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Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash

Who thought destroying a city in various, inventive ways could be so fun? Well, the developers of City Smash certainly thought so, and so they went on to develop a title that gives players a plethora of destructive tools so that they can freely wreak havoc upon a variety of cityscapes. In other words, the only objective in this game is to have as much fun as you can, while finding new ways to completely eradicate peaceful cities. And sure, it might sound a bit morbid, but hey, it’s just a game, right?

Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash

There is a wide assortment of weapons and tools at your disposal in Crash City, all of which can be used for different effects, though ultimately for the same purpose: Destroying cities in various disastrous and awe-inspiring ways. These weapons are divided into several categories, which go from regular explosives and bombs, and natural and celestial phenomena, which are mostly grounded in reality, to crazy weapon types like alien invaders, eldritch tentacle monsters, and even destructive lasers from outer space.

With that being said, in the following paragraphs, we’re going to list all the weapons types in City Smash, and briefly describe how you can use each of these for maximum effect when destroying cities.

Explosive & Warheads

This category is all about things that go BOOM! As soon as you click on the screen, everything you touch will be leveled in varying degrees of awesomeness:

Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash

  • Ballistic Missile: A simple missile that shoots down onto the spot where you click. The destruction here is minimal, but very quick and snappy.
  • Remote-Detonated Dynamite: Places an explosive device wherever you click, which then detonates when you press the big red button on the screen. You can place as many explosives as you want before detonating them, for maximum effect.
  • Cluster Bombs: Drops a small canister that explodes into several small grenades, causing a great deal of destruction to the city below.
  • Fireworks: The only non-damaging weapon in the game. Shoots up a beautiful display of fireworks wherever you click on the screen.
  • Atomic Bomb: The most destructive weapon in the game, hands down. One of these bad boys is usually enough to clear the entire screen.

Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash

Natural Disasters

As the title implies, this category encompasses the worst that nature has to offer, which can be just as destructive as any man-made device, or sometimes even worse:

Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash

  • Thunderstorm: Unleashes a massive bolt of lightning wherever you click on the screen. The destructive potential of this tool is minimal, but it looks really cool.
  • Wind: Don’t let the name fool you; these are some pretty powerful gusts of wind that can shake buildings, or even topple them depending on how you configure them.
  • Tornado: Summons a tornado in the selected area, which sweeps up anything in its path, and then rains all the collected debris across the screen, causing even more destruction.
  • Earthquake: Shakes up the ground, rattling and crumbling buildings. Highly destructive, but not very effective against smaller edifices.
  • Tsunami: A giant tidal wave rushes across the screen, destroying anything and everything in its path. This tool can also put out fires, if there are any on the screen.
  • Volcano: A huge volcano erupts from the ground and rains flaming rocks on all the buildings below. This is exactly as destructive as it sounds.

Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash

Sci-Fi and Space Phenomena

This category is still mostly grounded in reality, and involves celestial bodies and other destructives forces that are floating in outer space. Can you guess what happens when they crash down into a city?

Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash

  • Black Hole: Summons a black hole on the selected area, causing a great deal of destruction to everything nearby.
  • Meteor: Drops a giant meteor on the selected location. This tool causes destruction in the immediate area, but also deploys a shockwave that damages nearby structures.
  • Space Laser: Launches a devastating laser on the area for as long as you hold the mouse button pressed down. It goes without saying that, the longer you hold it, the more destruction you’ll create.
  • Portals: An interesting tool consisting of two portals. When something goes into one of them, it’ll come out of the other. You can create all sorts of fun scenarios with this tool alone, such as an infinite cascade of debris and destruction.
  • Magnets: Attracts debris and buildings to your mouse cursor for as long as you hold the button down.
  • Explosive Implosion: A powerful force sucks everything into the selected location for a few seconds, before exploding with a powerful bang.

Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash


This category has big monsters that stomp around and cause tons of destruction. Do we need to say more?

  • Eldritch Tentacles: A mass of writhing tentacles descend from the heavens, smashing anything and everything with reckless abandon. For how cool this looks, it actually doesn’t cause as much destruction as you’d expect. It’s still awesome, regardless.
  • Huge Lizard: A giant bipedal lizard stomps around town and incinerates everything in its path with its fire breath.
  • Sandworms: A giant sandworm emerges from the ground, letting out a mighty screech before jumping back down into the depths of the earth, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash

Aliens and Aircrafts

This category is a mix between alien invaders wielding cool weapons, and regular human aircraft that can unleash powerful bombs to the cities below:

Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash

  • Strafing Run: A fighter jet swoops down on the screen, and unleashes a strafe burst with its powerful machine gun.
  • Bombing Run: Similar to the strafing run, but instead the plane drops several bombs on the city, leveling everything it touches.
  • Alien Bomb: An alien spaceship flies down from space, launches a powerful bomb below before zooming away.
  • Alien Spacecraft: Launches a controllable spaceship. The player can move it around, and also control its two main weapons, a beam similar to the space laser above, and a tractor beam. 

Understanding the Different Weapon Types in City Smash

As you can see, there are lots of tools at your disposal when it comes to destroying buildings and causing wanton chaos in City Smash. What are your favorite tools in this game? Let us know in the comments below!

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