People who play City of Crime: Gang Wars usually come for the experience of being able to build their own crime empire but the game offers so much more that it never gets boring. One of the most fun parts of playing this game is that it allows players to collect dozens of unique heroes that they can use to lead their criminal organization through their wits, charisma, or strength. It’s a good idea to start collecting all of them, especially the strongest characters in the game!

City of Crime: Gang Wars - Hero Tier List

There are many heroes in City of Crime: Gang Wars. The two main types of heroes are development heroes and combat heroes. Development heroes are all generally good because they are all useful in the economic sector of your city. We talked about this in detail in our Economy Guide, which you might want to check out. Combat heroes, on the other hand, are unique with some of them being stronger than others. We’ll be ranking them according to usefulness in our Hero Tier List.

The Best Combat Heroes

Combat heroes are important in this game because they are in charge of leading the troops in battle. The stronger the heroes included in a crew, the more powerful the troops become from passive abilities benefitting them. Players need to have powerful heroes regardless of whether they plan to focus on the war aspects of the game or not.

Heroes can be acquired by recruiting them via a loot box system. Naturally, the highest tier of heroes are the best you can have because they have the highest base stats and better abilities. This tier list will include heroes who are rated as S rank (Gold border) only.

S Tier

The S Tier heroes are the best units that players can have in the game. They are extremely powerful and useful for what they do. They are almost never replaceable because of what they offer to the squad in terms of utility and damage output.

  • Dr. Hyde

Dr. Hyde is the only S-rank healer in the game and it’s no contest that he’s a unit that every player wants to have on their team. This unit provides survivability that allows the squad to deal damage while surviving the damage that the enemy squad throws your way. He is irreplaceable and should be the top unit that players should be looking out for in City of Crime: Gang Wars.

City of Crime: Gang Wars - Hero Tier List

His capabilities are limited by the fact that he’s a pure healer but that is also a good thing considering that your squad takes a lot of punishment during a fight. It’s a good idea to combine him with reliable carries and bulky heroes that have high HP and defensive stats.

  • Katerina

Katerina is the most powerful rear guard specialist in City of Crime: Gang Wars. She doesn’t deal the most damage in the game but she provides powerful buffs to the squad at the start of the game that simply elevates the capability of your team once combat begins. In addition, she punishes the enemy team by providing a heavy debuff on enemies that she hits with her abilities.

City of Crime: Gang Wars - Hero Tier List

This hero combines a mix of utility and damage output that makes her so disruptive in a fight that it’s difficult to win against her unless the opponent manages to take her out quickly. She is one of the most important characters that players need to have in their squad if they want to consistently win against other players.

A Tier

A Tier heroes are powerful units that provide a more targeted approach to combat and aren’t as universally useful as those in the S Tier. However, they are not in any way weaker than those heroes since they provide great contributions in terms of damage output.

  • Ayane

Ayane is a deadly mercenary who deals a ton of consistent damage to the enemy squad. While she has a few utility tools in her kit, those abilities are mostly focused on giving her the ability to exterminate enemy heroes in a short amount of time. Her damage output is insane and should be considered as one of your squad’s main carries who should be placed in an advantageous position where the enemy can’t take her down easily.

City of Crime: Gang Wars - Hero Tier List

Normal attacks aren’t appreciated that much but Ayane makes use of her strengths very well. Bleed damage ensures that enemies will always go down even if they survive the initial burst from your others heroes in the squad.

  • Ryouma

Ryouma is a frontline hero that takes a lot of punishment and deals heavy damage in return. While this hero isn’t focused on dealing damage to the enemy team, he still provides a hefty contribution in that regard. However, the highlight of having this hero is his overall bulkiness which makes it difficult for enemies to go through your squad without taking him down first.

City of Crime: Gang Wars - Hero Tier List

Ryouma does a lot of other things including debuffing the enemy team and providing defensive bonuses to allied heroes. As a frontline hero, he is the top hero for the job since his defensive stats make him a super tank that players always hate seeing. Combining that with a healer like Dr. Hyde makes it almost impossible to break through the frontline.

B Tier

The B Tier heroes are powerful in specific scenarios and can easily surpass even the S Tier units if the proper conditions are met. However, the conditional nature of their design makes them inconsistent but worth putting in your team if you have the ability to fulfill their strengths.

  • Anatoli

Anatoli is a support hero that gives your team all the advantages that they need. He is extremely selfless in the sense that he, himself, doesn’t really provide any advantages to the team such as damage output or defensive capabilities. It’s a good idea to have this team included in an already powerful team to further increase their usefulness in combat.

City of Crime: Gang Wars - Hero Tier List

This hero has one of the best utility skills in the game and it makes it really difficult to fight him when he manages to fit into a deadly team. However, once he is left exposed, he can easily be taken down and doesn’t really offer players a solid win condition in any other scenario.

  • Vladimir

Vladimir is an extremely powerful support hero and can be even more influential than Katerina. The biggest problem for this hero is that he relies on his allies providing debuffs on the enemy team to give his team increased damage and he can’t really fulfill those conditions by himself efficiently.

City of Crime: Gang Wars - Hero Tier List

When Vladimir is included in a team that provides a lot of debuffs, his character excels because he is able to provide the most potent buffs in the game that always ensure that his team will always have the upper hand. Unfortunately, while his team is setting up for him, the enemy team might already be dealing irreparable damage to his squad.