The road to success in any gacha RPG comes with knowing which characters to recruit and which to ignore, and Avatar Generations is no exception. For this reason, in this Avatar Generations tier list, you’ll find our personal top picks for best heroes in the game, along with an in-depth explanation of why they earned their respective spots on our list.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

If you’re interested in learning about the best characters in Avatar Generations, and possibly even learn how to create your own tier lists, then this guide is for you.

Best Avatar Generations Tier List

Avatar Generations, just like its general gameplay, is quite straightforward when it comes to the gacha system. In fact, the game only has a main summoning pool where players can pull from the entire roster of characters, but with a special feature that allows players to obtain a specific hero depending on the current banner. However, while these banners would only grant an increased rate on summoning specific characters in other games, they work differently in Avatar Generations:

When a character banner is currently in effect, players have a guaranteed chance of receiving the said character after a specific number of rolls, which in this case would be 20 pulls for the “Strong Start” banner. However, there are other banners that also guarantee a certain character after a certain number of pulls, though these can vary greatly. As such, players who are saving up resources for the times when a specific character banner comes around will be able to summon their favorite heroes much easier, since they’re not entirely at the mercy of the RNG.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

With that being said, the summoning rates in Avatar Generations are pretty standard for the genre, consisting of the following:

  • 5-Star Rates: 4.82%
  • 4-Star Rates: 24.13%
  • 3-Star Rates: 71.05%

These are the values for the “Tales of the Four Nations” banner, which is the current “standard” banner available in the game. Keep in mind, however, that these banners not only have a chance of resulting in full characters, but they can also yield Relics, which are powerful equipable items that grant permanent buffs to the characters who wear them. And while you’ll almost always prefer good heroes over Relics, these can still be quite useful if you get any of the better ones.

With that being said, let’s go ahead and dive into the tier list itself. If you’re looking for the best Avatar Generations heroes, then look no further than these characters:

S Tier Heroes

Name Star Level Type and Roles
[Kyoshi Warrior] Suki 5* Defense, DPS
[Avatar State] Aang 5* Offense, DPS
[Earth Kingdom] Toph 5* Offense, DPS
[Bending Master] Katara 5* Offense, Support

A Tier Heroes

Name Star Level Type and Roles
[Last Airbender] Aang 4* Mind, DPS
[Water Tribe] Sokka 4* Offense, DPS
[Agni Kai] Zuko 4* Mind, DPS
[Fire Nation] Iroh 5* Defense, Support

B Tier Heroes

Name Star Level Type and Roles
[Invader] Zuko 4* Defense, DPS
[Agni Kai] Zhao 4* Offense, DPS
[Fire Nation] Zuko 4* Offense, DPS
[War Paint] Sokka 4* Defense, Tank

C Tier Heroes

Name Star Level Type and Roles
[Air Nomad] Gyatso 5* Defense, Support
[Earth Kingdom] Tyro 4* Mind, Support
[Water Tribe] Katara 4* Defense, Tank
[Blind Bandit] Toph 4* Mind, Support

This was the short and simple version of our tier list for those who are simply looking for the best Avatar Generations characters. If you’re rerolling in this game, then you’ll definitely want to keep these characters in mind, unless you’re looking at the C tier—you should always try to avoid those if you can help it. However, in this next section, we’ll be taking a closer look at the characters mentioned in our list, and exploring what makes them good (or bad), so that you can better understand our decisions here, and possibly even create your own tier lists in the future.

S Tier Avatar Generations Heroes

This tier corresponds to the best characters in the entire game who, with their kit and skill set, can carry the entire team on their backs most of the time. As such, these heroes are standalone warriors that rarely need any additional support from allies, though they can be much stronger when paired with the right teammates. With that being said, if you’re rerolling in Avatar Generations, then these are the characters you’ll want to aim for.

[Kyoshi Warrior] Suki

Starting off this list strong with Kyoshi Warrior Suki, a citizen of the Earth Kingdom and a defensive powerhouse that combines a sturdy guard with the ability to inflict a lot of damage, making her into a well-rounded warrior that can take as much damage as she can inflict.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

Suki is mainly designed as a tanky DPS character, which means that she can not only withstand a lot of damage, but also give it back to the attackers. The way she achieves this is through her counter stance, which increases her ATK and gives her a chance to automatically retaliate whenever she takes damage. Furthermore, her offensive repertoire is quite considerable, especially since she can not only deal good damage, but also remove positive buffs on her target if successful. Furthermore, she can deal tons of damage to the enemy if they’re in the back row, making her an excellent character for dealing against the enemy DPS or Support.

[Avatar State] Aang

Aang is an interesting character in that there are multiple versions of him in the character roster. However, when it comes to sheer might and power, no other version of this character is as powerful as Avatar State Aang. Interestingly enough, however, players can get limited access to this character for free using the Last Airbender Aang version, since he automatically shifts into Avatar State whenever his HP drops below 30%, though this only lasts for the remainder of the battle.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

Avatar State Aang has access to a powerful set of damaging skills revolving around the four elements in the game. Specifically, his Cycle of the Elements skill inflicts damage of a random element according to the elemental effects the target is currently NOT suffering from. For instance, if the target is suffering from a fire debuff, Aang’s skill can inflict all but fire damage. His most powerful skill, however, inflicts spirit damage, which has a chance of increasing the enemy’s cooldowns by 1 turn. This skill also inflicts additional hits per every elemental effect on the target, up to a maximum of 2 extra hits.

