What exactly does it mean to be a pro player? Most players would consider a player who gets the most kills and the most wins a pro of that game. Basically, if your skillset in the game is better than the majority of players then you are considered a pro player and not a noob. The same is the case for Call of Duty: Mobile. Every battle royale game has a certain skillset attached to it and mastering that is what makes a pro player different from a casual one. This Call of Duty: Mobile game guide will not teach you how you can become an esports star but how you can improve your skills.

Most players like the one who is reading this already know that all game guides talk about is tips and tricks. Well, not this one. In this CoD Mobile game guide, we will be focusing on actual strategies and how you can improve your skillset to master not just Call of Duty: Mobile but most FPS games. For the purposes of making this guide more universal for players, we will be focusing more on the multiplayer mode of CoD Mobile. You can easily apply these pointers to the battle royale mode as well in the FPP view.

Want to Become a Pro Call of Duty: Mobile Player? Then This Guide Is for You

Now before we begin, this game guide is exclusively for players who are using BlueStacks to play CoD Mobile on their PC. All of the pointers that will be given below will not be applicable to mobile players at all. Players who are using BlueStacks to play CoD Mobile already know the basics of aiming and movement. This game guide is just going to help in polishing those skills.


Yes, that is how this starts. This is something that is recommended to all players no matter which battle royale game or FPS game they’re playing, nothing can replace a quick match with bots. The one common thing that most players do when they want to play a ranked match is that they just play it. That is something you should avoid. When you open CoD Mobile for the first time in the day your mind isn’t prepped to handle a ranked match, it is barely ready for a casual one. Both your mind and your fingers need some warmup before playing against players who are clearly hell-bent on winning. It sounds more hardcore than it is but before you enter a match just play a practice one with bots. This will prep your mind for the match and your hands for aiming as well.

Want to Become a Pro Call of Duty: Mobile Player? Then This Guide Is for You


We have mentioned pre-aiming in our other guides but never really elaborated on how you should be doing it. Pre-aiming is when you move your crosshair to a certain location from where an enemy may come out. This is something that is comparatively easy to understand but the way to do it is difficult for many. Pre-aiming in CoD Mobile is not hard. Your main focus should always be the position of your crosshair. When you walk around to find enemies or run then it becomes harder to maintain the position of your crosshair. This is why we recommend playing Call of Duty: Mobile on your PC with BlueStacks and not on a mobile phone. Proper pre-aiming can only be done with a mouse while you use your keyboard to move around.

Want to Become a Pro Call of Duty: Mobile Player? Then This Guide Is for You

Holding and Isolating

This is something that comes directly from the great minds of CS:GO pros. Just like it sounds, holding and isolating is when you take control of an area on the map. It is a nicer way of saying camping but it works. You make sure that you have a good angle to set your pre-aim and stay there. You will easy kills and make the other team worried about capturing that area back. This is something that is highly lethal and surprisingly common to see when it comes to professional esports tournaments.

Isolating here means that once you have established your hold then you have been isolated from the enemy as well. There is a reason why camping is so frustrating for players to deal with. Firstly, no one can get a proper aim at you as you will be behind cover, and secondly, you get easy kills while they get worried over you.

Want to Become a Pro Call of Duty: Mobile Player? Then This Guide Is for You

Recoil Control

We have mentioned in our other game guides and many pro players always talk about it but what exactly is recoil control. Well, for starters one thing that players get wrong is thinking recoil control means controlling the bullet spray. That part is true but there is a little more to it. Recoil control means controlling the recoil and bullet spray of your weapons and not all weapons. If you take a look at some of the big players of CoD Mobile then you will see them playing with the same gun again and again. They do it because that particular weapon is something that they have gotten used to and know how it will react in any situation. It is the basics for building muscle memory. So choose your gun and grind hard to get all the attachments.

Want to Become a Pro Call of Duty: Mobile Player? Then This Guide Is for You

Sensitivity Settings

This is something that every player that has ever played a battle royale game or FPS games knows about and yet, they still don’t know how to apply it. Most of the time players will just copy the sensitivity settings of an esports player they admire and think that is all they need. No, that is not what we mean by sensitivity settings. If you are confused about how you should be setting your sensitivity then a good measure would be to see how much movement you are comfortable with while aiming. Let’s say you’re a wrist flicker and prefer quick movements with your mouse in a small area. If you are having trouble aiming or you have to constantly move your arms around to aim then you need to increase your sensitivity. Reverse the situation and you should lower it.

Want to Become a Pro Call of Duty: Mobile Player? Then This Guide Is for You

That’s all there is to it. Practice before entering a match to get your game sense on. Work a lot on your pre-aiming cause that is deadly. Follow these pointers and you will be ruling Call of Duty: Mobile in no time.