The popular FPS multiplayer Call of Duty Mobile recently unveiled its 11th season- Final Snow. This new season brings us tons of new content, including new weapons, skins, an operator skill, a new multiplayer mode- Snow Scuffle, a new holiday-themed multiplayer map- Icebreaker & a few new events and challenges.

Call Of Duty Mobile: Season 11 Final Snow Is Out

Season 11 Final Snow New Items


  • MSMC- Deceitful Deity
  • Echo- Tasty Treat
  • KN-44- Frosted Spikes
  • Man-O-War – Wolf’s Mane
  • PKM Boru
  • PKM

New Operator Skill– Munitions Box


  • Vagr Modir – Whisper of Winter
  • Soap- Cliffhanger
  • Atlas- Crash
  • Keegan

Other Items

  • Armoured Snowman Charm
  • Mountaineer Backpack
  • Snow Party Emote
  • Winter Hunt Calling Card
  • Wolf Mama avatar & Wolf’s Mane frame

Final Snow Battle Pass 

Here are the items players get with the battle pass bundle bonus;

  • Within Reach Calling Card
  • Chillscythe Sickle
  • Snowman’s Gun Avatar
  • Snowman’s Gun Frame
  • Let It Snow Parachute 

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Earn the new Munitions Box Operator Skill at Tier 14, allowing you to spawn a Munitions Box that replenishes ammo and tactical equipment for the team and explodes when destroyed. At Tier 21, get the PKM, a slow but powerful LMG. Other free Tier items include the UL736 – Polar Light, the Sticker – Royal Rule, the Warm Plaid camo series, and more.

Call Of Duty Mobile: Season 11 Final Snow Is Out

 Premium Pass Tiers

Now the premium pass gives players access to all the season 11 goodies, including the arctic-themed operators like Vagr Modir- Whisper of Winter, Soap- Cliffhanger, Atlas- Crash, and Keegan.

In terms of weapons, we have the PKM- Boru, the KN-44- Frosted Spikes, the MSMC- Deceitful Deity, the Echo- Tasty Treat, and more. These Weapon Blueprints are all part of the Season 11 Battle Pass, with some truly inspired designs set to bring added style to your Arsenal.

New Snow Map & Multiplayer Mode

This season we get 3 ice-filled maps, including the old Nuketown Russia & Holiday Raid, then the new Icebreaker map.

Here is a short description of the new icebreaker map;

Battle in and around a long-lost nuclear submarine stranded in the Arctic. Tough it out in the frigid air of this medium-sized map, or try your luck on the sub’s icy decks where combat ensues at every turn. And when the fighting gets hectic, dive into the water to make a detour and flank the enemy threat.

 New Multiplayer Mode- Snow Scuffle

  • In the Snow Scuffle mode, players are divided into two teams where they can only use snowballs and weapons from random crates to attack each other. Players will turn into a festive pile of snowballs when slain.
  • Similar to dog tags in kill confirmed players will need to pick up the snowballs and bring them back to the capture point; the team that reaches the score limit first wins.
  • Collect mystery gifts throughout the level to earn powerful items like the holiday-themed War Machine or even the chance to temporarily become a snowman. As your team builds up points throughout the match, you’ll earn different snowman skins to show off during the victory screen.

Zombie Nightmare Mode- Undead Siege

The new Nightmare mode, featuring harder enemies, new Legendary tier turrets, and the addition of cranked zombies late in the match. Fight back using Perk Machines and Pack-a-Punch and discover new deadly weapons like the Gravity Vortex, Tempest, and Ray Gun.

Players can get rewards such as the Dark Matter Weapon Blueprints and the Aether Crystal completionist camouflage by simply completing this mode.

Final Snow Themed Events

Ho-Ho-Hot Drops

Drop into Battle Royale and collect presents or play Multiplayer matches to earn points in this holiday-themed event. Earn enough points to be granted a passcode that unlocks a special drop location in Battle Royale. Deploy to these hot spots and fight off incoming enemies as you battle around holiday decorations. 

 Celebrate 12 Days of Deals

Call of Duty: Mobile is getting in on the holiday festivities with its own huge discounts on Operators and gear through daily special sales.

The deals started on December 14, offering discounts on Crates, Draws, and Bundles. Each discount is available for only 72 hours after going live in the Store. Get a discount on the Ghost Loose Ends Bundle, the Holiday Draw Redux and many more.

As of today, we have got;

  • The Winter Mason Bundle at 25% Off on the 20th Dec
  • The Candy Cane Bundle at 25% Off on the 21st
  • The Snowy Slopes Crate at 35% Off on the 22nd

New Seasonal Challenges 

In exchange for completing the challenges, you will get the new Weapon Blueprints, Weapon XP, the Special Ops 4- Firefrost Operator Skin, and an assortment of cosmetic items for this chilly winter.

Disc of Doom Challenge rewards players with the D13 Sector, a new Launcher that’s a truly unique weapon, firing razor-sharp discs that bounce off walls and into enemies. It’s best used in narrow combat environments for devastating results. Players will also have the chance to earn an Epic ASM10 Weapon Blueprint and more.

That’s it for now about the Final Snow of COD: Mobile; stay tuned for more gaming-related content.