Games like Call of Duty: Mobile have been able to carve a niche for themselves in the already crowded BR genre. Every battle royale game today tries to offer something that is unique beyond the usual BR matches. Free Fire has added Clash Squads matches which have become a hit with players while PUBG Mobile keeps adding some new game modes to keep players interested. CoD Mobile does that too, but with its Multiplayer mode. Ever since the game was released the MP mode has been an area of major focus for both the devs and players alike. 

As of now when the game is in its first season again, which should be Season 14 but it isn’t, it has over eight different MP modes. That is without including the Featured game modes of which there are four. Needless to say that players almost prefer playing the MP mode more than the BR mode. The main reason for it was always how different the MP modes felt in CoD Mobile. Unlike its competition where the different game modes felt always like an afterthought, in CoD they were the main feature. The visuals alone reminds one of CoD Black Ops 4 and the gameplay is almost bug free. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for Multiplayer Mode, Learn How to Use Spawn Points

Enough about the mode itself, let’s focus on how the entire mode works. The MP mode in CoD Mobile works in a completely different setting from the BR. It has its own ranking and leaderboard system that has no bearing on the BR. Even the loadout system for both modes is separate, so players who are into the MP mode don’t have to bother themselves with BR. Getting to a higher rank is fairly straightforward here. Win as many matches as possible and you will keep moving through the ranks. 

However, players need to be careful that they keep upgrading their weapons in the gunsmith. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that CoD Mobile’s store has some perks and score streaks that players can buy with CoD points. Keep yourself stocked and make a ton of versatile loadouts. Now, let’s begin with the CoD Mobile Multiplayer mode game guide. 

Spawn Points:

In most multiplayer game modes in Call of Duty: Mobile, there are going to be teams. Both teams will spawn on different points of the map and will try to rush on the other team’s location. This is fairly simple to understand but what needs to be done here is to utilize the enemy spawn point for your benefit. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for Multiplayer Mode, Learn How to Use Spawn Points

Each spawn point has only a few areas that can be used to get into the map. If you can position yourself in an area that will hamper the movement of the enemy team then your chances of winning will automatically go up. This will require you to have an above average idea of the maps you’re playing on. Remembering spawn points is especially necessary for the Hardpoint mode. 

Camp Spots:

Camping is something that is very common in CoD Mobile’s multiplayer games. Camps are those areas on the map that the enemy team or player has taken control of. Chances are that you already know the best camp spots on your favorite map. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for Multiplayer Mode, Learn How to Use Spawn Points

When you’re playing a match, keep an eye on those camp spots that the enemy can use. At times even pre-aim at those spots just to make sure that they are not taken by the enemy team. Once they have gotten a hold of a good spot they can seriously hurt your chances of winning. 

Backing Off:

A big part of winning also depends on knowing when to be aggressive and when to back off. There will be times when you will be playing a match of Hardpoint and start to lose it after gaining an initial lead. When that starts to happen, it is critical that your team doesn’t keep pushing as it was doing before. Most of the time players tend to fall in a pattern in how they play a match. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for Multiplayer Mode, Learn How to Use Spawn Points

They will use the same area for mounting an attack on the other team multiple times. Taking a step back will help your team to regroup and try another strategy to win. If you keep changing your strategy and improving it then you will take the enemy team by surprise. No one expects an improvement in the middle of a match. 

Push Smarter:

One of the most important things that decide the fate of the match is how you push. When the game begins both teams will try to get their kills up as soon as possible. The only way to get kills and control of the match is by having a better push strategy. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for Multiplayer Mode, Learn How to Use Spawn Points

Knowing the areas of the map and directing your team through them effectively will increase your chances of winning. Communication is key and in Search and Destroy mode it is almost critical. Use everything at your disposal and try to change your playing style when you start to lose the game. 

CoD Mobile Credit Store:

In the game, there are two currencies. One is the CoD Points that can only be bought and CoD Credits that can be earned. Even in the store, you can see that most of the items can only be bought with CP. However, there is also the CoD Credit store that has a ton of useful items that you can buy without spending any real-world money. There are perks, classes, weapon skins, operator skills, and so much more you can easily buy. These items will help you in making a more customized and versatile loadout for different type of matches. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for Multiplayer Mode, Learn How to Use Spawn Points

With CoD Mobile now allowing players to have ten loadouts, you should make as many as well. Using different combinations of perks, weapons, scorestreaks will help you against different types of teams. Even though everyone has their own distinct playstyle, you can win against that by making yours versatile. If the enemy team is SMG friendly then you can choose an SMG loadout as well and maybe have more than one of them.