When it comes to strategy war games, this genre has quickly expanded to the point where these titles are essentially a dime a dozen, particularly since the vast majority do little to try new things and innovate upon the core formula of the genre. 

Everything You Can Expect From the New Dawn of Kingdoms Strategy War Game

However, every now and then we can find new games that still try and push the envelope of what you can find and do in this category, either when it comes to gameplay mechanics, or in the game’s presentation. In other words, there are games that still try to stand out among the rest through both their gameplay and their graphics. And while we can’t really chime in for the gameplay just yet, we can definitely say that the new Dawn of Kingdoms is trying its best to stand out with its stellar graphics and overall presentation, while also providing a unique gaming experience for both veterans and newcomers to the strategy war genre.

A Stellar Visual Experience

Those who have played games like Rise of Kingdoms will find a lot of familiar gameplay elements here, including the civilization-based city building mechanics. In other words, your progression and development will vary according to the type of architecture you choose. And in the same vein, you’ll gain access to different troops, technologies, and passive perks depending on your architectural style. What Dawn of Kingdoms does differently, however, is its presentation, as it features a heavy emphasis on creating stunning visuals so that you can not only dominate your server with your armies, but also enjoy a veritable visual feast in the process.

Everything You Can Expect From the New Dawn of Kingdoms Strategy War Game

Of course, those who want to get the best experience with this game will obviously want to play Dawn of Kingdoms on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player can give you the best graphics and performance, without having to actually own a beast gaming PC or an expensive flagship phone. And not only that, but our emulator gives you a much better view of the battlefield at all times by letting you play on your large computer monitor. This will come in handy particularly in times of war, when having a clear picture can help you make the best decisions to dominate your enemies.

A Wide Variety of Architectural Styles

Visuals aside, Dawn of Kingdoms seems to be taking some key aspects of existing games and using them to create a unique experience. One of these major aspects that we could identify is the focus on different civilizations and how these allow players to build their empires in different and unique ways. More specifically, depending on the type of architecture you choose for your town, you’ll perceive different passive bonuses and gain access to various different troops and perks.

Everything You Can Expect From the New Dawn of Kingdoms Strategy War Game

As mentioned above, this system is akin to the civilization system in Rise of Kingdoms. In this sense, if you’ve played this title in the past, you’ll find that this is much the same.

A Vast Open World With Strategic Significance

Like in many other strategy war games, Dawn of Kingdoms takes place across a giant open world, with the players randomly spawning all over the place when they first start their journey. This massive world is rife with tons of different things to see and do, and is where players will also conduct all sorts of activities and transactions, such as trading amongst themselves, or even establishing alliances and declaring war. This world is also filled with lots of different resources that can be harvested in order to supplement the city’s passive production, and in turn speed up the player’s development.

Everything You Can Expect From the New Dawn of Kingdoms Strategy War Game

However, not content with delivering a static world filled with fluff and meaningless elements, the team behind Dawn of Kingdoms are also implementing terrain differences and strategic aspects such as rivers and mountains, which can affect the combat performance of any given unit. When used correctly, you can wield these different elements to seize the upper hand, even if you are outnumbered and outmatched. 

In Dawn of Kingdoms, only the most tenacious and cunning commanders are the ones who come out on top.

Tons of Customization and Cosmetic Options

Of course, even though most of the gameplay in Dawn of Kingdoms will revolve around farming, building, and war, this doesn’t mean that you can’t spend some time creating truly spectacular cities and towns. In this game, you have complete liberty of developing your territory in any way you see fit; whether you want to create a simple efficient warring state, or an aesthetically-pleasing metropolis, this game gives you all the tools you’ll ever need to create unique vistas and landscapes, and stand out among the other players.

Everything You Can Expect From the New Dawn of Kingdoms Strategy War Game

This game also has a built-in seasons system, which can help to create stunning images and views as the game transitions from green leaves and sunlight, to yellowing and drooping flora in the autumn, and finally ending the cycle when the landscape starts getting covered in powdery snow in the winter. In other words, if you enjoy conquest games, but also love to stop every now and then and admire the view and smell the roses, Dawn of Kingdoms was built exactly for gamers like yourself.

While Dawn of Kingdoms has been going through multiple closed betas lately, the game is shaping up to be a great contender in the ever-expanding strategy war genre. Stay tuned for when it finally releases, as we’ll probably be covering it in our blog!