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Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Weapons in Each Category (Updated June 2021)

The India-exclusive Battlegrounds Mobile India has recently launched in open beta and anyone in the country can now download and start playing it. This is good news for Indian gamers who used to enjoy PUBG Mobile on their computers, as they can also play BGMI on PC with BlueStacks. Our Android app player is the only platform that supports this massively popular Battle Royale game and gives players the chance to enjoy it on their gaming PCs, with the best graphics and performance, and with keyboard and mouse support.

Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Weapons in Each Category (Updated June 2021)

BGMI features very similar elements to its predecessor, PUBG Mobile. These similarities include the game’s weapons, which are mostly the same in both versions of the battle royale. However, if you’re a newcomer and want to discover which are the best BGMI guns, then this article is for you.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find our top picks for best BGMI weapons in every category. However, keep in mind that our recommendations go beyond the weapons’ stats, as we also consider other aspects like comfort, stability, and versatility.

With that being said, let’s get started.

The Best Assault Rifle in BGMI

ARs in BGMI are some of the most versatile weapons in the game, since they can essentially shine in most situations. Though they’re not quite as good as more specialized weapons in their respective areas, a good AR can basically carry you throughout an entire match.

Our personal recommendation for best assault rifle in Battlegrounds Mobile India would be a three-way tie between the AUG 43, the M416, and G36C. These three guns all use 5.56 mm ammo, which means that they’re not as strong as their 7.62 mm counterparts. However, they all shine due to their ease of use, especially in the case of the AUG. Meanwhile, a fully-kitted M416 can easily serve you well for the entire match.

Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Weapons in Each Category (Updated June 2021)

Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Weapons in Each Category (Updated June 2021)

The G36C, however, though weaker than the other two, gets a special mention in this category due to its high fire rate, which can make it stronger than the others if you can effectively control its recoil.

The Best Submachine Gun in BGMI

SMGs in this game consist of light weapons chambered either for 9 mm or .45 ACP ammo, and whose defining traits include their lightness, exceptional fire rate, and stability at close distances. SMGs are all about running and gunning, and they are much faster to draw and fire than other weapon types, and thus should only be used at short distances.

When it comes to the best SMG in Battlegrounds Mobile India, we’d have to shine the spotlight on the MP5K, as this weapon features the best relative performance compared to the rest. The MP5K is quite versatile and can even be used at medium distances, though to a lesser effect than ARs. Moreover, compared to the UMP and Thompson, which are stronger shot-by-shot, the MP5 still has a much higher fire rate.

Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Weapons in Each Category (Updated June 2021)

However, we can’t close this section without giving an honorable mention to the Uzi. A fully-kitted Uzi boasts not only a staggering fire rate, but it’s also exceedingly stable, making it lethal for close range encounters.

The Best Shotgun in BGMI

Shotguns are a bit more niche in this game, considering that, in order to be effective, you basically have to be in melee range of the opponent. Luckily, by using a shotgun choke, you can alleviate some of the bullet spread issues that come from shooting a shotgun at longer distances, though they still pale in comparison to other weapons in this regard.

Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Weapons in Each Category (Updated June 2021)

If we had to choose the best shotgun in Battlegrounds Mobile India, it’d definitely be the DBS. This weapon features a massive fire rate that is counterbalanced by its two-shot-pump action, prompting you to pump the action with every other shot. Nevertheless, two shots is usually all it takes to knock down anyone with a shotgun, and since the DBS features such a high semi-auto fire rate, it can usually trump any other gun in this category.

The Best Designated Marksman Rifle in BGMI

Not quite Sniper Rifles, and not quite Assault Rifles either, the DMRs are guns that bridge the gap between these two weapon categories. They often have higher fire rates than snipers, but not as fast as ARs, with more damage than ARs, but not quite as high as SRs. Still, these guns emphasize precision shooting in single-fire mode, as each shot can deal lots of damage.

Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Weapons in Each Category (Updated June 2021)

The DMRs are highly varied in fire rate, power, and stability, and since we always lean towards weapons that are easier to use, our favorite gun in this category is the Mini14. This weapon doesn’t have nearly as much power as an SLR or SKS, but it’s very stable, and has an excellent magazine size of 20 rounds in its base form. This DMR is as close as you can get to being an AR, but with the precision and range of a sniper.

The Best Sniper Rifles in BGMI

While DMRs are a blend between ARs and SRs, featuring a balanced mix of the features of both, Sniper Rifles are 100% about precision shooting. In fact, if you’re not aiming for the head with a weapon in this category, you’re very likely doing it wrong.

Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Weapons in Each Category (Updated June 2021)

The best Sniper Rifle in Battlegrounds Mobile India is, without a shadow of a doubt, the AWM. This weapon can knock down anyone with a single shot to the head, regardless of their helmet level. It can even knock down enemies with a single body shot, as long as they’re not wearing armor. And even with level 3 armor, it can still knock them down if they’re not at full health.

The Best Light Machine Gun in BGMI

This category is much simpler, since there are only two weapons here, and one of them is obtained only via airdrops. LMGs are all about putting as many rounds as possible downrange to suppress enemies, or to knock them down if they stick out their heads. And to achieve this, they offer two things: Large ammo capacities, and ample stability in full auto.

Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Weapons in Each Category (Updated June 2021)

Contrary to popular belief, we’d have to give the spot of best LMG to the DP-28. Though its counterpart, the M249 has much more ammo and more attachment options, the DP-28 is easily available anywhere, is quite stable due to its low fire rate, and does tons of damage with every shot. But don’t get us wrong though, the M249 is definitely better if you can get your hands on it, but it’s only obtainable via air drops. Meanwhile, the DP-28 is very competent and can easily get you many chicken dinners.

The Best Pistol in BGMI

More than pistols, this category is dedicated more to sidearms that you can carry alongside your two main weapons. In this sense, your sidearm is seldom used, and when you DO pull it out, it’s to give the finishing touch to a downed enemy, or when you’re out of bullets in your main weapons and need a few extra rounds of firepower in a pinch.

Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Weapons in Each Category (Updated June 2021)

The best sidearms in Battleground Mobile India would be either the Skorpion or the Sawed-off, depending on the circumstances. If you’re lacking in short-range firepower, the latter can be a good choice for when enemies approach and you need a good burst to take them down. However, the Skorpion is the better option for general use as it’s not only highly customizable, but it also has an insane fire rate and stability, and can easily play the role of a full-fledged SMG.

And that’s it for our choices of best weapons in Battlegrounds Mobile India. What are your favorite guns in this mobile battle royale game? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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