DDTank Mobile is pretty easy when you’re playing against AIs or are in the lower ranks, but once you reach the upper divisions of the ranked battles where everybody feels like they’re better than you, it can be discouraging to continue playing the game. However, this shouldn’t stop you from climbing the ladder since there are so many things that you can try to improve first before giving up. In this guide, we’ll be introducing some of the best strategies for DDTank Mobile that will help you win more games.

The Best Strategies for DDTank Mobile

The PvP mode in DDTank Mobile is its biggest charm and no other game mode can offer the exciting gameplay that this mode has. A lot of players tend to become competitive, growing the need to climb to the top and defeating other players. The problem is that the same sense of competitiveness can be a double-edged sword because a simple losing streak can truly break a person’s will to play the game. Let’s ensure that doesn’t happen by following these strategies when playing. 

Comboing Battle Items

Battle items are a huge source of power and survivability. While you might be tempted to simply place all your damage-dealing battle items on your skill bar, it’s a good idea to provide some utility such as healing, shielding, or enrage to give your character more tools to stay in the fight longer and do their job. Usually, you want two damage items and another two utility items. This way, you have tools to pressure your opponent and keep yourself afloat while being also able to manage your energy bar.

The Best Strategies for DDTank Mobile

Comboing your battle items is also essential in a fight. While you may be tempted to use all of your skills in one go in DDTank Mobile, it’s not always the best strategy. Sometimes, a good thing that you can do is use two abilities at a time so that you don’t end up losing all your energy and placing yourself in a tough spot. You also want to save energy for when you’re about to go Enraged so that you can maximize the amount of damage that you deal to your opponent.

Positioning is Key!

Positioning is the most important thing in DDTank Mobile because it determines the effectiveness of your attacks and your defense. Placing yourself in a spot where the enemy can easily hit you is often the biggest reason why players in the lower divisions struggle to climb. You’ll notice that advanced players move around the map often and make good use of their time to find the best spot where it’s hard for opponents to hit you with a very powerful attack.

The Best Strategies for DDTank Mobile

A few common tips include not positioning yourself near your teammate, using an upper platform as a shield for high-angle attacks, and staying away from areas where you can fall off the map. In addition, it’s a good idea to mess up the opponent’s position by using the terrain destruction feature to make them fall down from their platforms or bury them inside a hole so that they’re forced to use the paper airplane to reposition themselves, effectively wasting their turn. 

Using Stage Powers

Once you reach the halftime mark of a battle, power-ups will appear on the map. These power-ups can increase the amount of damage that your attacks do. When you’re in the higher rankings, players will often use these stage powers every time they attempt an attack because every bit of bonus damage that you deal to your opponent can mean victory or defeat. Using these stage powers often involves a lot of repositioning so that players can efficiently use these powers at the correct angle to hit the enemy.

The Best Strategies for DDTank Mobile

While you’re still a beginner, it’s important to learn about how to use them in combination with your attacks. Once you reach the higher rankings, your opponents won’t give you the luxury of using the power-ups that you want, so it’s always a race of whoever gets them first. The more power-ups that collide with your attack, the more powerful those hits will be once they land. Take your time to find the best angle that will increase your attack power by a significant amount.

Synergize With Your Ally

Your ally is your primary in a battle. Whether you invited a friend to your party or you have someone randomly being placed in your squad, it’s a good idea to find a way for both of you to work together. The best way to do that is either to communicate verbally or if you can’t, try to read your ally’s moves in order to predict what they’re planning to do. This is an important skill because you’ll need to use it when trying to figure out your opponents’ plans so start practicing.

The Best Strategies for DDTank Mobile

Allies are important because one of you will be chosen as the priority target for the opponent. They’ll start focusing down on the first opponent they hit and will try to get rid of them as soon as possible to gain the numbers advantage. You should attempt the same strategy and coordinate your attacks to one person. The ally that’s being attacked should try to find a way to survive while the one that isn’t being attacked should focus on trying to deal as much damage to the enemies as possible.

Maximize Sudden Deaths!

Sudden deaths are the most crucial part of the battle. During this time, all players’ damage increases significantly, which means that the chance for an opponent to get one-shot is very possible. The best thing to do is to save up a lot of energy and rage so that once the Sudden Death starts, you can release your entire arsenal on a single opponent to get rid of them once and for all.

The Best Strategies for DDTank Mobile

Another thing that players should keep in mind during Sudden Death is that their positioning becomes crucial. Leaving yourself open on the map means that the opponents can take you down. Even though you feel like you’re being rushed by the Sudden Death, you need to keep calm and play it slowly; wait for the perfect opportunity to secure the win.