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Dead by Daylight Mobile: How to Escape as a Survivor

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Some people might shudder at the idea of being chased around by horrifying, often deformed creatures who can kill you by repeatedly hanging your body on a hook, but if you’re into that kind of stuff, Dead by Daylight Mobile is the game for you. Sure, it’s scary as hell even on the tiny screen of a smartphone, but for an adrenaline junkie, it’s a dream come true.

Dead by Daylight Mobile: How to Escape as a Survivor

Plus, it’s just so satisfying to get into the head of the killer and to make them panic despite the fact that they apparently have all the power. To do this, though, you have to be an expert survivor and becoming an expert takes patience and time. The guide below is meant to give you a head start on this ghastly journey and put you on an (almost) equal footing with the killer.

Let’s take a closer look.

Pre-Trial Options

Before you enter a game or “trial”, you have a few choices to make. First and foremost, you have to choose your survivor, which you should do based on the perks that are available to each character. Yes, all characters can eventually learn all perks, but to begin with, you should focus on those survivors who have the best perks unlocked from the get go. You can read more about our favorite survivors here.

Dead by Daylight Mobile: How to Escape as a Survivor

When you select your character, consider a couple of things. It’s important to play as someone that you feel comfortable with, but it’s also a good idea to pick the survivor that best synergizes with your team. For example, if no one chooses a support-oriented character, you could do this to increase the chances of survival for the entire group.

Then there’s your Items loadout. Using Blood Points (or BPs) that you’ve accumulated in previous games, you can purchase useful items like a Flashlight, Tool Boxes, Med Kits, Keys (for opening the hatch), Maps, and more. You’ll also find similar items throughout the game and, if you manage to escape, you’ll get to keep them.

Dead by Daylight Mobile: How to Escape as a Survivor

Prior to a trial, choose the items that you believe would best help you and your team, but be warned: if the killer sees you wielding a key, for example, they will stop at no length to hook and eliminate you straight away.

Always Focus on your #1 Goal

It’s easy to get distracted during a trial, but you should never ever forget that your first and most important goal is to escape. In other words, you have to find and repair all the generators before escaping through a door or hatch. Don’t get sidetracked with cleansing totems or rummaging through chests that may or may not give you a useful item. You can always complete these actions once the generators are fixed and the doors are opened if you want to accumulate extra BPs.

Dead by Daylight Mobile: How to Escape as a Survivor

As soon as you land in a trial, your first goal should be to find and repair a generator, but be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t run around – ever – and always look around and behind your character to see if the killer is getting nearer. Meanwhile, pay close attention to your heart. If you see it getting red and you start hearing your heartbeat, that means the killer is close and it’s time to hide.

Dead by Daylight Mobile: How to Escape as a Survivor

Once again – don’t run. Quietly and slowly put some distance between you and the generator and make your way to cover. If the killer has discovered you, then you can start running, but don’t do so aimlessly or indefinitely. Why? Because you’re leaving behind scratch marks that will eventually lead the killer right to your location.

Mind Those Scratch Marks

Whenever you run, you leave behind scratch marks that only the killer can see. Without these marks, even the most pro killers eventually lose track of their pray, so the fewer you create, the better. Ideally, you’d always sneak around and never get detected by the killer, but this is, unfortunately, an unfeasible scenario.

Dead by Daylight Mobile: How to Escape as a Survivor

Eventually, the killer will spot you and a chase will begin. At this point, you have a few options:

  • Use scratch marks to your advantage- For example, you could run into an intersection and, as soon as you find cover, stop running and continue to walk instead. Unless they have you in their line of sight, the killer will very likely lose track of you once they reach the intersection.
  • Use pallets and windows- Both of these can slow down the killer and help you kite them around the map while your teammates take care of generators.
  • Use the killer’s sight disadvantages- While lunging, hitting, or climbing through a window, the killer can only look forward. If you use this properly, you can end a chase. For instance, when the killer is on your trail, you can jump through a window and then quickly circle back and crouch directly underneath it while the killer attempts to cross it. Unless the killer is also aware of this specific trick and decides to double-check, they will not be able to see you and the chase will end.
  • End the chase as soon as possible- While chasing you, the killer gets an ever-increasing speed buff that ultimately makes an escape impossible. Whenever you find cover, exit their line of sight in order to put an end to the chase and reset this buff.

While hiding and running are important, each survivor on your team must keep in mind the #1 goal of the trial – to repair generators and escape. If everyone works together properly towards this end, the killer can become frustrated and flustered, which gives you the opportunity to mess with their head.

Get into the Killer’s Head

It’s not enough to play several games as a survivor if you don’t have any experience playing as a killer. To best understand most killers’ behavior, try it out yourself and pay attention to your own reactions throughout the trial. You also need to know what each killer character does best, which can take more time to learn. For the most popular killers, you can consult our guide here.

Dead by Daylight Mobile: How to Escape as a Survivor

From the beginning of each trial, focus on the killer’s habits and patterns. What do they prioritize? Can they be kited around? Are they likely to camp around a hook? Are they easily frustrated? All of these questions can help you determine the best course of action at different points throughout the game because, remember, the killer is also a player, just like you.

It doesn’t matter if they appear to have all the power. In fact, they are under a lot of pressure and are forced to distribute their resources between four different players and their actions. The best survivors know how to use this to their advantage.

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