City Smash is a game about causing as much destruction as you can. And for this purpose, you’re entrusted with a variety of tools and features, which have varying degrees of effectiveness at destroying cities in fun and creative ways. In this sense, there’s really no objective other than the ones you make for yourself. And since you can destroy cities, respawn them, and do it again for as many times as you want, the only thing that will really change is the method through which you wreak havoc across town.

Destroying cities in City Smash can quickly get boring if you use the same tools over and over, particularly since you can easily level an entire town with a simple click of your mouse, if you use certain explosives. However, if you’re creative, you can also come up with a variety of awesome methods that will not only allow you to completely tear the city down, but also do so with flair, elegance, and style.

To this end, we wanted to create a guide with our favorite ways to destroy cities that we’ve discovered in City Smash, so far.

The Ol’ Reliable

Sometimes, you just want to watch the world burn, and what better to go about than with the quick simplicity of an atomic bomb. One of these bad boys and you can marvel as everything in its path gets turned into a pile of rubble. 

City Smash - The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Cities

This method isn’t inventive as much as it’s effective, perfect for a quick and easy demolition task.

Blow Out the Candles

To do this one, you need to load into the first city type, and using only the remote-detonated mines, place a single explosive on the top floor of every single building, as if they were the fire burning on candles. If done right, you’ll see the upper tips of the building pop up slightly. Once you’ve placed all your bombs, go ahead and detonate them and watch the fireworks show.

City Smash - The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Cities

City Smash - The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Cities

This method isn’t 100% guaranteed to completely destroy the city, but it yields interesting results. Plus, it’s a lot of fun watching everything get progressively blown to smithereens.

Technopolis Jenga

This isn’t so much a way to level the entire city with a single combination of tools, but about destroying it in the most precise and careful way possible. Before starting, you’ll need to spawn in the technological city (the second from the left), which has a bunch of evenly-sized buildings in a single file.

City Smash - The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Cities

The idea behind this method is that, by using ONLY the Thunderstorm tool, you slowly destroy every building one by one. Each bolt of lightning is strong enough to completely demolish a building, as it’ll quickly come crumbling down afterward. If you do it right, you should be able to take down the structures one by one, while avoiding toppling the others as the destroyed building crumbles. 

This is a fun and inventive way to stretch out your demolitions in City Smash.

The Hungering Void

Black holes are, by virtue of their existence, the celestial bodies with one of the strongest gravitational pulls in existence. But you know what else can pull harder than a black hole in City Smash? The explosive implosion tool.

Now, the reason we gave it that name is because, when activated, this weapon attracts everything nearby into its core, before ending with a massive explosion that can easily destroy half the city. However, you can tweak the behavior of this tool by clicking its icon once to select it, and then again to deploy the customization options. By lowering its explosive force, and maximizing its suction force and overall force values, you can make a tool that can attract even harder than black holes and turn everything on the screen into a pile of rubble.

City Smash - The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Cities

Why blow everything up, when you could just crush everything with your massive gravitational pull?

Making Waves

Even though there’s already a tsunami tool in the game, did you know that you can cause other types of waves in City Smash? Specifically, using the Alien Spacecraft tool, you can use its tractor beam function to pull things up towards the sky. 

Now, the way to pull off this trick is by positioning the ship as high as it can go, and holding down the beam button, while simultaneously flying to the side. If done correctly, your ship should be pulling up debris beneath it as it flies from one end of the screen to the other. And since the screen wraps around its edges, your ship will simply come out the other side after reaching the limit on one end.

City Smash - The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Cities

As a result, while the ship is flying sideways, the debris below it will be rising and falling thanks to the tractor beam, in a movement pattern resembling a large wave. This not only destroys the entire city in a matter of seconds, but looks really cool in the process.

Kaiju Tag Team

The giant fire-breathing lizard is one of the most impressive tools in City Smash, though it also has the longest cooldown. However, did you know that it’s possible to get two lizards on-screen at the same time? 

The way these giant kaijus work is in the following manner: The beasts always walk from right to left, stop on the target location, incinerate everything with their fire breath, and then move away. However, their cooldown starts as soon as you click on the screen. In this sense, if you summon the first kaiju as far to the left as you can, you’ll have just enough time to summon a second one just as the first is unleashing its fire breath. Two kaijus on one screen make for a really fun time!

City Smash - The Best and Most Fun Ways to Destroy Cities

Anyway, these were some of our favorite ways of wrecking stuff in City Smash. What are your favorites? Share your best destruction combos in the comments below!