After a long time of teasing and anticipation, Apex Legends Mobile is finally out and available for everyone to play and have fun with the same style of gameplay as its PC and console counterparts, but with visuals, controls, and other elements redesigned to be played on mobile devices. However, if you’ve been following our blog and our products for a while, you’ll probably know what we’re going to say next: The way to get the best experience with this game is by playing Apex Legends Mobile on PC with BlueStacks, as it will not only let you enjoy it with the best graphics and performance, but also with versatile keyboard and mouse controls, or even using your very own gamepad.

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

Nevertheless, actually playing the game is one thing, since all it takes to win a match basically is being able to aim and shoot while moving around the battlefield; everything else is secondary. However, your characters in this game, called Legends, have very important skills to offer that, when used correctly, can potentially turn the tide of any battle. In this sense, while knowing how to run and gun is important, knowing about the different Legends and what each can do is also vital for winning matches and choosing strong team compositions.

With that being said, let’s check out the different characters in Apex Legends Mobile that are available at launch, and discuss their skills, strengths, and weaknesses.


Hero Type: Offensive

Tactical Skill: Stim

Passive Skill: Swift Mend

Ultimate Skill: Launch Pad

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

Judging from his intro clip, you can see that Octane is all about speed and going fast, which is more than evident from reading his tactical skill, Stim, which increases his movement speed significantly, while slowly draining his HP, while active. This might seem like a heavy tradeoff, and it definitely could be, especially in combat. However, it meshes well with his passive, Swift Mend, which lets Octane slowly regenerate his HP after a short delay.

Even though he’s categorized as an Offensive Legends, he doesn’t have any skills that actively deal damage in any way. However, his ultimate, Launch Pad, lets him deploy a bounce pad that anyone can use to traverse long distances with a single jump. This skill, combined with his Stim speed, makes him a very difficult target to hit, and a prime candidate for repositioning and flanking the enemy.


Hero Type: Support

Tactical Skill: D.O.C. Heal Drone

Passive Skill: Combat Revive

Ultimate Skill: Care Package

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

Lifeline was, for the longest time, one of the top picks of the game thanks to her fast movement speed, small hitbox, and unparalleled support skills, allowing her not only to heal her teammates in a pinch, but also to deploy invaluable defensive supply drops, giving her team an advantage as far as gearing goes.

As you can guess from her name, Lifeline is all about keeping her allies safe and giving her team a leg up. Her tactical skill lets her deploy her faithful healing drone, slowly restoring the HP of all nearby units, which is extremely useful especially when deployed in combat, as players can continue fighting while their HP slowly ticks up, without having to stop so much to heal. Moreover, her passive, Combat Revive, lets her deploy her bot to help a fallen ally, giving Lifeline the liberty to defend, fight, and even heal another teammate at the same time.

Lifeline is always a good pick, and every team composition can benefit greatly from a good player choosing her.


Hero Type: Recon

Tactical Skill: Eye of the Allfather

Passive Skill: Tracker

Ultimate Skill: Beast of the Hunt

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

Bloodhound first caused waves among the Apex Legends community not just because they were the first character to be officially revealed as non-binary, but also because they are an excellent all-around hunter-scouter Legend. 

Their kit is designed to make them function as a tracker, allowing them to see footprints, past interactions with objects such as doors and chests by other players, and even signs of fights that have recently taken place in any given area. Furthermore, with their powerful sonar, Bloodhound can use the Eye of the Allfather skill to pinpoint the exact location of nearby enemies on their HUD, even through walls and other obstacles. Lastly, their Beast of the Hunt skill removes all the color from the screen, and marks the enemy in a bright red color, even through walls. This ultimate skill lasts for a long time, giving Bloodhound the edge as they will always know the position of the enemy for the duration.

A good Bloodhound is just like a good Lifeline, an invaluable asset for any team, as long as they are played correctly.


Hero Type: Recon

Tactical Skill: Grappling Hook

Passive Skill: Insider Knowledge

Ultimate Skill: Zipline Gun

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

It’s funny how the schtick of each character in Apex Legends Mobile is mostly in their names, and Pathfinder is no exception as his entire existence is all about blazing paths and helping the team get from point A to point B. In particular, he also excels at his role, which is Recon, since he can use his trusty Grappling Hook to climb on surfaces that would otherwise be inaccessible to other players. 

From his vantage points, Pathfinder can scout out threats, and even help to decide on a route for the current match, especially when he uses his Insider Knowledge passive skill, which lets him interact with the satellite dishes marked on the map in order to get the exact location where the next circle will close. And once it’s time to move, he can use his Zipline Gun skill to deploy a zipline for his entire team to use, allowing them to cross massive distances quickly.


