Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 introduces itself as a pretty simple game with easy-to-learn mechanics, but the farther you progress into the game, the more you realize that there are many complicated features that beginners might find challenging to overcome. It’s not necessarily punishing not knowing everything about the game, but it’s very rewarding to have a great start. This is why we’re sharing some of the best tips and tricks that will help beginners start the game right.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3

We’ve already prepared a lot of guides that will help players understand the more in-depth mechanics of the game, but this time, we’re simply sharing some tips and tricks that aren’t necessarily game-breaking but will help players save a lot of time or prepare for the future. Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 is an entertaining game, but most of the time, you’ll feel a bit stressed when you can’t complete a puzzle. This is where we come in to help you get back on the road!

Study the Board!

The most important tip that any veteran player can give you is to study the board before making any moves at all. At the beginning of the game, it’s essential to take at least 20 seconds to check every possible combination available and how it will affect the board. Most players simply match the first thing they see without considering how it can ruin your future moves and end up wondering how they ended up not having any good moves later in the puzzle. Don’t make this mistake.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3

The first move is the most impactful in the game, mainly if the puzzle is pre-set, meaning some pieces will not change even if you start over again. These are placed for a good reason and shouldn’t be underestimated. Unless you want to waste energy trying to complete the puzzle again after making mistake after mistake, it’s always a good idea to take 10-30 seconds before making any move at all so that you can discover better moves if there are any.

Collect Resources Regularly

Resources in the game are significant because they are used for construction and upgrading your existing structures. Many people underestimate how vital resources are in Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 because its usage is not emphasized in both the tutorial and throughout the gameplay, but any veteran can tell you that resources become extremely scarce once they get to the late game. As often as possible, it’s advisable to collect resources by clicking on your resource hubs.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3

There are also other ways to collect resources, such as collecting them directly by finishing puzzles and by activated village boosts that can be purchased in the premium store. The first method is suitable, but if you’re doing it outside of simply following the main story quest, it’s a complete waste of energy. The second method is also okay, but if you’re a F2P user, it might not sound appealing to spend real money to purchase temporary power-ups that don’t last very long.

Recommended Moves

Recommended moves are the biggest scam in Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 or any game from this genre in general. The game gives you suggested moves by highlighting possible matches when the player has not taken action for a few seconds. For most beginners, they fall into the trap that recommended moves are the solution to their problem, and they follow it thinking that it will help. However, it’s often a bad idea to follow recommended moves blindly.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3

There isn’t a way for players to turn off the recommended moves, so there’s nothing that we can do about that. Also, we’re not saying that recommended moves are always wrong since there are times that they suggest impactful choices. However, it’s a bad habit to grow dependent on the AI when it only recommends moves without considering the goals at hand. It’s an excellent exercise to constantly study the board first before following the recommendations from the system.

Combine Special Tiles

We’ve already tackled special tiles in our Special Piece Guide so take a look at that if you want to learn more about this mechanic in-depth. Special tile pieces are impactful and can help you complete puzzles faster or get you out of sticky situations. They are excellent when used by themselves, but it can be hard to find situations where they can be helpful since a lot of times they are placed in areas on the board where there are no goals or tasks left to be collected.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3

A good tip is to combine special tiles to create even more impactful moves. For example, matching a horizontal line piece and a vertical line piece will cover more areas of the board to help you complete the puzzle. The most powerful combination is when players match two rainbow pieces together, creating an explosion that will destroy all tiles on the board. Before detonating special tiles by themselves, try to determine if there’s an easy way to get them together.

Join Events

Events in the game come regularly and are often really fun to do. Most of the events are incredibly challenging, so it’s normal for players to fail them on the first few tries, but there’s a reason why it’s recommended that they participate in these even if the goal is not to win. The challenging nature of events gives players a place to practice or play more games without wasting their energy. 

Tips & Tricks to Playing Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3

Completing an event will give large rewards, so if you’re confident about your chances of finishing it, you should participate immediately. There are also some other special events in Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 that players should join in, such as The Wheel of Fortune, which resets every day. Once players have tried out events and realized that it doesn’t consume any energy to enter, they might find themselves spending hours trying to complete these puzzles.