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Crush Them All on PC – How to Unlock and Upgrade the Best Heroes in This Idle Game

Crush Them All is an awesome idle game in which you must trudge through a seemingly endless number of levels of increasing difficulty by creating a team of unstoppable heroes. However, before being able to use these powerful characters, you’ll first need to unlock and upgrade them, which you can achieve through a variety of means. Unfortunately, while the process of upgrading your heroes in this idle game is quite straightforward, unlocking the best heroes is not, especially since it relies heavily on RNG, like in most games with gacha systems.

Crush Them All on PC - How to Unlock and Upgrade the Best Heroes in This Idle Game

There are almost 100 heroes that you can unlock in Crush Them All, which are divided into 5 different elements, and that come in 3 levels of quality. The five elements in this game consist of fire, water, earth, dark, and light. We’ve already explained how these different elements interact with each other in our tips and tricks guide, so feel free to read it if you want to learn more. On the other hand, the three different quality levels include common, rare, and epic heroes.

While the units of higher qualities usually have better stats, their quality is not determinant when it comes to being the best heroes in the game, which is what complicates the process of creating the best teams in Crush Them All. For this reason, we decided to create this guide where you’ll find not only the best characters in the game, but also how to go about unlocking and upgrading your heroes.

Crush Them All on PC - How to Unlock and Upgrade the Best Heroes in This Idle Game

Obtaining and Upgrading Heroes in Crush Them All

Your hero screen is divided into several sections, but the most important of these when it comes to expanding your roster of available characters is the Hero Shop. In this section, you’ll be able to spend Flooz (premium currency) to unlock chests that have a chance to contain, among other things, heroes, and medals. The latter material only appears when you obtain a hero that you have already unlocked and is used for upgrading character in question.

Crush Them All on PC - How to Unlock and Upgrade the Best Heroes in This Idle Game

With the exception of when you have elemental chests available for opening, you’ll need to pay Flooz every time you want to summon new heroes in Crush Them All. Fortunately, there are many ways through which you can receive this resource for free on a daily basis. Some of these methods include opening wood and golden chests while fighting, using the Lucky Spin feature, by participating in events, completing daily dungeons, and as rewards for competing in the leaderboards, among others.

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Crush Them All on PC - How to Unlock and Upgrade the Best Heroes in This Idle Game

Part of your success in Crush Them All hinges on summoning the best heroes for every situation. However, even with the right champions, you’ll still need to perform many upgrades if you want to get the most out of each of them. These upgrades are performed by investing gold and prism, and consist of the following:

  • Gold Level: Upgrading your character with gold increases their stats.
  • Prism Level: Similar to gold level, but by paying with prisms instead of Gold. The effects of these are the same as gold levels, but are permanent and persist through ascension cycles.
  • Artifacts: Special items that, once equipped, bestow powerful boosts on your entire team. You can equip 2 artifacts at first, but you can expand your artifact slots by spending Flooz.
  • Runes: Items that can be equipped to a character’s weapon to improve them in specific ways, either by increasing stats directly or by activating set bonuses when certain runes are equipped, among others.
  • Stars: Use medals for adding more stars to a hero, increasing their stats and overall performance.

Crush Them All on PC - How to Unlock and Upgrade the Best Heroes in This Idle Game

The Best Heroes in Crush Them All

In contrast with other games where you need to create teams with positive synergies, Crush Them All is much more straightforward since your heroes are useful for surpassing certain specific obstacles. While the protagonist, Luka, is more than powerful enough to carry you through the first 600 stages of the game (once you’ve upgraded him), you will need different heroes in order to proceed beyond that point. This isn’t because Luka isn’t strong enough but because, every 100 stages after level 600, the bosses are only vulnerable to a specific element.

It’s these elemental matchups that make it necessary for you to broaden your repertoire of heroes in Crush Them All. In this sense, if you’re going to summon new heroes, you might as well aim for the best from the very start. Here are some of the best heroes, divided by element type:

Crush Them All on PC - How to Unlock and Upgrade the Best Heroes in This Idle Game

  • Water: Luka
  • Fire: Monki King, Scud.
  • Earth: Pinky, Voodoo Dagger.
  • Dark: Kasumi, Bat.
  • Light: Hikari, One Eye.

Keep in mind that most of these heroes aren’t even of Epic rarity, because their quality isn’t very important when it comes to speeding through stages in Crush Them All, a process that is also known as “staging.” However, they are quite fast, have the ability to buff their speed, and can also evade enemy attacks fairly regularly.

When it comes to upgrading any of these champions, you should consider the order in which the boss vulnerabilities rotate every 100 stages, which cycles in the following order:

Water > Earth > Fire > Light > Dark > Water

Considering this cycle, you should start by dumping all your resources into Luka for the first 600 levels, followed by your favorite earth-type champion, your favorite fire-type champion, and so on.

Crush Them All on PC - How to Unlock and Upgrade the Best Heroes in This Idle Game

Upgrading your heroes to the point where you can easily reach these levels may take a few weeks since the amount of prism you receive from ascensions is quite limited. But don’t worry; before long, you’ll be completing stages left and right as you continue to summon and upgrade your favorite heroes in Crush Them All.

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