As you venture into the world of Deserted Dawn, you are inevitably going to have to upgrade your gear in order to keep up with the difficulty of higher-tier enemies. To do so, you are going to spend plenty of resources. 

Resources come in many shapes and sizes in this game. On one hand, you have multiple currencies that you will use to buy all sorts of items. To be exact, there are 23 different currencies in the game; however, only three of these are important: gold, diamond, and bound. On the other hand, you have materials that are pre-requisites for upgrading your gear. The specific material that you will frequently use is fine iron. 

Finding these resources can be quite a hassling task. However, this game guide provides the best methods that you can use to efficiently acquire plenty of resources to keep you equipped in your long journey. Let’s start by talking about quests. 

Complete Main Quests, Side Quests, and Daily Tasks

What is perhaps the quickest and most straightforward way of acquiring resources is accomplishing the game’s quests, namely main quests, side quests, and daily tasks.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

Completing the main story quests reward you plenty of EXP and gold. Usually, the amount of EXP given is substantially greater than the amount of gold. Nonetheless, finishing the main quests is still one of the easiest ways to earn gold and also one of the fastest ways to level up.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

Additionally, you can also do side quests. Side quests are not as generous in giving rewards as the main ones but resources are still resources so it is still worth doing.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

The main and side quests are gratifying but these are not permanent. Daily tasks are a set of mini-quests that you can do that refresh every day. There are four categories of daily tasks but the most efficient one is DAILY-EXP. Under this category, you will receive a number of EXP and other rewards for completing mostly mundane tasks in the game. Do not forget to accomplish the other daily tasks because completing a certain number of tasks from any of the four categories can unlock special chests, which will give more rewards.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

Speaking of chests, you can also numerously attempt to open three chests every day. The three chests are: 

  • Free Chest – can be opened up to five times and this gives plenty of gold. Note that you will need to wait five minutes before opening another one. 
  • Diamond Chest – gives more gold the free ones but they need to be opened with bound. You can open this up to five times but you can open up to 10 if you subscribe to the game’s premium VIP system.
  • Cargo Escort – gives the most rewards among all three but you will need to reach Level 155 first. If you are just starting out with the game, focus on the free chests or the diamond ones if you have enough bound to spend.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

If you have plenty of bound to spend, you can acquire a myriad of EXP and gold by clicking the “Reward” tab. You can keep claiming up to a certain amount of attempts. In the event that you do not have enough bound to complete a purchase, diamonds will be spent up to supplement it. Alternatively, you can also spend gold to claim the rewards but doing so will lessen the earnings.

Idling and Farming

One of the most convenient features of Deserted Dawn is the Auto mode, which allows your character to keep fighting enemies and even finish quests without the need for you to control them. You can use this feature to your advantage by using it to idle the game and farm resources.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

View the map and travel to any group of enemies. Once there, just press Tab and let your character automatically fight the enemies. They will respawn endlessly so you character will just end up perpetually fighting them until you press Tab again to disable Auto mode. After activating Auto mode, the game will eventually tell you how much EXP you are farming per minute. This can serve as a good indicator of whether or not a group of enemies is worth idling on.

With this, it is best to idle on stronger enemies because killing them will yield more EXP. This will effectively maximize your earnings and will allow you to level up faster. Try farming EXP in areas that you have just recently unlocked because these areas will usually contain stronger enemies. 

Additionally, you can use BlueStacks’ Eco Mode to keep idling the game while keeping your PC or Mac’s power consumption to a minimum. This feature is very useful for laptop users who want to preserve as much battery life as possible. 

Achieve Milestones in the Survival Guide

Deserted Dawn rewards you for hitting certain milestones in the game. These can be found in the “Survival Guide”.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

Under Roads of Survival, you can acquire a fixed amount of gold after attaining a higher rank. You will receive a progressively higher amount of gold as you continuously become promoted to higher ranks.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

The game also has Daily Sign-in Rewards, which give you a variety of prizes every day when you sign in. Make sure to check this every time that you play the game to claim the rewards.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

If you frequently play the game for a long duration, then you are in luck because the Online Reward compensates you with EXP, plenty of gold, and multiple resources. The game rewards you every time that you play the game for a certain amount of time. The easiest way to claim these rewards is to just play the game for 15 minutes straight. If you want the biggest prize, play the game for two hours. 

Smelting Unused Gear

If you have too much extra gear in your backpack, you can smelt them in exchange for gold and materials that you can use to upgrade your currently equipped gear.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

Click on “Backpack” and then click on “Smelt”. From here, select the specific gear that you want to smelt. Keep in mind that the kickbacks will depend on the rarity of the items that you will smelt. Gear in this game has a hierarchy that determines their rarity as shown below.

Orange > Purple > Blue > Green > Gray

Auctioning Unused Gear

Aside from smelting, you can put unused gear for sale in the in-game market where players can buy it with diamonds.

A Guide to Acquiring Resources in Deserted Dawn

To do this, click on “Backpack”, select the item that you want to sell and click on “Auction”. If you want to add more items, just click on the gear that you want to sell and click on “Shelf”. You can sell up to a maximum of eight items only. 

Once a player purchases your gear, the diamonds that were spent will have to be taxed first before it is given to you.