Coins can be a precious resource in Cooking City: Restaurant Games, especially if you’ve already reached some of the highest stages of the game. Whether you’re playing hardcore or want to progress casually, you’ll eventually need a large number of coins to purchase upgrades and other stuff. We’ve prepared this guide on how players can earn more coins in Cooking City: Restaurant Games quickly to start saving up their coins as early as they want to in the game.

How to Earn More Coins in Cooking City: Restaurant Games

Farming coins or any other resource is a standard task in many other games, so it’s no surprise that you’d eventually be forced to do so in Cooking City: Restaurant Games. Luckily, this game doesn’t make it that difficult to acquire coins, unlike many other games that would otherwise force players to spend on premium currency. Even if you don’t have an immediate need to get coins,  having extra resources ready early on should be a habit that you should practice for the future.

How to Get More Coins

Getting coins in Cooking City: Restaurant Games is very easy. The game provides the player with several different ways to acquire various resources that they need to progress in the game. Some methods are easier than others, but there are some that players may not like doing even if they’re in desperate need of coins. Regardless, we’ve compiled all of the best ways players can acquire more coins either by themselves or by increasing the amount when playing the game.

How to Earn More Coins in Cooking City: Restaurant Games

Coins aren’t unlimited, they start to slow down at the higher stages of the game, so we emphasize saving up while at the early stages of the game. It’s easy to get this resource, but it depends entirely on the player’s ability to adapt and grind out the game. The biggest hurdle that players will experience when getting more coins is the fact that the game uses an energy system, so the number of attempts they can make at a time is limited. Try these tips out whenever you can.

  • Farming Stages

The best way to farm coins in Cooking City: Restaurant Games is to complete stages. We don’t mean just normally progressing through the stages. Farm stages by going back to levels you already finished and doing them again and trying to complete them faster than your original completion until you reach the 3-star mark. Ideally, you want to farm stages with Coin Goals because you can earn more coins by completing this currency than other objective goals.

How to Earn More Coins in Cooking City: Restaurant Games

Cooking City: Restaurant Games allows players to complete a stage up to three times, with each completion awarding the player with a star. Once the player has reached three stars in a stage, they’ll no longer be able to complete that stage again unless a special bonus Pink Star stage allows them. Take note that you’ll need to complete the stage to earn the coins since failure to complete a stage will waste your energy and won’t award any of the coins you collected before the time limit runs out.

  • Increasing Combos

Increasing combos isn’t a direct way to farm coins, but this method allows players to earn more rewards whenever they complete a stage. Combos award players with tips from customers, depending on the number of combos they managed to complete in a short amount of time. Even though players may think that the number of coins earned through combos may be small compared to the overall reward, it’s still relevant if you manage to have a regular number every stage.

How to Earn More Coins in Cooking City: Restaurant Games

Practice doing combos even if the goal is not to earn more coins. At the higher stages of the game, the time pressure and goals become so tricky that it leaves very little room for the player to move. Having very fast reflexes will be a skill that will be asked of you, so learning how to do combos early on can be very helpful in developing your ability to work under high pressure. Once you learn how to make combos, you’ll notice how easy it becomes to farm coins.

  • Using Boosts

Using boosts is another way to increase the number of coins you get in Cooking City: Restaurant Games. We’ve discussed everything there is to know about this in our Boosts Guide, so check that out if you want to learn more about how and when to use them without wasting such precious resources. You can use the Double Sales boost for farming coins to earn more whenever you complete a stage. However, you need to make sure that you complete the stage.

How to Earn More Coins in Cooking City: Restaurant Games

A good combination of boosts and power-ups that players like to make is using the Double Sales boost and the +3 Customers/+30 Seconds power-up to increase further the number of coins they can get. However, it’s best to keep in mind that boosts and power-ups are more precious than coins, and it’s harder for players to acquire these. You should only consume these tools when you’re a player that doesn’t have difficulty completing objectives and stages without any help.

  • Watching Ads

One of the ways that you can earn a huge number of coins in Cooking City: Restaurant Games is by watching ads from random bonuses. This is a method that many players dislike because 30-second ads are too much of a drag to wait. The game also piles up ads that encourage the player to watch to get a ridiculous number of coins that they can earn. Even if you hate watching ads as a player, you may want to reconsider since the game does give a lot of bonuses.

How to Earn More Coins in Cooking City: Restaurant Games

Watching ads can double your revenue, give you bonus coins and other items, and award random boosts at the start of the game. If you use BlueStacks to play Cooking City: Restaurant Games, you can simply watch ads and switch tabs to browse social media, watch a video, or accomplish another task while waiting for the video to end. If you’re using a smartphone, you may want to consider making the switch today.