2020 has come and gone, and with it came a few new weapons in Free Fire, Garena’s massive mobile battle royale game. While you can basically start playing and wreck your enemies with essentially any weapon, there are some of these that are inherently better than others, either due to their superior stats, or for other reasons like ease of use. In short, you’ll always want to use weapons that can defeat your enemies the fastest and easiest. And to this end, we’ve decided to create a guide with the best weapons in Free Fire for 2021, divided by category.

Best Assault Rifles in Free Fire

ARs in Free Fire are usually all-rounder weapons, striking a good balance between fire rate, range, and stability. However, their balanced design makes them just decent at all roles, without actually excelling in any. Regardless, they’re ideal choices as secondary weapons as they can help you out in a pinch if you’re using a more specialized gun as your main weapon.

Assaults rifles didn’t see too much improvements in the past year, and the best guns in this category are the following:

  • GROZA: The good thing about the GROZA is that it behaves like an SMG, while offering the same damage output as standard ARs. In other words, it has the power of a rifle, with the handling of an SMG, which makes it deadly against any foe at short to mid ranges.

Free Fire: The Ultimate Weapon Guide- Updated for 2021

  • M60: This is as close as you’ll get in Free Fire to hosing down your enemies with a stream of bullets. The M60 is both strong and has an enormous magazine size that allows you to spray your foes into a corner, and even take their lives if they’re dumb enough to peek. Spray and pray, indeed.

Free Fire: The Ultimate Weapon Guide- Updated for 2021

The point of ARs is being able to engage enemies at a medium distance, and these two are the best suited for those purposes.

Best SMGs in Free Fire

SMGs, just like ARs, are often automatic weapons. However, where assault rifles are built to function in most situations, submachine guns are designed to excel at close quarters, with some exceptions. Their high fire rate coupled with low stability allows them to melt enemies, but only from a few feet away.

With that being said, SMGs are really straightforward, and the best weapons in this category are no exception:

  • MP40: Still the reigning champion when it comes to sheer damage output. However, the massive power of the MP40 is only offset by its equally-massive fire rate that drains magazines fairly quickly, as well as its high recoil that makes it difficult to keep your aim steady while shooting. In other words, use this gun as you would a shotgun; from a few paces away.

Free Fire: The Ultimate Weapon Guide- Updated for 2021

  • Vector Akimbo: Added in a recent patch, this version of the Vector consists of carrying one of these guns in each hand(Dual-Wielding), essentially allowing you to decimate any enemy foolish enough to come into range. While the MP40 is the king when it comes to individual weapons, the akimbo Vectors are in a league of their own. Be careful, however, as they’re not only unstable, but also burn through ammo rather quickly.

Free Fire: The Ultimate Weapon Guide- Updated for 2021

SMGs are ideal only if you plan on getting up close and personal, but don’t require as much skill as, say, shotguns.

Best Shotgun in Free Fire

If you thought SMGs were already straightforward enough, you haven’t seen anything. Shotguns are very simple weapons that barely require any aiming in order to be effective. However, don’t let their simplicity fool you; while anybody can aim and fire to great effect, only the best players can actually rush and jump-shoot you in the blink of an eye.

Free Fire: The Ultimate Weapon Guide- Updated for 2021

While other categories have a few decent weapons, there are only 3 shotguns in Free Fire. Moreover, while they all behave similarly, there’s only one gun in this class that clearly outperforms the others, the M1887. In the right hands, this gun can essentially 2-shot every single enemy, regardless of their armor. This is because not only does it have superior damage, but it also has more range than the rest. However, it’s a very limited 2-bullet capacity means that you need to make every shot count. And if you don’t, you’ll be left with an empty gun and waiting for your ultimate demise.

Best Sniper Rifle in Free Fire

Sniper rifles are just as demanding to use as shotguns, but for wildly different reasons. While mastering the shotgun requires practicing moving and jumping while shooting, using sniper rifles is all about finesse and precision. In other words, if you’re not shooting for the head with a sniper rifle, you’re doing it wrong and you’d be better off using an AR.

Free Fire: The Ultimate Weapon Guide- Updated for 2021

With that being said, while there clearly are superior guns in this category, most of them can one-shot enemies if aiming for the head. Regardless, if we have to choose a good weapon in this category, it’d be the Kar98k. While not nearly as powerful as the AWM, you can actually find this weapon lying around anywhere, as opposed to exclusively in a drop box. Further, the Kar98k can easily one-tap any target if you aim for the head, as long as they’re not wearing a good helmet.

Best Pistols in Free Fire

Pistols in Free Fire are more or less circumstantial weapons that you’ll use only at the beginning of a match. However, in the right hands, some of these weapons can nab you a few kills, especially if you’re proficient with the bigger hand cannons.

Some of the best pistols in Free Fire include the following:

  • Desert Eagle: Big damage, big recoil. The Deagle is unwieldy at best, but with the best damage out of any pistol, except for maybe the M1873. You can get a few early kills if you manage to pick one of these up as soon as you land since most players won’t have good armor, if any at all, at that point.

Free Fire: The Ultimate Weapon Guide- Updated for 2021

  • M500: Kind of like the Deagle in terms of power, but a bit weaker and with a built-in scope. The M500 allows you to hit very distant targets, which is great for the beginning of a match.

Free Fire: The Ultimate Weapon Guide- Updated for 2021

  • M1873: The strongest “pistol” in the game, but only because it’s essentially a sawed-off shotgun. The M1873 can easily kill anyone in a couple of shots, but you need to be basically breathing down their necks to do so. Use only if you have no other choice.

Free Fire: The Ultimate Weapon Guide- Updated for 2021

In most cases, you’d be better off swapping out your pistols for any other gun as soon as you find one. However, these choices are the best “standalone” pistols that, in the right hands, can even allow you to go toe-to-toe against other enemies, assuming they’re bad and can’t aim, that is.

Best Melee Weapons in Free Fire

Melee weapons in Free Fire essentially exist only for the speed boost while wielding them, though they also make for some awesome end-of-match kills if you can outplay the enemy. However, some of these weapons have an added bonus; they can block shots while you’re carrying them on your back or in your hand. In this sense, the Pan is definitely the best melee weapon in Free Fire since it has the largest surface area and can cover a good chunk of your body just by simply carrying it on you. However, if you want the cool factor, feel free to use the Katana.

Free Fire: The Ultimate Weapon Guide- Updated for 2021

As you can see, most of the best weapons in Free Fire remain untouched from the previous year to 2021. However, the addition of the Vector Akimbo definitely shook up the meta a bit as it’s quite powerful at close range. And with the addition of upto 90 FPS Free Fire gameplay on BlueStacks, you can enjoy those higher SMG fire rates even better on PC. Regardless, we always suggest playing with what you enjoy the most. Just remember to get a lot of practice with your favorite weapons, and always communicate with your team when playing in squads. You can also track the changes made to these weapons through the years. Download and play this battle royale game Free Fire on PC.

Happy hunting!