When it comes to CoD Mobile, there are a few things that players need to keep in mind. Unlike most games, this one offers players the option to tweak everything that can be tweaked. The sheer level of customization that can be done is insane. In gunsmith, you can change everything about every weapon right down to the trigger. You can add attachments or even remove the ones that are attached by default. To the point that even an AR like the AK-47 can be customized to fire like an SMG. 

Then there are the loadouts that include your primary and secondary weapons plus lethal, tactical, perks, and operator skills. This CoD Mobile game guide will be focusing on perks. They are an integral part of the Multiplayer mode just like Classes are in BR. However, the fact is that most players don’t know how to utilize them properly. In reality, however, the right combination of them can make the killing way easier. In the guide you will learn different perk combinations that are suited to different play styles. Plus, there will be something of a “Dead Silence” surprise as well.

Lightweight + Quick Fix + Hardline

This is a combination that is most suited for players who are aggressive and need to run around the map. The combination is focused on making the movement speed of the player faster. With this perk combination you can run around the map killing players and the Quick Fix perk will keep your health up. This will let you survive for longer durations which means you can take more kills. Quick Fix perk lets you regenerate health every time you take a kill with a melee or guns or capture an objective. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Perk Combination Guide: Quick Fix Because Quick-Fix

Needless to say that this perk is almost a necessity in search and destroy games. Then there is the score streak boost you get from Hardline. The perk increases the amount of points you get by 25% which lets you access your scorestreak sooner. If you have equipped VTOL and Stealth Chopper in your scorestreak then you will be unstoppable. Lastly, the Lightweight perk will increase your sprinting speed by 10% and your fall damage is also reduced. This perk combination is deadly to say the least.

Flak Jacket + Tactical Mask + Cold Blooded

Perk combinations are based on how your playing style is going to be. The above combination is more suited to players who have a passive play style. With this particular perk combination, you will be protected from lethal and tactical equipment. For players who rather hold an angle and hard scope their opponents, this combo is perfect. The way this combination works is by reducing the damage from explosives by 35%. It provides a soft cushion to your health bar and increases your chances of surviving by some margin. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Perk Combination Guide: Quick Fix Because Quick-Fix

Then comes the Cold Blooded perk which is useful for protection from everything else. This perk is just perfect for snipers and defenders. It protects you from the Hunter Killer drone, sentry guns and others scorestreaks like that. Just remember that it can’t protect you from VTOL or Stealth Choppers. Finally, we have the Tactical Mask perk which is going to protect you from tactical equipment. The perk reduces damage taken from tactical equipment by 40%. Translation, your chances of surviving grenades, thermites, mines, and Molotovs are increased.

Persistence + Quick Fix + Hardline

This perk combination is a nightmare to deal with in Ranked CoD Mobile matches. Even though this uses two of the perks from the above combo, the addition of Persistence perk changes things dramatically. Most players use this combination because it creates havoc in the end game. Think about it, the Persistence perk stops the score streak points from resetting after you die. However, the cost for this superpower is that the cost for score streaks doubles. So that VTOL won’t take 1,600 points to come alive but double that. Worry not, because that’s where the Hardline perk saves you. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Perk Combination Guide: Quick Fix Because Quick-Fix

See, the Hardline perk will let you earn points faster by 25%. Every time you take a kill with the Hardline perk on, your points increase by 25%. So, even though the Persistence perk will slow down the speed at which you unlock scorestreaks, Hardline perk will cover that for you. Quick Fix needs no explanation since it will be regenerating health with every kill. It is such a terrible perk combination for enemy teams by the time you are in the end game because that’s when all your scorestreaks will unlock. You should use this combination if you’re an aggressive player in ranked matches.

Flack Jacket + Toughness + High Alert

This combination is for players who like maintaining power positions. The perk combo is best suited to an ultra passive play style with usually AR or LMG as their main weapons. Flak Jacket is just for protection from explosives because there are no certain power positions and enemy players usually throw grenades if they know that someone’s there. Toughness perk reduces flinch when you get shot during gunfights by 60%. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Perk Combination Guide: Quick Fix Because Quick-Fix

This is an advantage for medium to long-range gunfights especially now since almost everyone runs Quick Fix in the game. Most players are going to be pre-aiming lanes and don’t want to get flanked. High Alert perk is your friend with which you can mark enemies when you ADS. Plus, you will be alerted when someone sees you from outside your POV. This set of perks can be used in all modes if you like playing slow.

Skulker + Tracker + Dead Silence

This fifth and final combination is composed of Skulker, Tracker, and Dead Silence. With the nerf of Dead Silence players have gone to use with other blue perks such as High Alert, Hardline, and even Shrapnel. Some players have even found a way to still use Dead Silence. When Skulker is paired with Dead Silence, you can walk around the map without your footsteps being heard. The Skulker Perk gives you a 12% increase in speed when walking and crouching. It’s definitely going to be slower than sprinting but it’s faster than walking. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Perk Combination Guide: Quick Fix Because Quick-Fix

Plus, with players expecting footsteps from enemies, this combination will allow you to fly around the map. For a green perk, you have Tracker so you can see enemy footprints. Even if enemies are using Skulker and Dead Silence, you will still have an idea of where they are. For a blue Perk use Dead Silence. Then you’ll have silent movement while walking, crouching or growing prone. This is a combination that you can use for Search and Destroy. Sneak up behind your enemies while everyone is just waiting to hear your footsteps.