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BlueStacks Guide To Playing Dawn of Zombies on PC

Dawn of Survival is the newest game added to the roster belonging to the genre of strategy zombie survival games. This game takes beloved elements from established games like Last Day on Earth and State of Survival to create a fresh experience. It’s definitely worth diving into the game with the countless hours of engaging storylines and exciting gameplay that creates the perfect RPG for any zombie enthusiasts out there.

BlueStacks Guide To Playing Dawn of Zombies on PC

With that said, the game is as challenging as it is innovative making aspects such as resource management and strategic combat a high priority for players to learn. The game’s non-assertive tutorial feature will help you learn everything you need to know but not in a way that most gamers find too much of a drag as they are all separated into small skippable tips. In just half an hour of playing this game, you’ll definitely have everything you need to know in order to play the game properly.

Of course, this game, like many others, has its quirks. In this case, the energy system which is popular in a lot of mobile games out there limits you from playing the game continuously unless you’re willing to throw in some cash. Although, it’s not as eccentric as other games since non-premium items such as food and drinks help you restore energy fast enough to do tasks that need urgent attention if the situation arises.

Enhance Your Gameplay Experience With BlueStacks

Dawn of Zombies is already great when playing on mobile but with the different tasks you’ll need to do, the PC experience might prove to make your life easier and more efficient. Not only that, it includes features that a lot of phones don’t have access to especially if you’re playing in older model mobile phones. BlueStacks offers multiple features that will help you take this game to the next level.

1. Key Mapping

BlueStacks Guide To Playing Dawn of Zombies on PC

The keymapping function is the most common feature other users like about using BlueStacks. It recreates the mobile gaming experience by enabling the use of your keyboard and mouse in order to transform it into a traditional WASD PC game. The great thing about BlueStacks is that there is already a default set of key bindings mapped once you open the game on your BlueStacks client, which is great if you’re not feeling like customizing the game’s controls yourself.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t map the controls to personalize your needs. By using the key controls editor function, you can create any combination of key bindings you can think of or just change pre-mapped keys into other buttons on your keyboard. Using these can prove to be important when fighting certain bosses or mobs in the game which will require you to be more agile and responsive.

2. Macro Recorder

BlueStacks Guide To Playing Dawn of Zombies on PC

The macro recorder is a less familiar concept to most BlueStacks users but can prove to be important nonetheless. Being able to record and continuously repeat certain actions can prove to be useful for tasks such as experience farming by staying in a zombie-infested spot and let your character go through a makeshift auto-battle option safely while you focus on other things. There are many other ways you can use the macro recorder system especially when it includes daily tasks which you have to do over and over again.

3. Screen Recorder

BlueStacks Guide To Playing Dawn of Zombies on PC

Most phones don’t have dedicated screen recording systems nor can they operate the tasks of recording their gameplay while running the game at the same time without experiencing issues. As PCs are obviously more capable of handling multi-tasking, why not record your gameplay through BlueStacks’ dedicated screen recorder option allowing you to play similar to how it would look like as if you were playing in your average android phone.

You can share videos of your gameplay online on platforms such as YouTube or livestream your games using BlueStacks’ streaming mode function on Twitch or Facebook so you don’t have to buy expensive capture cards in the process.

4. Multi-instance Manager

BlueStacks Guide To Playing Dawn of Zombies on PC

Hardcore gamers like you usually don’t settle to playing only one game at a time. This is especially true for games like Dawn of Zombies that require you to wait for long energy or travel timers before you can continue on your next task. Having multiple games open all at once is a feature that you can take advantage of with Bluestacks’ multi-instance manager. Play all of your favorite games at the same time so you won’t have to get bored while waiting for your next action to be over.

Get Dawn of Zombies on BlueStacks Now!

If you haven’t gotten your hands on Dawn of Zombies in BlueStacks, follow these simple steps to get the full experience of playing this game on your PC right now!

1. Download and setup your BlueStacks client on your PC

2. Link your Google Account to the Play Store

BlueStacks Guide To Playing Dawn of Zombies on PC

3. Use the Search Bar on the Upper Right to look for Dawn of Zombies

4. Download the game to your BlueStacks client

5. Open the game, create your character, and enjoy!

BlueStacks Guide To Playing Dawn of Zombies on PC

What awaits you in Dawn of Zombies on BlueStacks?

BlueStacks Guide To Playing Dawn of Zombies on PC

Now that you’re all up and ready to go, playing Dawn of Zombies will surely offer you more than you signed up for. Royal Ark has truly outdone themselves by making such an innovative game to fit the ever-growing trend of zombie apocalypse stories. With the countless hours of story, tons of freebies, and challenging boss battles that the game has in store for you, this is a game that will preoccupy you for the days or weeks to come.

It’s time to boot up the game and begin your new adventure made more immersive with the BlueStacks team. Your experience is a priority when it comes to everything related to playing your favorite android games on PC. Expect to see more pieces related to Dawn of Zombies here in our BlueStacks game guides page where you can read about guides, tips, and impressions on the different games you can download on the Google Play Store.

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