Welcome to the brand-new update for Among Us. We are playing on the new Airship map and giving you a guide to everything you need to know. In this Among Us Airship map guide we are going to be breaking the specifics down into different points. This guide is going to cover things such as common tasks, sabotages, and much more. To start off, let’s take a look at the useful parts around the map that is the admin table, cameras, and everything like that. 

Among Us Airship Map Guide: Steer the Ship with This Information

When you load into Among Us Airship map, you can choose between three locations where you want to spawn. This tends to randomize but usually, everyone has the same choices. For example, you may have the choice to spawn in the kitchen, engine room, and cargo bay. All players will have those options but then the next round it might change. You might have the vault records and cargo bay or something like that. So there are multiple different places that you can spawn.

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Engine Room

We are in the engine room right now and now we’re gonna head over to the left into the cockpit. This is where you can find the admin table. A lot of players may not be aware of this but up here on the top left, you do have the admin tables. 

Among Us Airship Map Guide: Steer the Ship with This Information

You can see exactly where everybody is on the map and every single place is covered on the map. It seems like most places are going to be able to track people so there’s not a specific place that you can’t actually see.


Now we’re going to head down and show you where the cameras are. They are down in security. So if you come down here through the armory and then come through the kitchen, you can see a little tunnel. You’re going to go through this little tunnel and then you will find security. Security has got an ultrawide screen and then five other monitors around. You will see that the cameras work very similarly like in the Polus map. You can only see one camera at a time. 

Among Us Airship Map Guide: Steer the Ship with This Information

First off, the camera we have on the left covers the fuel tank. The next one we have is in the vault. Then there is the records room which also has the center of the record. So, you can see people going left, right, and down. Then we have cams for security. The only thing this camera could be used for is potentially seeing someone come in that’s gonna kill you. There is also one in the cargo bay and in the meeting room. Now you can see potentially someone doing a murder.


Let’s go through electrical now and head over to medical. Now electrical in Airship can be a little weird. This is very confusing, probably the worst part of the map because of these doors. The doors tend to randomize every single time. You can go into a map and it will be different each time. That means you have to figure out exactly how to get around every game. It is an absolute pain.

Among Us Airship Map Guide: Steer the Ship with This Information

Then you go down and through to the medical. In that room, there are two beds. Between them, we have vitals so we can see exactly whoever’s died. As you know, the admin table is in the cockpit and vitals is in the medical. So you can’t quickly run between the two.


Now the final thing that we’re going to be showing you is where you can report the meetings. That is of course in the meeting room. To do that you have to go through records down into showers through the main hall. From there you go through the engine room up to the brake and into the meeting room. Unless you’re an imposter who could use vents and there is literally a vent.

That’s pretty much all the important parts of information that you may want to check out. 

Common Tasks

Now, let’s talk about common tasks. There are tasks that every crewmate has to perform. There are actually only two common tasks in Among Us. That holds true for the Airship as well.   Those tasks are fixing the wires and also entering the ID code in the meeting room. The meeting room is where we are right now. All you need to do is head over to the right go over to the little panel. Then open up your ID card and enter your code. It’s as simple as that. 

Among Us Airship Map Guide: Steer the Ship with This Information

The wires are a bit different because the wires have multiple spawn points across the entire map. Again, they are random every time you load into the game. Since the locations of wires can change every game, what you can do is remember them. 

Among Us Airship Map Guide: Steer the Ship with This Information

The first one is in the engine room on the top left. The second one is just left of the kitchen, in the viewing deck. The third one is in the showers just left of the laundry basket. The fourth one is just up from showers into the records. Then if you go into the lounge just next to the dart board you have the next one. The sixth one is located down from the lounge into the cargo hold. Go through the toilet cubicles and that’s it. The final one is on the right in the meeting room. There are seven spawn points in total.

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