Dawn of Zombies is a survival game in every way the genre is intended to be. After all, players will be tasked to persevere through multiple challenges and enemies that try to threaten their home and the people around them. The game has leveled up the difficulty of the task by introducing different ways to punish players who are too reckless and reward those that find creative ways to survive. Beginners might lose interest after losing too many times, so let’s help them get through the first stages of the game.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Dawn of Zombies

New players in Dawn of Zombies might not understand the main principles of what they need to do in the game. Having very little knowledge of the game’s mechanics can prove to be fatal since your character will lose a lot of resources upon death or failure. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll be introducing all of the primary details that players need to know about and expanding on the ideas that those people might have about them so that they’re prepared for the future in the game.

Developing the Shelter

The primary goal in Dawn of Zombies is to continuously develop your shelter. You can do this by constructing and repairing various structures that will help you in both crafting and combat. The better constructed your shelter is, the more stuff you’ll be able to work on to improve your situation in terms of survival. Not having enough structures in your shelter can bottleneck the content that you can explore because your character will be too weak due to the lack of equipment.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Dawn of Zombies

Developing your shelter is a slow process and it also requires you to play through the main story. Repairing some of the broken structures and cleaning up the junk around your shelter are also tasks that might prove to be beneficial to your situation. Of course, you’ll need to collect the necessary materials to repair or construct structures that you can get by exploring the map. Everything you do in the game basically comes back to improving your shelter and eventually making it into a fortress.

Importance of Crafting & Production

Aside from the construction of your shelter, players will also be asked to craft items. Crafting items can be done by clicking on the Anvil icon at the lower right part of your screen. You can craft different types of things here such as structures, storage items, armor, weapons, and even consumables that will help you in surviving more. Like everything in the game, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials and meet the level requirement to craft certain things in the game.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Dawn of Zombies

Production is another way to create materials you need. Unlike crafting, production of processed materials require the use of production structures and raw materials. For example, The Loom uses Rags to create Thread. These processed materials are used in other crafting ingredients. Production also requires a certain amount of time to finish so it’s a good idea to produce items in advance by throwing in half of the materials that you gather into these structures so they get to work.

Your Character

Your character uses some mechanics that are present in a lot of other survival games. For example, your character has maintenance stats such as Hunger and Thirst levels that need to be filled up to keep up efficiency and health. Your character also has Health Points and Energy, which can both be exhausted. If your character’s health reaches 0 points, that character dies and loses all of their items and equipment permanently, so be careful what you keep inside your bag.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Dawn of Zombies

The character will also be able to level up, which is a requirement for opening new areas on the map, progressing through the story, and unlocking crafting recipes for the future. You can modify some of the stats that you have by equipping items on your inventory. Health, Energy, Hunger, and Thirst can be recovered by eating food or drinking beverages. As long as you don’t reach zero in any of these stats, you won’t experience any problems while playing the game.

Map Exploration

As you progress through the game, different parts of the map will be opened to you. Each map is unique not only in its design but also in the enemies and the types of materials that you can gather there. There are some items that are only exclusive to a certain area so you’ll have to enter these places to gather them by looking around or by looting them from the enemies that you see inside that area. This will take most of your time when you’re starting out, so place it on your schedule.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Dawn of Zombies

The worst part about map exploration is that it’s hindered by the energy system. Depending on the distance between the origin point and the destination, a certain amount of energy will be deducted. Players can opt not to use energy to travel between one place from another but it will take a few minutes to an hour just to get to where you want to go. Unfortunately, even going back to your shelter will cost you energy so keep that in mind when farming materials in the future.

Main Missions

Main missions guide the player in what they need to do next to progress through the storyline. While these missions act as a directional feature, the game doesn’t strictly require you to follow it, as you’ll want to spend some time farming items and doing your own thing so that you can meet the requirements of completing an advanced mission without dying to random mobs. Just remember to pick which ones you might want to prioritize.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Dawn of Zombies

Most missions and tasks award the player for completion. These rewards can be claimed inside the loot box on the upper right part of your screen. Items you get here will really help boost your progress in the game so it’s a good idea to complete a certain number of missions per day before you go to sleep.