Your own football team in Captain Tsuabasa: Dream team is no different from actual football teams in real life. In order to become better, your team must undergo plenty of training while also spending plenty of resources and especially patience. 

There are numerous ways to improve the players of your team in the game. It may all seem convoluted at first but this guide will hopefully help you better understand the game’s training mechanics. But before we discuss training players for improvement, we must first know what exactly are the skills improve that we must improve. 

Knowing Player Stats

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

Each player has their own rarity, which essentially gives you an idea of how powerful they are without upgrades. There are five player rarities in the game and these are (in ascending order):

N >> R >> SR >> SSR >> UR

The higher the rarity, the higher the base stats as well as the maximum level. Particular rarities, namely UR, have access to special upgrades that are not available to the lower rarities. One of these upgrades is the Hidden Ability Evolution but we will discuss more on this later.

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

Another factor to look out for in a player is their player type. The player type is indicated by either the letters T (toughness), A (agility), and S (skill) letters beside their icon. Do note player types because these are part of the conditions of some upgrades. If you want a more in-depth discussion on player types and how they affect how a match plays, read this game guide.

Every player (except the goalkeeper) will have 12 stats that can be improved through training. Each stat pertains to a certain football move and upgrading this will improve the effectiveness of that action when it is done during a match. Refer to the table below for complete details.

Stat Name Improving this will  Stat Name Improving this will
Stamina Let your players endure longer during matches Intercept*** Increasing intercepting success (stealing through intercept-passing)
Dribble* Increase dribbling success Punch* ** Improve goalkeeper’s punching ability
Shot ** Increase shooting success Catch*** Improve goalkeeper’s catching ability
Pass *** Increase passing success Speed 


Increase dribbling, tackling, and punching success as well as movement speed
Tackle* Increase tackling success (stealing the ball) Power 


Increase shooting, blocking, punching, and catching success
Block** Increase blocking success (stealing by blocking) Technique (***) Increase passing, intercepting, and catching success

Take note that the goalkeeper has two unique stats, which are Punch and Catch. However, they still have the Speed, Power, and Technique stats. 

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

Some players have Passive Skills, which are essentially stat bonuses that automatically activate at the start of a match. These skills only affect the player equipping it. If you want to apply a passive skill for more than one player, then Team Skills are the ones fit for the job. 

Lastly, the Special Skill is a powerful move that players can execute during matchups. Because they are such strong moves, plenty of stamina is drained in the process. 

Now that we know the basic stats of the team players, how do we upgrade them?

Training Players

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

Upgrading your players takes place through the Players menu. The most basic way to improve your players is through Training. 

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

Each player in your team can have their stats increased through Training. Roberto’s Notebooks, Coachings, as well as coins are the requirement for training your player. Notebooks are for increasing your player level while Coachings are for increasing player stats. 

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

The Notebooks and Coaching also utilize the same rarities and types as players. Your player will receive more EXP or stat points if they are trained with the appropriate items. For instance, using a Toughness-style Notebook on a Toughness-style player will give 1.5x more EXP than Notebooks of a different type. Training items with higher rarities do not necessarily have to be matched with players of the same rarity but instead will just simply give more benefit than items with a lower rarity. 

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

Once a player reaches their maximum level and the limit of their stats, they can be evolved in order to receive further upgrades. Evolving a player will transition them to the next highest rarity. A max level player, a certain amount of three different Drills, and plenty of coins are needed to evolve a player. Because evolving players is quite an expensive ordeal, it is important to properly select which player is worthy of being evolved. 

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

Special Skills, as previously mentioned, are powerful moves that player can use in a match. You can make them even more powerful by enhancing. Enhancing a Special Skills requires two or more players with the same skill. Alternatively, you can use a special currency called a Black Ball. 

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

Enhancements aside, you can also transfer one player’s Special Skill to another player by “teaching” it. Teaching a Special Skill requires two players with the exact same skill. Note that enhancing or teaching Special Skills will result in the utilized players being lost forever in exchange for medals. Medals can be used for buying specialties in the in-game store and you can know more about that here.

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

Your players’ stats can only go up to a certain limit. Ability Limit Break (ALB, as the name suggests, breaks the limit and allows you to further increase a player’s stats, albeit only one at a time. 

ALBs utilize Amulets and or Necklaces. Amulets are only used for Japanese players while Necklaces are used for non-Japanese ones. 

Amulets can be garnered by accomplishing special ALB scenarios which can be accessed in the story mode. A different Amulet or Necklace is available in each day. Refer to the table below. 

Day of the Week Items Available on that Day 
Monday Toughness Amulet
Tuesday Toughness Necklace
Wednesday Agility Amulet
Thursday Agility Necklace
Friday Skill Amulet
Saturday Skill Necklace
Sunday All Amulets and Necklaces 

Oddly enough, the ALB also has a limit. The amount of ALBs you can use depends on the rarity of the player that is using it. Refer to the table below for more details.

Player Rarity Max Usage for One (1) Player EXCEPT the Goalkeeper (GK) Max Usage for the GK only Max Usage for One (1) stat
N 4 3 1
R 12 9 3
SR 24 18 6
SSR 56 42 14
UR 100 75 25

You can break the limit of your Ability Limit Break with Boundary Break (BB). BBs can only be used up to four times. Additionally, only a player with the UR rarity is allowed to BBs. Certain players and coins are need to perform a BB. Alternatively, you can also use a unique character named “Tamostu Ide” for BBs. The table below details the mechanics of the BB.

Boundary Break Uses Max Usage for One (1) Player EXCEPT the Goalkeeper (GK) Max Usage for the GK only
1st usage 125 90
2nd usage 150 105
3rd usage 175 115
4th usage 200 125

When you use Boundary Break for the first time, the limit of the Ability Limit Break increases to 125 for non-GK players and 90 for GKs. This limit progressively increases as you use more Boundary Breaks (until the fourth usage).

  • Hidden Ability Evolution
    • Allows qualified players to unlock a skill field where they get new abilities, Team Skills, and Passive Skills
    • Requires a UR player, Hidden Skill Drills, Legendary Drills, other Drills, and coins
    • Where to get drills?

UR players are also exclusively qualified for Hidden Ability Evolution (HAE), which unlocks a skill field where they get more upgrades. Similar to normal evolution, Drills and coins are required for HAE.

After HAE, the evolved player will be able to benefit from additional upgrades (referred to as “Hidden Skills”) such as more Team Skills, Passive Skills, and miscellaneous stat increases. Knowledge is the currency of the skill field and there are two types, Stat and Skill. You can also use another special character named Munemasa Katagiri to gain knowledge. 

Where to Acquire Training Requirements

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

Generally speaking, you can earn most of the resources needed for enhancing players by simply playing the game. Roberto’s Notebooks, Coachings, Drills, and coins can be earned through the story mode. However, one portion of the story mode stands out if your goal is to acquire plenty of training resources.

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

In the “Evolve Player” menu, you can choose to play among a multitude of special scenarios. Each scenarios contains matches that reward you a fairly large stock of specific training item upon winning. 

Improving Your Team in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on PC

You can also earn more training resources by completing missions and challenges. Missions are beneficial in the long-term because these consist of side quests that refresh daily and weekly. 

Training your players in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team may be confusing at first but you will eventually understand more of it as your upgrade more and more players in your team. Remember that no football team will ever become successful if they do not train hard to become the best.