Having some trouble succeeding in Dawn of Zombies? It’s time to pick up some advanced tips and tricks that will surely get you back on your feet and help you progress a lot smoother in the game for future reference. As one of the hottest zombie survival games in the Playstore right now, it’s understandable why some people want to improve how they play the game so that they can catch up with some of the more advanced players in the server who are already miles ahead.

Dawn of Zombies Tips & Tricks To Help You

There are so many things that players can learn while playing Dawn of Zombies. Most often, beginners have the hardest time trying to adjust to the more advanced mechanics that the game offers which cause them to lose interest very quickly. To help out those who are willing to learn more about how to play the game properly, it’s time to introduce some of the more useful tidbits of information that players will be able to use not just in the early game but also at a later point.

Build a Lot of Boxes

Inventory space is probably the most tedious limitation that players experience in Dawn of Zombies. Even with a sack equipped, there’s only so much that a player can carry at all times. Since the game requires you to keep collecting items throughout your gameplay, it’s a good idea to create wooden boxes that act as storage units for items that you’re not planning on carrying with you while you’re out doing other tasks such as traveling to another place or crafting stuff while inside the base.

Dawn of Zombies Tips & Tricks To Help You

Players can build up to 50 storage boxes, but beginners don’t have enough space to maximize that, so crafting five boxes should be enough. Here’s where you store all of the special materials that you gather from quests, events, or enemies. At this stage of the game, it’s not really advisable that you prioritize aesthetics over utility so don’t be bothered if your shelter looks cluttered. As you upgrade the base, you’ll gain more space and be able to do as you please.

Never Stop Salvaging

One mistake that players make, especially new players, is trying to skip trying to loot stuff from maps when doing quests. Most players tend to ignore materials like empty water bottles, rags, and scrap metal, but these actually play a critical role later on in the game. While rags may seem useless in the early game when you already have decent armor, you can use them to produce Thread and Twine, which is a staple for some of the more advanced in-game items.

Dawn of Zombies Tips & Tricks To Help You

Loot is gatherable in a lot of places that beginners might not even bother looking at. Aside from collecting it from dead enemies, crates, bags, and by the use of tools, going inside the house to check shelves and kitchen drawers or checking tents may prove to be a bountiful endeavor. Most of the more important materials in the game are gathered in hidden places. If you can find keys to basements or cars, you might also find something valuable that you can trade later on in the game.

Check With The Trader

The trader is a good place to get some rare items. He never stays in one place for too long nor do you have any control over what you can get from this guy but it’s a good idea to buy rare materials from him if he has it even if you don’t think that you need it right now. Salvaging items that are valued by the trader will be a good endeavor since you’ll be able to replace it for even hard to find materials that will help upgrade your shelter or help you craft some important items.

Dawn of Zombies Tips & Tricks To Help You

One thing that players need to keep in mind when trading is that they need to raise their trust level and reputation. The fastest way to raise your reputation with The Trader is simply to stuff from his selection which increases every time you do so. The trader appears four times a day at random intervals and stays in the base for a limited amount of time. If you’re not playing actively but want to check the trader, it may be a good idea to check your phone every other hour.

Eat, Drink, and Bathe Before You Go

Hunger, dehydration, and bad hygiene are bad things that happen to players that ignore their character’s needs. These are some of the ways players often die while traveling outside because they either forgot to bring food and water or bathed before they went on a mission. It’s a good idea to monitor your status bars often but it’s not really necessary since your character doesn’t really drop below the threshold that quickly while on one or two quests outside.

Dawn of Zombies Tips & Tricks To Help You

It’s a good idea to keep your inventory space open so bringing stuff like food and water bottles are a complete waste especially if you’re planning to do a massive haul. This is why you should fill up your food and water meters before you actually set out on a quest. There’s also a good chance that you get sick if you don’t maintain your hygiene so bathing is also necessary before you go on a mission.

Discard Low Durability Items

Don’t be a cheapskate. Monitor the durability of your equipment, especially your armor pieces, so that you don’t end up getting stripped of your armor while fighting against enemies. One way to check if your durability is good is to check for the character outline on the upper-left side of the screen showing the different armor pieces. Armor that is red should probably be discarded before you go on a mission that requires a lot of combat.

Dawn of Zombies Tips & Tricks To Help You

Replacing items before they break is essential to your character’s survival since an unarmored character takes significantly more damage. It’s also not a good idea to bring extra armor in your inventory since it reduces the salvaging efficiency of materials in an area. As mentioned in our DoZ Character Maintenance Guide, it’s a good idea to keep crafting new materials to freshen up durability.