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Aura Kingdom 2 – A Guide to the All Playable Classes

Most MMORPGs in the industry follow a similar gameplay loop. They often revolve around grinding certain challenges on a daily basis in order to receive resources and other important items for powering up our characters and unlocking different aspects of the game, and Aura Kingdom 2 is no exception.

Aura Kingdom 2 on PC - A Guide to the All Playable Classes

However, even if you find yourself completing the same challenges over and over, you can still find great enjoyment in playing with the different classes in the game. After all, while you might be fighting the same enemies every time, the method in which you’ll kick their butts varies according to your class. Aura Kingdom 2 really drives this point home as each class is quite unique and offers different and fun ways to move across the battlefield and dispatch our enemies.

We wrote in detail about what we thought was the game’s biggest strengths in our beginner’s guide. By far, the strongest aspect in Aura Kingdom 2 is its combat, with the Eidolon System coming up close in second place. However, with four classes to choose from, all of which offer vastly different combat mechanics, deciding upon one can be a tough choice, which is why we took it upon ourselves to write this guide.

Aura Kingdom 2 on PC - A Guide to the All Playable Classes

If you don’t feel like creating four different characters, and want to find the right class for your play style from the very start, then this article is for you.

A Class for Every Role

Aura Kingdom 2 is quite straightforward when it comes to its class system. Simply put, there are four classes in the game, and each of these has a specific role within a party composition such as tanking, melee DPS, ranged DPS, and supporting the group. Of course, this composition is not set in stone and, while you will definitely benefit from playing with a group of varied classes, you can still get by with pure DPS or with several tanks during exploration and questing, as long as you’re careful.

Aura Kingdom 2 on PC - A Guide to the All Playable Classes

Here is a brief breakdown of what every class in Aura Kingdom 2 can do:

1. Shinobi – Melee DPS

Specializing in applying negative effects with poisons and capitalizing on the enemy’s weaknesses with every attack, pure damage and debuffs are what the Shinobi’s about. This class likes to get up close and personal and, using their superior speed and agility, unleashing upon their enemies to destroy them in a matter of seconds.

Aura Kingdom 2 on PC - A Guide to the All Playable Classes

The Shinobi is the traditional melee DPS class in Aura Kingdom 2, with skills for zipping in and out of combat which allows him to control the field and stay safe at all times. Furthermore, he also boasts some defensive abilities, including one that activates the parry status, allowing him to block several consecutive attacks. In the right hands, the Shinobi can face off against the toughest bosses and come out unscathed.

While this class is quite mobile and features some defensive capabilities, it truly shines when it comes to its damage output, with plenty of hard-hitting skills, coupled with others that can apply debuffs that amplify the damage that the enemy sustains. Furthermore, their potent poisons continue to deal damage to the boss even after the Shinobi is done attacking.

2. Dragoon – Tank

Because no traditional MMORPG is ever complete without the holy trinity of classes, there always has to be a class that can act as the dedicated tank of the bunch. In Aura Kingdom 2, this class would be the Dragoon. But don’t misunderstand; while the Dragoon has plenty of skills for improving his defenses, he can also inflict potent debuffs on groups of enemies, and finish them off with powerful sweeping strikes and jump attacks.

Aura Kingdom 2 on PC - A Guide to the All Playable Classes

The Dragoon’s defensive playstyle comes in the form of added effects in his skills. For instance, while most of his abilities can deal damage to the enemy, they also have a defensive component such as reducing the target’s attack stat or improving the Dragoon’s defense for a few seconds. This makes tanking in Aura Kingdom 2 quite easy as you can simply attack and dodge, while the defensive skills activate automatically.

In a sense, the Dragoon is a tankier version of the Shinobi. While they both have mobility skills that allow them to reposition or to close the gap between an enemy and themselves, the Dragoon offers a bit more CC while the Shinobi has more pure damage.

3. Elementalist – AoE, Support

This class wields the power of the elements to great effect, especially when it comes to dealing with large crowds of enemies. Nevertheless, while the Elementalist thrives when fighting against many enemies, they can also attack individual targets with ease. What’s more, since they tend to fight at a distance, they’re also a safe choice for beginners as they rarely have to risk closing into melee range in order to fight the enemy.

Aura Kingdom 2 on PC - A Guide to the All Playable Classes

The Elementalist offers a combination of spells that can cause different effects on the battlefield. Some of these include fire spells that apply a burning effect that continues dealing damage over time. They also have several CC spells, including a freeze skill that can stop an enemy in its tracks, and a powerful storm move that functions as an AoE stun. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also have some support capabilities in the form of an AoE heal.

Due to their versatility, the Elementalist is one of the best additions to any group.

4. Nymph – Ranged DPS

This class is the ranged counterpart of the Shinobi, with a focus on destroying enemies from a distance instead of getting up close and personal with them. The Nymph is one of the most straightforward classes in Aura Kingdom 2, with skills that can deal tons of damage, and even buff her attack stat even further. Unlike the Shinobi, she can simply sit back and pelt the enemy with attacks from a distance, instead of having to constantly reposition herself in order to dodge attacks and stay safe. In fact, the Nymph thrives in groups with a tank as she can just relax and rain destruction on the enemy with reckless abandon.

Aura Kingdom 2 on PC - A Guide to the All Playable Classes

As far as specific skills go, this class isn’t very complex; all of her skills inflict damage to the enemy and offer some sort of additional component that activates different effects. In this sense, she can increase her own crit, heal herself, knock the enemy back a few feet, and increase her own crit and damage. The Nymph is the easiest class to play, by far, as most of her gameplay can be reduced to auto-attacking and using your skills as soon as they come off cooldown.

There’s a class for everyone in Aura Kingdom 2. Whether you enjoy cleaving enemies apart with sweeping blows, getting up close and personal and dispatching your foes with grace, or simply staying back and pelt them with arrows or spells, you will definitely find something for you in this awesome mobile MMORPG.

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