Hero Type: Defensive

Tactical Skill: Nox Gas Trap

Passive Skill: Nox Vision

Ultimate Skill: Nox Gas Grenade

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

Despite his menacing appearance, Caustic is actually more a defensive character rather than a unit that specializes in dealing damage directly. And even though he could shoot you just as easily as any other Legend, his skill set lends itself better for holding down points and guarding strategic positions using his wide array of toxins and traps.

Caustic lives up to his namesake through the use of his Nox Gas Trap skill, which deploys an inflatable proximity explosive that, when enemies get too close, explode in a large cloud of noxious fumes, dealing light damage that goes through shields and partially blocking their vision. Caustic can hold up to three charges of this skill, allowing him to quickly block off an area. He can have a maximum of six traps set on the map at any given moment, and he can also pick up a deployed trap in order to instantly get back a charge of this skill.

His Ultimate Skill, Nox Gas Grenade, is very much the same as his mines, except in a throwable form, allowing him to blanket a large area with his signature gas, lasting for 15 seconds. All the while, enemies that are trapped in his smoke are instantly revealed to Caustic thanks to his Nox Vision passive. 


Hero Type: Defensive

Tactical Skill: Dome of Protection

Passive Skill: Gun Shield

Ultimate Skill: Defensive Bombardment

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

This big burly dude is a master of defensive maneuvers, employing skills to help keep his allies safe from harm. In contrast with Lifeline, who specializes in healing damage, Gibraltar helps to actively protect his team, especially with his Dome of Protection skill, which deploys a protective sphere for 12 seconds around an area, preventing projectiles from both going in, as well as out of the area. Moreover, while Gibraltar is inside his own dome, he resurrects downed allies much faster.

However, this Legend is not just about defending, as his Ultimate Attack, Defensive Bombardment, rains destruction in an area for 6 seconds dealing damage with each explosion, and shell-shocking enemies, slowing down their movement speed considerably. With this skill set, we’d say Gibraltar is mostly a balanced Legend, but his large hitbox and slow movement speed make him better suited for slower, more deliberate and strategic gameplay. At the very least, a good player can save his team and clutch fights using this character.


Hero Type: Offensive

Tactical Skill: Flashback

Passive Skill: Slipstream

Ultimate Skill: Phase Chamber

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

An interesting combination of support and offensive skills makes Fade a truly unique character. And though his skills are geared more towards aggressive playstyles, he can also be used tactically to disrupt the enemy and help his team gain a better position before engaging. However, his disruptive skills can also affect his allies, or leave him exposed and vulnerable, which makes bad players particularly cumbersome as they can actively put the team in danger or ruin prime ambushing opportunities.

His tactical skill is Flashback, which when activated sends Fade back to the position where he was 20 seconds ago, over the course of two seconds. At any moment, the player can interrupt this skill prematurely in case they don’t want to use the entire effect of the skill. This ability restores any health and shield that the player had lost in the previous 20 seconds. On the other hand, his Slipstream passive simply gives Fade a short speed boost after sliding.

Both of these skills suggest that Fade is a prime ambusher and hunter, though his Ultimate Skill is what could truly make or break entire matches. His Phase Chamber skill has him lob a grenade at an area that deals very slight damage on explosion. However, all the affected targets are temporarily transported to the void for four seconds, including both allies and enemies. While in the void, enemies can move around with a movement speed penalty and are marked for Fade to see, while allies can move with normal speed. However, neither allies nor enemies can use weapons or skills while shifted.

As you can see, the misuse of a Phase Chamber ult can definitely turn entire fights around, both for good or for bad, depending on how the enemy reacts, and whether or not you trapped one of your teammates with it. However, correct use of this skill allows for prime ambushing opportunities, as long as there is good team communication.


Hero Type: Offensive

Tactical Skill: Psyche Out

Passive Skill: Now You See Me

Ultimate Skill: Life of the Party

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

Mirage is somewhat of a “meme” character, and we’re not just talking about his personality. His skills are mostly inoffensive and used only to deceive the enemy, though a good player will know when a Mirage is trying to bamboozle them, making his skill set all but ineffective. 

His tactical skill deploys a holo clone of himself running in any direction, which he can freely control. This clone serves no purpose other than distracting enemies and making them look the other way while the team prepares to launch an ambush, though the fact that the clone dies quickly to a few shots might actually make them more alert since they will know a Mirage is nearby. 

