Brown Dust may be a gacha game but it also uses quite complex battle mechanics which require correct positioning of units and knowledge of turn based rules. Both can be hard for beginners, especially if you are not used to grid-based battles. No worries – we are here to help you. In this guide, we will explain all the important things about the battle system of Brown Dust and give you some useful tips.



What Are Grids And Why They Are Important?

Grids are basically “squares” you see on the battlefield. There are a total of 36 grids and each team can use 16 of them. In other words, you can place up to 16 units on these grids and use their skills in battle. You must decide which unit goes onto which grid – positioning is the key to winning the most challenging battles.


Click on the unit first and then click on the grid you want to place him on. Remember that Combo Key feature of BlueStacks will be very useful here, as it allows you to create and record different formations and place them with a single keystroke.


So, why are they important? The units in Brown Dust can take on different roles; such as a tank, healer, support, and dps. These roles determine where they should be placed on these grids too. By correctly positioning your units, you can protect some members of your team and last much longer on the battlefield. For example, placing the “tanks” at the front will protect the units behind – the tanks will deal with the enemy attacks first.


Any unit that has a shield is a tank – place them on front.


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The most important thing to know about this system is that it is possible to “close” lanes and physically block attacks. Note that there are 3 squares at the front – if you place a tank on all of these squares, you will create a “wall” that will block all enemy attacks until the units on those squares die. Take a look at these two screenshots to see how this mechanic works:


The enemy army is protecting only one lane with its tank. Note that we cannot attack the units behind of this tank – we need to kill him first.


This lane has no tank, but the unit on the front still protects the unit behind. However, since it is not a tank, he will die pretty quickly. We are protecting all of our lanes with the tanks and the enemy must attack them first.


Understanding The Roles & The Best Formations

Once you place your units, you cannot intervene anymore: The battle happens automatically and you can only watch – you cannot decide which skills are going to be used by your units. A battle lasts 10-15 seconds on average and you can further shorten this time by changing the “speed”. In other words, correctly positioning your units is the most important strategy you need to apply. In this regard, we recommend using the following deployment:

  • Healers must always be at the back
  • Ranged DPS (wizards) must be placed in front of healers
  • Melee DPS must be placed right behind the tanks
  • Tanks must be placed on the front

Remember that you must not leave any open lanes: Each lane must contain a tank and a melee dps. Your healers and ranged DPS are weak in regards to health points and they will die pretty easily when attacked – your goal is to defend lanes.



If you are not sure which unit can handle which role, just take a look at the “mercenaries” screen. As you can see, there are four roles your units can take on: Warriors (melee dps), defender (tank), supporter (heal), and magician (ranged dps).



At the beginning of the game, you can place only 9 units onto the battlefield. We recommend using this setup:

  • 3 tanks
  • 2 melee dps
  • 3 ranged dps
  • 1 healer

Until you hit the end game, it does not matter which mercenaries you are using, as long as you respect these roles. In other words, don’t try too hard to find the “best” mercenaries in Brown Dust at the beginning – even the weakest ones will do for a long while. We highly recommend taking a look at our other Brown Dust articles to learn more about the game, especially our Tips and Tricks guide. Now you know how to win battles, it is time to create some mayhem: Go out and start saving your kingdom!

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