[Earth Kingdom] Toph

This version of Toph is an absolute powerhouse that, while not quite on Avatar Aang’s level, is more than sufficient to destroy entire enemy teams with just a few attacks. Specifically, Toph combines heavy damage with disruptive effects, being able to delay enemy turns, and even decrease the enemy focus bar with her basic attacks. On top of that, her basic skill deals damage to both the front row, as well as to the enemy standing directly behind them on the back row.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

Her advanced skill is very powerful, dealing damage to all units while also stealing 10% of the turn bar of each affected enemy. In this sense, while Toph isn’t the fastest unit in the game, she can greatly accelerate her turns while also delaying that of the enemies. And to seal the deal, this version of Toph has a guaranteed dodge once per turn, every two turns, when attacked by anything other than wind element attacks. Further, every time she dodges with this passive, Toph receives 5% of her turn bar.

[Bending Master] Katara

The strongest version of Katara in Avatar Generations can combine powerful attacks with great support. And while her kit leans heavily towards the offense, her passive skill allows her to instantly and automatically heal a wounded ally whenever their HP falls under 25%, while also granting herself 35% to her turn bar, causing her next turn to come quicker. This fantastic passive can occur once per ally per battle, but won’t trigger for herself. 

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

Being able to get extra turns whenever her allies are hurt is great for Katara, especially since it will let her land more basic attacks, each of which has a 35% chance to freeze the target, increasing their likelihood of suffering critical hits and preventing them from acting for the duration of the effect. Lastly, her advanced skill is quite strong, inflicting damage to all enemies and granting Katara an extra turn if she defeats at least one enemy with it.

A Tier Avatar Generations Heroes

The heroes in this tier can be just as strong as the ones in the S tier, though they require a bit of additional support and setup in order to achieve this level of performance. 

[Last Airbender] Aang

The base version of Aang is really nothing special. He has a solid kit revolving around both AoE and single target attacks, and the ability to delay enemy’s turns while keeping them locked down under knockdown effects with his basic and advanced skills, respectively. The only reason he’s in this tier is due to his passive, which turns him into Avatar State Aang whenever his HP drops under 30%, effectively granting you free access to this empowered version of the character.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

In his base form, Aang is barely serviceable, however, he can really bring the hurt when he transforms into his Avatar form, as long as you can keep him alive.

[Water Tribe] Sokka

As far as powerful characters in the anime go, Sokka would be one of our last choices, considering he can’t waterbend and can only use his boomerang and martial prowess to fight. Regardless, Sokka happens to be one of the most powerful characters in the beginning, especially since you get him for free as soon as you start the game.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

Sokka has a very powerful basic attack that inflicts damage twice to a single enemy, and has a chance of granting him an ATK Up buff. This attack also removes buffs from an enemy, but only if the target has only one (1) buff active. His advanced skill is stronger, inflicting damage with a high chance of resulting in a critical hit to the main target, while also bouncing to a secondary target to inflict additional damage. This last hit has a chance of stunning the second target, potentially putting them out of commission for a turn. Lastly, his passive makes Sokka even stronger, as he gains ATK Up buffs automatically whenever his health falls to the 75%, 50%, and 25% thresholds.

[Agni Kai] Zuko

This version of Zuko is an interesting character considering that he’s not only quite strong and able to secure extra turns for himself, but his passive also grants him powerful buffs according to the sequence in which he uses his attacks. In this sense, he can grant himself either an ATK Up, a Crit Chance Up, or a Crit Damage Up buff using his passive, allowing him to freely choose the one that would benefit him the most in the current situation.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

There’s not much more to say about this Zuko, other than the fact that he’s quite powerful and versatile, especially if you need a heavy hitter for your squad.

[Fire Nation] Iroh

One of the best supports in the game, period. Iroh is capable of permanently reducing the ATK and critical rate of any enemy for the duration of the battle. The way this perk works is that, every time he attacks a buffed enemy with his basic skill, Iroh removes one of these buffs and permanently reduces the ATK and crit rate of the target by 10% per buff removed, up to a maximum of 30%. 

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

It goes without saying that a DPS hero that suddenly gets his damage cut by over 30% will struggle to contribute to the fight. And the best part is that this isn’t the only thing Iroh can do, as he’s also capable of healing the entire team for 15% of their maximum HP while reducing the duration of any ongoing negative effects by 1 turn. Furthermore, whenever Iroh uses this skill, he enters a relaxed state, which further heals allies every turn and reduces the SPD of all enemies by 20%.

B Tier Avatar Generations Heroes

These are your regular everyday heroes that are neither good nor bad. However, you’ll definitely want to replace them as soon as you get any better pulls from the gacha.

