No matter how many times we get to play Among Us it is always a new experience. Playing as an impostor is probably the most fun since you get to run around the map and kill crewmates. Plus there is always the thrill of framing crewmates and convincing other players of your innocence. With Among Us becoming bigger and bigger every day, more and more players are playing the game and now there’s news about a new map that will be coming to the game in near future. So far only MiraHQ, Skeld, and Polus have been the stomping grounds of all the impostors and crewmates. 

From all of the maps, our favorite has to be Polus. Mostly because the tasks are more exciting and the snowy aura is always appreciated. Doesn’t matter which map you play on the game itself remains the same. If you are an impostor you will kill crewmates and sabotage the spaceship to win. Impostors can only win if they are able to successfully sabotage the spaceship or if they bring the number of crewmates to two. Crewmates win fairly easily, all they have to do is tasks around the ship and vote out the impostors. 

A Game Guide That Will Make the Life of Crewmates and Impostors Easier

If you have played Among Us enough then you probably have memorized all the maps to some degree. So in this Among Us game guide, we will not be covering how you can make META plays or bait other players, rather we will be focusing on tips that can make doing tasks easier. There will also be tips for both crewmates and impostors that will make sus-ing out and killing easier. These tips and tricks are primarily for players playing Among Us on BlueStacks. Even if you are playing the game on some other platform you can use them. These tips are not platform-specific; rather these will be map-specific.

Perfect Card Swipe

Card swipes is one of the easiest tasks to do if done at one go but the moment you make one hiccup and it becomes a headache to complete this task. Sometimes the swipe is too fast and sometimes too slow. There is a way to do a perfect card swipe in one go, just swipe the card left to right quickly three or four times. If you’re playing Among Us on BlueStacks then you can also use BlueStacks Macros to record a successful card swipe and put it on a keybind. So whenever you have to do a card swipe then all you need to do is a button press on the keyboard. 

A Game Guide That Will Make the Life of Crewmates and Impostors Easier

Admin Map

Did you know that the Admin map can tell you if a player has been killed? When you open the admin map you will see the general location of all the players. Though the map does not tell you if a player is walking or venting, it does tell how many players are in a room. Whenever an impostor kills a player you can see it on the admin map for just a second. In the admin map, it will show one yellow player avatar move on top of the dead player yellow avatar for a second. After that, the admin map will show two yellow player avatars as usual. 

A Game Guide That Will Make the Life of Crewmates and Impostors Easier

Medbay “SuS”

This is a neat little trick to find out who is an impostor and works 100% of the time. When you are playing on Polus map then there is a body scan task in medbay. There has always been the body scan to know if a player is an impostor. If you didn’t already know, an impostor cannot do body scans and if they try to fake it then you can walk to the machine and scan yourself. If the player is an impostor then the machine will scan you otherwise it will say that it is occupied. 

The other method also involves the scanning machine but also the vent of medbay. When a crewmate does a body scan then the game will make sure that they walk outside the medbay looking at their right. If an impostor vents into the medbay and walk out then they will be looking at their left side. 

A Game Guide That Will Make the Life of Crewmates and Impostors Easier

Upload Task

If you are in admin and the game has just started then beware of the player who has come to do the upload task. In Among Us there is a task where crewmates have to download files and then upload them. The locations to download files are spread over the map but to upload them one has to come to admin. So if a player is doing the upload task as soon as the game starts then that player is an impost0r. The locations to download files are cafeteria, weapons, navigation, communication, and electrical.

A Game Guide That Will Make the Life of Crewmates and Impostors Easier

Sabotage Comms

As an impostor, your biggest assets to win are the sabotage map and the venting. In Among Us impostors have the special ability to sabotage the spaceship using which they can close doors and cause problems in the ship. When you are the impostor in Among Us and the crewmates have done enough tasks that the green bar is almost full then you should immediately sabotage comms. Sabotaging comms will turn the taskbar light green into dark green and crewmates won’t be able to check their tasks until they fix comms. Comms sabotage is a very powerful tool for an impostor. Not only the taskbar will be sabotaged but the cameras, admin map, crewmate task map. 

A Game Guide That Will Make the Life of Crewmates and Impostors Easier

Control the Impostor with a Controller on Among Us on BlueStacks

The Among Us Android app has an option of using a controller to play the game. When you play Among Us on BlueStacks you can easily play with your controller by connecting it to your PC. Just connect your controller via USB or Bluetooth and then open BlueStacks.

A Game Guide That Will Make the Life of Crewmates and Impostors Easier

Then go to the settings menu and in the Preferences option, you will see Enable Gamepad Detection under Game control settings. Make sure that you have gamepad detection turned on. Then open Among Us and click on the settings, there you will see that you can set the control to either joystick or touch. Choose joystick and you’re good to go.