As a gacha game, Brown Dust offers multiple ways of leveling and multiple things to level. In some ways, the game really starts at the end-level: You get to participate in raids, events, and all other kinds of fun activities. Therefore, gaining levels as fast as possible is important. So, how to do this? What are the best ways to gain those shiny XP points? In this guide, we will answer these questions and show you how to reach the last level as fast as possible.



Things To Know About Leveling

Your player level and the levels of your heroes are two separate things, but they can be increased together. Your level as a player effects the features you can use in the game – for example, you cannot enter dungeons and raids until you reach a specific level. This is actually a good thing, because your heroes will be leveling much faster than you, so when you are able to enter dungeons, for example, you will already have an army of high-level heroes.

To level up yourself and your characters, you need XP points. These mostly come from completing quest missions and re-played tasks. At the end of each battle, you will gain these points and they will be used automatically. Remember that you can complete or replay these missions much faster by using BlueStacks Combo Key feature.


You will gain fewer XP points than your characters. Notice that we are only level 3 but some of our heroes already reached level 22.


You are limited to these quests in order to gain XP points but your heroes are not. It is also possible to increase their level by “sacrificing” other characters. With this method, you can gain even 10-15 levels at once. In theory, it is possible to get an end-level hero at the beginning of the game with this method. As long as you have mercenaries to sacrifice, you can keep increasing the level of others.


The maximum level is 45 and by sacrificing 10 other mercenaries, we can get a level 22 character instantly.


Speed By Sacrifice: The Most Efficient Method

The best way to increase your own level is to keep replaying the campaign tasks that you have already completed. This feature will be unlocked after completing Chapter 3 – Mission 10, so after that stage, you can keep replaying the same tasks until reaching the desired level. Note that getting a “perfect” score on these missions will award you 10% extra XP points, so try not to lose any units during battles. Take a look at our Battle System guide for tips about this.


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Increasing the level of your heroes will be easier: They too will get XP points from campaign tasks but the “sacrifice” method will be the most efficient way of leveling. And to use this method, you will need lots of 1-3 star mercenaries. Do not sacrifice 4-star heroes or higher: Always use the “cannon fodder” for this job. 1-3 star mercenaries can be summoned every day with basic scrolls, so they are pretty easy to get. In fact, you can get nearly 10 low-level mercenaries every day.



Poor guy has no idea what will happen to him.


Remember that sacrificing 20-25 3-star mercenaries will be enough to reach level 45 on any character, so this won’t take long. After selecting the heroes you want to continue playing, sacrifice others: In a short while, you will have the “perfect” army. We recommend starting with tanks, as they are the most important class that can keep your army alive. Healers come second, DPS comes last. So select three tanks at the beginning, increase their level, and continue with others.


Our favorite tank, we will increase her level first. Hang in there, Rene!


Here is a final tip: If you manage to summon multiple copies of a hero, do not sacrifice him/her. Instead, use the copies to increase the skill level of the original one – low level mercenaries can still be useful to you if they have upgraded skills. Doing so will also save you from purchasing skill books.



It will still take time but we are sure that you will be able to level both yourself and your mercenaries much faster by using the tips in this guide. You can also check out our other Brown Dust guides to learn more about the game. Well, you have a strong army now: How about using them to save the kingdom? Go out there and start playing – we will join you on BlueStacks!

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