Diablo Immortal is still in the works, but with news of regional testing being scheduled for 2020, we can’t help but get excited at the prospect of slashing through hordes of familiar and new demons alike. The world of Sanctuary can be a scary place, but there’s just something soothing about the fact that, once we leave a town, pretty much everything that moves is a bad guy that we can kill. We can’t wait to see what awaits outside New Tristram.

Diablo Immortal on PC: Enemies and Boss Fights We Look Forward To

Of course, we have our own theories, fueled by the trailers released so far, as well as our experience with Diablo II. After all, since the mobile release is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, we expect to see a few of our favorite monsters return for more hacking and slashing!

Familiar Horrors

Blizzard has already announced that several “choice demons” from Diablo II will make their comeback in Diablo Immortal. For instance, do you remember those lovely Vile Mothers from Act IV? We can’t decide what we hated more about them – their repugnant look or their ability to spawn endless offspring. Oh, the wonderful experience of having to deal with several Vile Mothers at the same time! Well, love them or hate them, they’re coming back to Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal on PC: Enemies and Boss Fights We Look Forward To

We expect monsters to follow a similar classification as with previous games. For example, you’ll likely be swarmed with white monsters whenever you leave town, but you’ll have to reach the end of a level to face off against a golden super unique demon or act boss. Thank goodness we can band up with other players for this.

Skarn: A Worthy Foe

So far, we know that the main foe in Diablo Immortal will be Skarn, the Herald of Terror, but who exactly is this bad guy and when can we expect to fight him? Well, Blizzard tells us that Skarn was once Diablo’s best lieutenants and, in the new release, he has mighty ambitions. In fact, he wants to take advantage of the fact that the Worldstone was corrupted and shattered, while Tyrael, one of humanity’s most staunch protectors, is missing.

How, you might ask? Skarn wants to find the corrupted fragments of the Worlstone and bring them together to summon his old master. That’s something we don’t need in Sanctuary! This bad demon has already enlisted an army of monsters and is about to send them all our way in the new game.

Diablo Immortal on PC: Enemies and Boss Fights We Look Forward To

If other games by Blizzard are any indication, it will likely take some time from the moment Diablo Immortal is released until we can actually fight Skarn, who will probably be introduced in a later patch. Still, it’s great to get some perspective and to have a truly terrible bad guy to look forward to. Given that (we suspect) players will be able to form teams of up to 10 players in the new game, Skarn is likely to be a surprisingly tough boss that requires plenty of cross-class coordination to beat. If you ask us, that’s about as exciting as it gets!

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