Meanwhile, his passive ability simply renders him invisible when returning from the Respawn Beacon or when reviving an ally, leaving a holo clone in his place. Once again, this could help to distract enemies, though a good player will see right through the effect. However, his saving grace could be his Ultimate Skill, which summons five holo clones of himself, all of which can be freely controlled. When used correctly, this skill can cause a lot of chaos and distract enemies for long enough to make them lose fights.

Overall, Mirage is an OK Legend, but he’s much better against inexperienced players.


Hero Type: Offensive

Tactical Skill: Smoke Launcher

Passive Skill: Double Time

Ultimate Skill: Rolling Thunder

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

A professional soldier that’s all business and no tricks, Bangalore specializes in shock tactics to catch her enemies unaware and obliterate them before they can react. To aid in this endeavor, she can deploy smoke grenades using her Smoke Launcher skill, which has two charges. These smoke canisters immediately deploy when hitting the ground, but not before first splitting off into three projectiles, creating a large smoke wall in the area. This smoke lasts for 23 seconds and can be used both offensively to cover your movements, as well as defensively to protect the retreat.

Bangalore thrives in the middle of combat thanks to her Double Time passive, which increases her movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds whenever she’s hit, or when a shot barely misses her. And aside from these two skills, she can create absolute chaos with her Rolling Thunder ultimate, which deploys a 6×6 square of missiles on the location where she throws her flare. After 6 seconds, these missiles explode, causing damage to all enemies, and slowing both enemies and allies.

Bangalore’s ultimate is great because it not only destroys enemies trapped within range but because it also assists in the mind games of combat, since the bombs linger on the ground for a while before exploding, making inexperienced players flee in a panic, turning them into easy targets as they run away from the blast area. In this sense, though she can be played in a relatively straightforward manner, there is some strategy to actually wrecking face with Bangalore.


Hero Type: Offensive

Tactical Skill: Into the Void

Passive Skill: Voices From the Void

Ultimate Skill: Dimensional Rift

Apex Legends Mobile Character List - All the Different Legends in the Game at Launch

Last but not least, the final Legend of the bunch is Wraith, our favorite void-walking unit in Apex Legends Mobile. 

It’s no surprise Wraith was one of the most used characters back in 2019 when the game was first released, as she not only looks cool, but her skills are also quite useful. For starters, her tactical skill lets her shift into the void, rendering her mostly invisible but unable to use weapons. While this ability is active, she’s effectively invulnerable, making it ideal for escaping hairy situations or repositioning to continue fighting. However, make sure that you’re not using this skill as if it gives you an invisibility effect, as enemies can and WILL see your blue trail while you’re voidwalking. And this is without mentioning that it only lasts for 4 seconds.

Her passive skill is more, well, passive, as it only creates a sound effect whenever someone is currently targeting her, alerting the player of a possible ambush. These voices also whisper to Wraith whenever there are enemy traps nearby; when there are many enemies around even if they’re not actively targeting her, or when many people have died in the area. Additionally, Wraith players can alert their teammates about what her voices whisper to her, providing valuable intel in a pinch.

Remember Pathfinder’s ult and how it can create a zipline to travel from one point to another? Well, Wraith’s ult is similar in function but different in practice. Upon activation, Wraith shifts into the void and gets a 25% speed boost, while placing one end of a portal on her current location. She then has a few seconds of invulnerability, after which she shifts back into reality and places a second portal on her end location, connecting the two together. For the next 60 seconds, both allies and enemies can travel between the portals simply by interacting with them, making it an ideal way of crossing distances. And when used correctly, it can help your team evade enemies while helping to prepare your own ambushes.

Keep in mind that, when you use a portal, you’ll leave behind a faint blue trail as you travel, giving observers a rough estimation of your end location. Just like with Into the Void, you are NOT completely invisible when traveling through, though this doesn’t take away from the skills’ utility at all. Finally, it’s probably worth mentioning that you can’t use weapons or skills while using a dimensional rift. However, if you’re Wraith, you can activate your “Into the Void” skill while traveling through a portal to emerge on the other side prematurely invisible, while also skipping its short casting animation.

Out of all the Legends available so far in Apex Legends Mobile, Wraith is among the ones that require the most mind games, as taking full advantage of her skills relies on more than just activating them—you need to really think about how best to use them to deceive your enemies, or perhaps to lure them into a trap. Nevertheless, her Dimensional Rift skill, at the very least, is quite effective at closing distances, especially if you’re running from a rapidly-encroaching circle.

If you’ve been playing the other versions of Apex Legends lately, you’ll notice that there are quite a few Legends missing in Apex Legends Mobile. And while these are all the ones that are available as of the game’s launch, we don’t doubt that more will be implemented in future updates.

Who is your favorite Legend in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!