Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate features a wide range of activities that you can engage in on a daily basis in order to progress in the game. Between farming for resources and upgrade materials, unlocking new heroes, testing your strength against other players, and advancing in the campaign, you can spend several hours on this game without it ever getting boring.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC– How to Optimize Your Playtime

But what if you don’t have several hours every day? In that case, you’ll have to prioritize, which is why we came up with the list below. We’ve ordered the most important activities according to how useful they are for the progression of your account. If you get to check everything off the list on a daily basis, that’s great! But even if you don’t, you’ll still make the most of your time, provided that you follow these priorities.

1. Participate in Events

In Crystalborne: HoF, events are one of the best ways to obtain new hero shards and gather large amounts of currency and resources. Some events change on a daily basis, while others carry on for one to two weeks. Generally speaking, they require you to perform activities that you would otherwise do as a matter of routine.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC– How to Optimize Your Playtime

For example, the Grand Celebration Event currently running on the global servers hands out rewards based on the amount of Campaign, Bounty, and Conquest Energy that you use. In a matter of two weeks, you can obtain a new epic hero, as well as plenty of Experience Distillate and Silver to level her up.

Other events, such as the Arena Challenger Daily Brawl, will ask you to participate in different types of battles and complete specific tasks. For example, you might be required to defeat 3 enemies of a specific affinity in any PvP mode. It’s important to check out the event of the day every time you log in because these activities should be prioritized over others whenever your time is limited.

2. Clear Bounty Missions

The Bounty Board includes dozens of missions you can complete to obtain resources, upgrade materials, and gear. For example, the Daily Bounties tab features missions for Silver, hero XP, Salvage, and Blueprints. You don’t have to expend Energy to compete in these missions, but you only have 5 shots at them per day. Use them to farm the resource you need the most at any given time.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC– How to Optimize Your Playtime

Alternatively, you can spend Bounty Energy to complete Guild Conquest bounties for head and hands equipment, Infusion bounties for special hero upgrade materials, Research bounties for speeding up your research, and Gear bounties for items of all types. The Energy used in these missions is separate from other types of Energy, so you don’t have to worry about prioritizing it in a different way. Whenever you have the time, expend all of your Bounty Energy.

3. Advance on the Map in Guild Contest

The world map is made up of special structures that give a variety of bonuses to the guilds that control them, as well as of towers that act as connectors. For example, Ancient Coin Generators represent a passive source of ancient coins for all guild members so long as they are protected. Other buildings include Shrines, which offer a variety of stat bonuses to all heroes, Forts that increase the capabilities of defending heroes, and Radar Towers, which help you see through the nearby fog of war.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC– How to Optimize Your Playtime

Whenever you have Conquest Energy available, hop on to the world map and add another tile to your guild’s territory. Your aim should be to include as many useful buildings as possible, but remember that the ultimate goal of every guild is to extend their territory over the giant crystal in the center of the map.

4. Use Up Your PvP Tickets

While Conquest pits guilds against one another for world domination, PvP battles give you the chance to compare your strength and strategy against those of other players. There are three different PvP modes – Arena, Underground Brawl, and Guild Arena, each with individual tickets.

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Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC– How to Optimize Your Playtime

If you get the chance, use up all of your PvP tickets on a daily basis. This will help you slowly climb the ladder in each respective mode and win a ton of gems in the process. If your team is not yet battle-ready, you can always check out our complete guide to combat and pick up a few useful tips!

5. Summon Free Heroes

Every day, you have access to a free hero summon of Normal quality. The drops include uncommon, common, and rare heroes, which is not an amazing prospect, but can still be very useful during the early-game.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC– How to Optimize Your Playtime

Once you complete a few campaign levels, you’ll also have plenty of Premium summons that you can use for a chance to land an epic or legendary hero. Just remember to always save for x10 summons for a guaranteed character of a higher rarity.

6. Upgrade Your Ship

Your airship is home to your heroes and upgrading different sections of it can help you progress faster through the game. The Engineering deck, for example, will increase the speed of all subsequent upgrades, while rooms such as the Mess Hall or Crew Deck will permanently increase the stats of your heroes.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC– How to Optimize Your Playtime

The initial improvements will take no more than a few minutes, but this will quickly turn into hours. To keep the ball rolling, remember to select a new upgrade each time you log in.

7. Select a New Research Path

Combat and Economics are the two main Research fields available on your Airship. Here, you can choose between a multitude of paths in order to increase various stats – such as max HP, defense, resistances, and damage – and ultimately unlock the central node.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC– How to Optimize Your Playtime

The latter will give your heroes access to powerful Artifacts in the Combat tree and allow you to summon more free heroes in the Economics tree. Always keep the queue busy!

8. Collect All the Rewards

Last, but not least, don’t forget to click the Quests button just on top of the Battle option on your main screen. This will allow you to check on your progress for the current chapter of the game and collect any rewards you may have earned during the day.

If there’s a task you’ve missed on, you can quickly complete it before you log off. Made it all the way here? Nice job! Check back on the game tomorrow, then rinse and repeat.

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