Believe it or not, but becoming a great AK player in Call of Duty: Mobile is not just about playing deathmatches for 15 hours a day, every day. There are more efficient ways to get better quicker. The first tip is about taking the AK-47’s strengths and pushing them as far as possible. One of the ways you can do that is to take headshot angles wherever you can. The AK-47 is one of the few guns that have the ability to one-shot kill on headshots at almost any range. If you’ve ever played a deathmatch before, you probably know how hard it is to use an M4 there compared to the AK. Having to headshot multiple times with an M4 is simply much more difficult than it is to hit with an AK.

Headshot Angles

When you play around headshot cover, you’re forcing your opponents to hit those difficult shots, and you should be able to win a lot more of your duels. Of course, those angles can’t be found everywhere and you’re going to get in situations where that’s not always an option. You can go looking for those angles on different maps and you’ll find tons of headshot level cover on most maps. Try to find these angles as much as possible, especially if you know your opponents won’t have AK’s themselves and you should be seeing your win rate rise.

Call of Duty: Mobile AK-47 Guide

Another thing that you should think about is the fact that AK has an inherent advantage over the M4. So you should not be scared to take fair 50-50 duels against it. Fair fights against the M4 are generally considered a mistake. If the duel is fair and the AK is better, then the player with the AK-47 should be winning it most of the time. Add on to that the fact that most maps in CoD Mobile are small and suddenly you start realizing how good taking fair fights actually is.

Improve Your Aim

In order to make the most out of those duels you’re taking though, you need to make sure your aim is crisp. By practicing your aim you’re going to see results very quickly. The way pros practice their aim is very different from most of the players who play CoD Mobile. Luckily there is an aim drill that you can put into practice to see your aim improve significantly. Hop into a deathmatch and go for one tap only. The reason you will do this instead of just spraying or bursting is because you really need to work on your first shot accuracy.

Call of Duty: Mobile AK-47 Guide

The first one or two bullets are usually the ones that ultimately decide the outcome of the fight. At least that’s the case in pro level of play. By practicing this in isolation, you’ll be able to improve much faster than most players you will be up against. Practicing the first shot accuracy doesn’t only improve your AK control but it works on all guns at the same time. Hitting a first shot headshot with an AK or any other gun works the same way.

Obviously don’t forget about spraying entirely, but just make sure that you spend the majority of your time working on those first few shots. So that you’re able to kill your opponent much faster no matter what gun you’re using. 

Keep a Lookout

Another thing that’s really important especially when it comes to learning how to properly use the AKs is practicing how to properly clear angles. Many players face some difficulty in clearing angles or at least doing it properly. The truth is the clearing angles is just hard sometimes. Especially when you’re having to do it quickly like in the situation of a rush. That being said, it can definitely be learned. 

Call of Duty: Mobile AK-47 Guide

The best way to get your angle clearing down quickly is to first jump into the practice mode with bots on any map to practice the pre-fire mode there. You do that so you can learn all the common angles, get used to pre-aiming and pre-firing them. Once you’re able to do it fairly easily you can try to speed it up more and more until you can do it at a reasonable pace. Another thing that you can do is watch the demo of a pro and see how they do it in order to try and imitate them. By watching a pro do it first, you can be sure that you’re getting a good example. So that you won’t be doing anything wrong once you get in game.

Keep a Tab

The next tip is that you make sure you’re watching your own plays. Watching your plays is simply one of the best ways to learn and get better. So much so that we have mentioned it in our other CoD Mobile guides too. Using the AK is not just about headshots. 

Call of Duty: Mobile AK-47 Guide

Learning from your mistakes is one of the most important things that you should definitely do. A lot of the time it’s not just that you were missing your shots. The most common reason you’re not having success is due to questionable pushes or other mistakes that you might not even be aware of. The best way to find out that you’re making those mistakes is by watching back your plays.

AK TeamPlay

The next thing that’s really important when it comes to using the AK is playing around your team. Kills against a sniper, for example, can be really tough to get especially when you don’t have the big scope yourself. So if you and your team are all on AKs, it’s crucial that you all work together. All you’ll usually need to win a round against a competent double or even triple sniper setup are one or two people with basic game knowledge. Also, someone that’s willing to go first and two other players that are able to coordinate efficiently.

Sniper rifles of CoD Mobile are still very powerful guns, so it’s not going to be easy by any means. As long as there are some good flashes to get the first person out, it should be more than doable. The first guy might die or usually, should die. The second person will be more than able to trade the kill back and get more and more pushed up. Meaning, that as long as you guys continue to trade you should win the round. Of course, this concept doesn’t really work if the team is just rushing into tons of angles at once without ever stopping to use a smoke grenade or other lethals. 

Call of Duty: Mobile AK-47 Guide

Still, as long as the execution is decent it should be doable. To be able to do that though you should at least know some crucial pieces of lethals. So it’s very important that you learn some smokes and grenades to clear out the most common snipe spots. It’s much easier to headshot with an AK when someone’s running through a smoke blind than it is when they’re trained on your angle just waiting for you to peek. You never want to give your opponents an easy fight. The best way to stop doing that is to learn some lethality to deal with the problems that you face, 

Call of Duty: Mobile AK-47 Guide

That brings us to our last tip and it’s the one that’s very important. When it comes to using the AK or any other one-shot gun you should always stay calm. Staying calm when using this gun is super important, not only to not miss the easy shots but even to hit some shots you normally wouldn’t be able to get. By staying calm you’re making sure that you don’t over spray and are not just firing away. It’s going to get you more kills and you can improve a lot faster.