There are 12 different types of weapons in Brawlhalla, each with their own moveset and abilities. The characters in this game all come with a set of two weapons each, with this combination varying per hero, which gives them all a unique playstyle. 

Brawlhalla Weapons Guide - An Overview of the Different Weapons and Their Matchups

Players can obtain their weapons in every match by picking up the flaming swords that spawn and fall to the ground. Every time a player picks up a sword, they’ll draw one of their weapons, and these armaments alternate between each other for every pickup. For example, Kor has access to the Hammer and the Gauntlets, so the first time he picks up a sword, he will draw the former, and the second, he will draw the latter. This applies to every other character in the game as well.

Despite Brawlhalla offering a wide variety of characters, even featuring crossover Legends like Daryl, Nick, and Michonne from The Walking Dead, the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe, popular wrestlers like John Cena, The Rock, and even characters from Shovel Knight, among many others, the weapons are actually more important than the heroes themselves. This is because, with the exception of the characters’ signature attacks, most weapons have similar movesets regardless of the characters.

Brawlhalla Weapons Guide - An Overview of the Different Weapons and Their Matchups

In this sense, it’s important to get acquainted with what every weapon in Brawlhalla can do, which is why we’ve decided to create this brief weapon guide. 

Let’s begin.

Brawlhalla Weapons List

As we mentioned a few moments back, there are 12 weapons in this game, which consist of both melee and ranged armaments, and that have different attacks as well as attributes. Here’s a quick rundown of all the weapons in Brawlhalla:

Brawlhalla Weapons Guide - An Overview of the Different Weapons and Their Matchups

Melee Weapons

  1. Sword: Well-rounded and offering a good mix of multi-hit attacks and crushing blows. Great for beginners, though difficult to master.
  2. Spear: Another beginner-friendly weapon that adds range on top of swift attacks. It’s great for zoning out players, though some of its aerials can be difficult to execute properly.
  3. Hammer: A weapon that can seem slow at first, but that is actually one of the fastest in the game. It also features numerous true combos that can easily KO enemies with little effort. Very tricky to master as it relies heavily on fundamentals and mind games to open up your opponent.
  4. Axe: Among the slowest of weapons. Very methodical, but extremely powerful. In the right hands, it has no weaknesses.
  5. Katars: A swift weapon focused on rush and combo attacks. A beginner’s trap due to its deceptively straightforward moves at first glance, but with lots of powerful combos to learn and master.
  6. Gauntlets: A fast melee weapon with tons of mixup potential to keep your enemies guessing at all times.
  7. Scythe: A long range weapon with lots of interesting and devastating combos. Difficult to use.

Brawlhalla Weapons Guide - An Overview of the Different Weapons and Their Matchups

Ranged Weapons

  1. Blasters: Combo-based ranged weapon that can keep enemies at bay with its powerful explosive projectiles. It’s a high risk, high reward weapon with lots of different tricks.
  2. Bow: Similar to Blasters, this weapon features lots of different combos, but faster and with relatively shorter range. It also has strong aerial engagement capabilities.
  3. Orb: An unconventional weapon that’s a balance between Bow and Blasters, can perform some combos, as well as crushing smash attacks.
  4. Cannon: A devastating ranged weapon that shines when used in aerial combat. Very difficult to learn, but quite rewarding when you manage to land your attacks.
  5. Rocket Lance: A hybrid weapon that, while mostly melee, can use its rocket to unleash powerful horizontal attacks from great distances. The speed at which this weapon can close the gap between the fighters can often catch people off guard.

Brawlhalla Weapons Guide - An Overview of the Different Weapons and Their Matchups

Every weapon in Brawlhalla has its own general playstyles and, with the exception of the signature moves exclusive to every character, they all have the same moveset. In this sense, getting good at this game is more about learning the weapons than the characters. And a good way to go about this is, first and foremost, to learn how they match up against each other.

Weapons Matchups in Brawlhalla

Luckily, all characters in the game can carry two different weapons, which means that you’re never completely outclassed if someone picks one of your hard counters, since you can just simply swap weapons and turn things around. 

Brawlhalla Weapons Guide - An Overview of the Different Weapons and Their Matchups

With that being said, here’s how the different weapons in Brawlhalla match up against each others:

  • Swords can easily close the distance and defeat Blasters, but are weak against spears due to their low range.
  • Scythes have superior range and can defeat swords and katars, but are weak to rocket lances since they don’t really have a way to counteract their long-reaching power attacks.
  • Cannons are great for most purposes except for fighting against axes. They’re especially ideal against other ranged weapons like blasters and bows, but they’re tricky to use.
  • Despite being quite fast and mobile, Bows are still weak to fast melee weapons that can close the distance quickly, since they have no real way of adjusting other than by repositioning and trying to reset the field.
  • Hammers are fast and can potentially deal with most other weapons in the right hands, though they are inherently weak to Blasters due to the latter’s long-range combo potential that can nullify their mind games.
  • Spears, like hammers, struggle against blasters, though they have amazing reach and combo potential.
  • Rocket Lances offer strong horizontal attacks, but are weak against aerial weapons that have lots of verticality.
  • Axes are one of the only weapon types with no inherent weaknesses, though they’re slow attacks make them quite tricky to use. They’re definitely not beginner-friendly.
  • Gauntlets can get in everyone’s face and deal with weapons that are weakest in melee combat thanks to its large variety of mixups, though they’re weak to other melee weapons with longer range and stronger attacks such as hammers and axes.
  • Katars are the quintessential melee weapon that can heavily exploit the ones that are weakest in melee combat, just like with gauntlets. However, they suffer against spears, scythes, and lances due to their reliance on ground combo initiators and weak aerial game.
  • Orbs are right in the middle in the power hierarchy of ranged weapons. They offer a mix of good strong moves, and quick combo attacks. They have no particular weaknesses, though they’re difficult to use effectively.

Brawlhalla Weapons Guide - An Overview of the Different Weapons and Their Matchups

These matchups are just general guidelines of how the weapons would measure up against each other, assuming both players have equal skill levels. However, since this is rarely the case in Brawlhalla ranked matches, the player skill will often play a larger role than type matchups. Nevertheless, it’s important to learn what every weapon can do in order to know what to expect in every match.

Feel free to share your own insights, tips, and tricks about the weapons in Brawlhalla in the comments below!