[Invader] Zuko

This version of Zuko offers a strong yet straightforward kit, without much to complement his relatively simplistic combat style. His strongest trait is, by far, the fact that he can deal Vital damage with all his skills, which scales according to the target’s max HP.  On top of that both of his main skills grant Zuko different buffs, which feed directly into his passive skill:

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

Whenever Zuko has at least two buffs at the beginning of his turn, he enters a “Charging” state, which forfeits his current turn, but increases his ATK by a whopping 300% for the next turn, allowing him to deal extreme amounts of damage under the right circumstances. However, his reliance on this trait makes him essentially into a one-trick pony that can be easily trumped by experienced players.

[Agni Kai] Zhao

Zhao is like a lesser version of Agni Kai Zuko, with the ability to grant himself extra turns, and a passive that grants him powerful buffs when using his skills in a specific sequence. This passive skill, in particular, is very strong, as it inflicts a powerful level 2 fire debuff on the target. This debuff creates a variety of negative effects, including making the target take damage equal to 10% of their max HP every turn, increasing their damage taken by 35%, and reducing their DEF by 25%.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

Just like with Agni Kai Zuko, Zhao is a one-trick pony—one that’s very good at his job, but ultimately easy to counter by advanced players.

[Fire Nation] Zuko

Zuko makes another appearance on this list, this time in his base version. Just like with his other versions, this form of Zuko is pretty straightforward, with skills that can deal decent damage while also buffing himself. One of the catches with this character, however, is that his advanced skill deals the most damage when Zuko has several active buffs, since it deals an extra 10% damage per buff, up to a maximum of 40%.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

Fire Nation Zuko has a very simple kit, though he requires ample setting up and buffing in order to achieve his true potential, which limits his performance in combat, not to mention that it makes him pretty easy to counter.

[War Paint] Sokka

This version of Sokka is pretty straightforward, though he has an interesting trick up his sleeve in that his advanced skill lets him swap his current weapon, which in turn will let him use a different basic skill. This swap is a crucial part of his kit since, whenever he uses a different weapon than he did in the previous turn, he regains 20% of his max HP, and grants a SPD buff to himself and the ally with the highest ATK.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

War Paint Sokka combines good attacks with even better support, making him into a fine addition if you need an offensive buffer in your squad.

C Tier Avatar Generations Heroes

The characters in this tier are here to illustrate the heroes that you should be avoiding at all costs. Either because their kit is lackluster, or they simply don’t adhere to the current meta, you’ll want to skip these characters.

[Air Nomad] Gyatso

Gyatso is the pinnacle of “missed potential”, not because he’s bad—he’s actually quite good—but because he’s a 5-star character that can’t do much by himself. It’s hard enough to obtain one of these characters, and getting one that’s basically a support hero feels somewhat like a waste.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

As far as his kit goes, Gyatso is a specialist in disrupting the enemy team, either by removing defensive buffs and healing himself in the process, or by being able to inflict a variety of randomized negative status effects with his advanced skill. His passive only serves to give him more disruption by increasing his evasion or making his turns come faster, though these are circumstantial benefits at best.

[Earth Kingdom] Tyro

As the meta seems to lean heavily towards offensive formations, Tyro definitely has no place in any squad at the moment, considering that his kit revolves mostly around protecting and shielding allies. As such, considering that the best defense is a good offense, getting a character that can mostly shield and reduce damage definitely seems like a bad idea.

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

One of the only redeeming factors about Tyro is that his basic attack affects all enemies and reduces their turn bars by 15%, while the damage inflicted by this move will scale according to his max HP, dealing extra damage the more HP Tyro has. His other skills revolve around shielding allies and gaining buffs whenever a shielded ally takes damage, which is something circumstantial and easy to counter.

[Water Tribe] Katara

The base version of Katara is quite underwhelming, offering a similar passive to her strongest version, but sacrificing most of her damage in favor of having a dedicated healing skill. 

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

Like Tyro, Water Tribe Katara’s only redeeming factor is having an AoE basic attack that can inflict a negative status on the enemy, which is the freeze status in this case. However, her advanced skill is simply a 15% HP heal that causes her to enter into a defensive stance that taunts the enemy and lets her reflect 25% of the damage taken back to the enemy. Lastly, her passive is a very underwhelming heal that recovers the HP of the lowest ally whenever she takes damage during her defensive stance. This heal is basically insignificant and can only happen once per turn.

[Blind Bandit] Toph

When your best feature is that you can delay the enemy team’s turn bar by 50% with your advanced skill, then you’d sadly be in the presence of Toph in her base form. Sadly, this character isn’t very good at all, featuring weak attacks and, while the fact that she can delay the enemy turns is quite useful, she has nothing else of value to contribute. 

Avatar Generations Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game

Blind Bandit Toph is just a terrible character all around. Skip her at all costs.

These are some of the best heroes in Avatar Generations that you should definitely be aiming for if you want to put together the best squads in the game. Remember that if you’re playing Avatar Generations on PC with BlueStacks, you can get access to versatile and useful tools that will greatly help speed up your rerolling process, and unlock the best characters from the very beginning of your journey.

Feel free to leave us your own top picks of best characters in the comments below!