Boosts and power-ups can make your life a lot easier in Cooking City: Restaurant Games if you know how to use them properly. Sadly, many people make the mistake of using them all when they first start, thinking that it’s okay to use them since they’ll get more anyway. While the game is very generous at giving away boosts and power-ups, they don’t give out an endless supply that’ll give players the chance to use them whenever they want to.

Cooking City: Restaurant Games - A Guide to Boosts & Power-Ups

Cooking City: Restaurant Games only give out a small number of boosts and power-ups that players can collect by completing rewards and missions. We’ve talked a little about boosts and power-ups in our Beginner’s Guide, but today we’ll discuss this more in detail to help players make better decisions when using these bonuses. 


Boosts are special tools that players can make use of before the game starts. These boosts affect the entire stage, so you’ll be able to use it from start to finish and even when you extend the timer using another bonus. However, boosts don’t apply whenever you repeat or retry the stage completely, so make sure to use it when you think you’re close to finishing the stage but lack just a few seconds or resources.

  • Freezer & Cook-Proofer

The Freezer is a boost that slows down the countdown timer for players to add another combo to the meter. Combos are essential because they allow players to earn “tips” or added coins whenever they complete orders in quick succession. This is primarily important when the player is doing a stage that requires them to collect a certain number of tips or the common objective of trying to earn a certain amount of coins within the time limit.

Cooking City: Restaurant Games - A Guide to Boosts & Power-Ups

The Cook-Proofer is a simple boost that prevents players from burning food, even if they are left in the cooker too long. While more experienced players may not see the value in this because they know how to pace their orders, this boost is helpful because it allows them to stack up ingredients in the cooker so that they won’t have to wait for a plate to open up. This essentially gives them double the plates since the ingredient is already cooked and won’t burn.

  • Double Sales & Cook Helper

The Double Sales boost is precisely as the name implies. It allows players to earn double the amount of coins they get per order, which is useful when trying to complete stages that require a ridiculous amount of coins. However, we like to use this boost simply to farm coins on previously completed stages so that we can upgrade our kitchen ingredients, utensils, and appliances.

Cooking City: Restaurant Games - A Guide to Boosts & Power-Ups

The Cook Helper is one of the best boosts in the game because it allows players to simply focus on preparing orders, removing the need to click on an item whenever they finish. Use this on stages that have extremely short time limits to have more time to prepare orders and hopefully complete the stage on time.

  • Fast Cook

The Fast Cook is a cheat boost that ensures that players can complete any stage they want. This boost instantly prepares ingredients being cooked, removing the need to wait for something to finish before you can place them on the plate. This applies to all of your ingredients, so it should make your life easier since all you have to do is focus on plating your ingredients according to the orders.

Cooking City: Restaurant Games - A Guide to Boosts & Power-Ups

Use this boost on stages that you simply can’t finish no matter how hard you try or when you’re in a hurry to move on to the next stage. This is perfect for all types of objectives since it cuts down the time to deliver an order. It’s a good idea to preserve this boost during the most challenging stages in the game or when you reach a higher level.


Power-ups are tools players can use during a stage or when it has ended. These are like lifelines for when the going gets tough because they provide the player with room to move and complete an objective on time. 

  • +3 Customers & +30 Seconds

The +3 Customers tool is used during stages where the limit is the number of customers you can serve. It’s good to use this only at the end of the stage when you’ve failed to meet the criteria and are close to completing the goal. There’s no point using this power-up when you’ve already failed one task or are far away from completion.

Cooking City: Restaurant Games - A Guide to Boosts & Power-Ups

The +30 Seconds tool is another lifeline bonus that players can use when the time limit is a countdown timer. Like the +3 Customer tool, only use this at the end when you’ve already failed to meet the criteria and are close to completing a goal. Don’t use this when you’ve already failed a task or are far away from completion.

  • Dessert & Happy Candy

The Dessert power-up is used when a customer is losing patience. This allows the player to recover the heart they’ve already lost or simply give you more time to complete their order. It’s a good idea to use this bonus when the stage is near completion and you need the customer to achieve your goal.

Cooking City: Restaurant Games - A Guide to Boosts & Power-Ups

The Happy Candy is used to prevent customers from losing patience. This tool completely stops the patience bar from going down for a short time. This tool is best used when three or more customers have begun piling up, and you haven’t prepared any ingredients to complete their orders. This can be a real life-saver in tight situations.

  • Retry Chance

The Retry Chance tool is another cheat tool that allows players to pick up where they failed. This power-up can only be used when the player has already failed and will reset the timer so that they won’t lose their streak or the progress they’ve already made when attempting it the first time around.

Cooking City: Restaurant Games - A Guide to Boosts & Power-Ups

Just like the Fast Cook boost, this tool is reserved during the higher stages of the game so that players can complete the most difficult stages in Cooking City: Restaurant Games. It’s not recommended that players use this early on since they have an almost infinite number of times to retry.