things like “How did you become the impostor?” without specifying who exactly is the impostor. It has little to no effect on crewmates but what you will get is answers like “You know who is the impostor” or “tell then who is the killer?” and they will be most of the time from suspected impostors.
  3. One thing that many players get frustrated by as Crewmates is the lack of trust among other crewmates. No matter how hard you try you can’t make that go away. Try forcing the argument in the emergency meeting and you will be one who gets voted out. So even if you do know the impostor it always helps in making tangible arguments. So avoid using Fake tasks as a valid argument since anyone can say that they were just failing at it. Go for lines like ” Major SuS on Green but I’m not sure” even if you are. This makes the argument sound more valid in players’ heads which is the real game you need to win.
  4. Among us is about mind games but the one who plays them and the one who gets played will always decide the fate of the game. So the next time you want to establish trust among fellow crewmates use lines like “I’m going to security, everyone watch who comes with me”. These type of messages in the emergency meetings help players gain trust points which get cashed as soon as you become the impostor. Not only you make yourself but the other player as well be suspect and safe at the same time. So if you die then it was the other player and if the other player dies then it was you who was the impostor.

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Everyone knows that games like Among Us are best played with voice chat on but since the game has no voice chat support you have to depend on third-party solutions that are sub-par at best. Even with the best of internet connections, you will experience drops and even random disconnections depending on the ping you get on certain programs. Luckily, BlueStacks Andriod Emulator devs have done a great job with the new Voice Chat feature that has made playing Among Us amazing for us.

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