When you play Chimeraland, your character’s strength is represented by a single number called Chimera Power or Battle Power. For every upgrade that your character receives, your Battle Power subsequently increases. Having a high Battle Power is very important if you want to survive longer in your adventures throughout Chimeraland, especially as you encounter stronger enemies. 

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

In this guide, we’ll show you how to increase your character’s Battle Power through various means. To know their current Battle Power, click on the “Stomach” icon to open the Character Information Panel and then look at the bottom-left part of the screen to see the value of their Battle Power. 

Leveling Up

The easiest way of increasing your Battle Power is by leveling up. Leveling up can be achieved by attaining enough EXP from quests, eliminating enemies, and other in-game challenges.

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

Levelling up increases your Battle Power by 200 points and also grants you a Star Point (info on where and how to use this will be discussed later). Additionally, one character attribute (i.e., ATK) is also increased after leveling up. The attribute that will be increased depends entirely on your new level.

While leveling up may be a quick and easy way to gain power, there are other faster, more efficient, and more direct ways of upgrading your characters such as the methods discussed below.

World Info

The world of Chimeraland is huge and fortunately, the game gives you a great incentive to explore it by giving you rewards for doing exploration-related challenges through the “World Info”. 

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

World Info challenges can be accessed by clicking on the square icon (will turn into a diamond upon clicking) on the top right to open the main menu. From the main menu, find “World Info”.

The World Info is separated into the categories: Explore, Battle, General, Collect, Resources, Gameplay, Suit, Transform, and Mirage Soldier. Each category consists of a myriad of challenges which are further segregated into several sub-categories. 

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

The conditions for the challenge are under “Goal” and completing the challenge rewards you with Cowries (the game’s basic currency) as well as an attribute buff. The attribute buff depends on the challenge itself but all challenges reward you with 200 Cowries. For example, hunting a Horsedeer three times rewards you with an ATK+1 upgrade.

Equipping Stronger Gear

Chimeraland boasts plenty of equipment that your character can equip. Not all equipment is made equal and having really strong equipment can make a huge difference in terms of Battle Power.

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

Your character has six slots for wearable equipment: Head, Earrings, Pauldron, Clothes, Ring, and Mask. All items that can be worn by your character are placed in the “Equip” category of your satchel. On the other hand, weapons can be melee or ranged and can be equipped by assigning them to hotkeys. Equipment as well as weapons in Chimeraland come in different grades represented by one color:

  • White – Basic
  • Green – Common
  • Blue – Uncommon
  • Purple – Excellent
  • Gold – Epic
  • Red – Mythic

The higher the grade of the wearable equipment or weapon, the better their base stats are. However, this also means that they are going to be harder to obtain.

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

Where can better gear in Chimeraland be obtained? Generally, they can be obtained from Totem Challenges. Chimeraland is sprawling with Totems which you can interact with to spawn certain waves of enemies and obtain rewards upon defeating them. They are marked with questions marks. Additionally, you can use the function wheel to make the game mark Totems for you.

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

There are multiple types of Totems out there but the ones we are concerned about are Battle Totems and Advanced Battle Totems which are the ones that drop new gear. Battle Totems are just regular totems that spawn enemies while the Advanced Battle Totems give you a chance of obtaining Boss Trial Stones, which can then be used to activate Boss Totems that give out greater rewards.

Character Attribute Upgrades

Life Skills

Every activity that you do in Chimeraland for survival such as gathering from plants, logging trees, and mining stones is called Life Skills and each life skill has its own category that can be upgraded individually with Skill Points and Cowries. 

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

For each Life Skill category, you can actually directly upgrade your character stats as there are several nodes dedicated for this. For example, the logging category consists of Carpenter’s Grit which increases your HP by 100 and the mining category consists of Guzzler which increases your Fullness by 10.


Sigils are special gems that grant further stat boosts to your character. These gems can be inserted into available slots. Leveling up three times unlocks a new slot. Each slot only accepts a specific type of gem depending on the attribute that it’s upgrading. For instance, one slot only accepts gems that upgrade HP while another only accepts gems that upgrade ATK.

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

To insert a gem into a slot, click on the selected gem and click on “Infuse”. Aside from this option, you can also click on “Fuse” to fuse three gems into a higher-level one.

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

More sigils can be bought from the game’s shop through the Growth menu.


The Stars are a series of upgrades in Chimeraland that are tied to weapons and weapon use. 

Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger

To fully unlock the upgrades provided by the Stars, you have to activate the “Knowledge of Ocean” first, which serves as the foundation for the other ones. Upgrades from the Knowledge of Ocean grant the highest attribute upgrades.

Upgrades from the Stars can be purchased using Star Points, which as mentioned earlier can be earned by leveling up. Additionally, it can also be earned by upgrading life skills and researching home tech.

These are the Stars that can be upgraded:

  • White Tiger – enhances blood edge, sword, twin blades, crescent, longspear, melee weapons
  • Black Tortoise – maul, shield, battle axe, heavy sword, divine cudgel, melee control
  • Azure Dragon – enhances multi-x-bow, short x-bow, rigid x-bow, kilo x-bow, mighty x-bow, standard ranged weapons
  • Big Dipper – parallel guns, flamethrowers, bows, cannons, special ranged weapons
  • Vermillion – enhances flash firearm, rumble gun, joint firearm, plum shuriken, handgun, explosive ranged weapons
  • South Dipper – enhances jade flute, shellcoon, tranquil fan, staff pipa, dreamsoul lamp, royal sword, mid-range weapons
  • Culmination – basic attributes of Stars