The first few days in any mobile RTS are pivotal for the development of your town, and Clash of Empire is no exception. It is in this initial phase where you must make an effort to upgrade your city as much as possible before your initial peace shield wears off and you become a sitting duck for your enemies to plunder. Before this happens, you should (hopefully) have set up a good production of resources, built a decent army and defenses, and joined an active alliance to keep you safe while you’re offline.

Resource Farming and Gathering Guide for Clash of Empire

All of these tasks, however, are reliant on the first one we mentioned; establishing a good production of resources. In other words, resources are the lifeblood of your city; without them, you wouldn’t be able to do anything at all. This is why we’re going to explain how to farm and produce some of the most important resources in Clash of Empire in this guide.

Rush to Castle Level 5

First thing’s first, you WANT to have your Castle at level 5 before you start grinding for resources. At this level, you will unlock the Siege Workshop building, which allows you to train, you guessed it, siege troops.

Resource Farming and Gathering Guide for Clash of Empire

While these units are not very strong on their own in combat, they’re amazing when it comes to gathering resources. In fact, the tier-1 troops of this building have, by far, the highest load capacity out of all the troops in the tier; a whopping 11 units of load per troop. Meanwhile, the infantry, cavalry, and ranged units max out at 4, 5, and 5 units of load, respectively. In this regard, siege troops are over twice as effective at gathering from the world map than their counterparts, which is why you want as many of them as you can.

In short, rush that Castle to level 5 and start training Siege Towers.

Always Gather From the World Map

One of your main methods of farming resources in Clash of Empire is from the world map. Specifically, by gathering from the numerous points that you’ll find strewn throughout the world. This is why training those siege troops is so important as they will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to collecting resources from the map.

Resource Farming and Gathering Guide for Clash of Empire

As a general rule of thumb, you ALWAYS want to be gathering from the world map, especially since it only takes a few clicks to send out some troops to work on this task. If you’re lazy (like us), you can just use the BlueStacks Macro Recorder to create a macro that would automate the process of sending out troops to collect resources. Take a look at our BlueStacks guide for Clash of Empire to read more about how to play this mobile RTS on your PC.

Increase Those March Slots

For the same reason that collecting from the world map is so important, increasing your march slots is crucial for farming resources, even more so than training troops, once you have enough soldiers to completely deplete a gathering point in one trip. By sending out two gathering parties, you can effectively double your production by collecting from two nodes at the same time. You can even split your troops between different resources and collect, for example, food and wood simultaneously.

Resource Farming and Gathering Guide for Clash of Empire

You can increase your march slots early on by unlocking the University (at Castle level 4) and researching the very first tech available to you. You can also unlock another march slot by investing heavily on researching the Military tech tree, though it’ll be some time before you actually get there.

Follow the Missions List and Finish Your Daily Quests

Clash of Empire offers many quests to guide your efforts as you build and develop your city. The missions list is a good source of guidance for this purpose as it will always tell you what you should be working on at any given moment. Moreover, every time you complete one of its tasks, you’ll get a small reward in the form of resources. Make sure to claim them every time you finish a mission by clicking on the lower left corner of the screen.

Resource Farming and Gathering Guide for Clash of Empire

Similarly, this game also offers a list of daily quests that, upon completion, grant many different prizes, including lots of materials and resources. Unlike the missions list, these tasks refresh every day and consist of simple assignments such as gathering from the map a number of times, training a certain number of troops, helping your allies, hunting monsters on the map, and researching tech, among others.

Resource Farming and Gathering Guide for Clash of Empire

In general, the missions list are there to keep you on track, whereas the daily quests reward you with lots of awesome materials and resources for going out of your way to complete them. Try to follow the former whenever you get the chance, but always give priority to completing the latter every day.

Grab Those Free Tribute Rewards Every Few Minutes

Another free source of goodies (including resources) in Clash of Empire are the Tribute Rewards, which appear every few minutes in the docks of your town. These rewards contain lots of different items and, when they offer resources, they’re usually of the “safe” variety, which means that you can keep them in your inventory, where they’re protected from enemy pillagers, and use them only when you need them.

Resource Farming and Gathering Guide for Clash of Empire

These resources are limited, however; you can only get a few of them every day. Furthermore, the time you have to wait between every instance increases as you collect more of them. Overall, you really don’t have to stress about these rewards too much, but don’t forget to claim them all every day!

In closing, farming resources in this game takes diligence and perseverance. While you can generate plenty of food, lumber, and other materials in your town, you can significantly increase your production by building an army, increasing your march slots, and sending your troops out to gather. And if you think this is too much of a hassle, consider checking out Clash of Empire on PC with BlueStacks, where you can automate most of the grind with our versatile tools.