During the Q1 2020 earnings call, Blizzard revealed to its investors that the development team intends to release the first mobile installment of the Diablo franchise for regional testing in the middle of 2020. Although no other information is available as of yet, Blizzcon gave attendees the possibility to play the game extensively.

Diablo Immortal on PC – What to Expect from the Class System

We weren’t there, but as diehard fans of the hack and slash, watching footage of people playing Diablo Immortal got us into heavy breathing mode. Having written about DI’s lore as well as its gameplay, we’d like to go over the information we currently have on the in-game classes. Oh, boy, those Burning Hell vibes are intensifying again.

Gameplay Thoughts and Reflections

We’re going to go bold here and say that no current mobile game offers the gameplay experience that Diablo Immortal is shaping up to be. BDM might come close to it, but the universe and game mechanics are definitely remote from the dark, roeguelike dungeon crawler we all know and love. From what we can tell, it’s going to be the MMORPG we always wanted with the added bonus of being set in the world of the Lord of Terror. How cool is that?

Diablo Immortal on PC – What to Expect from the Class System

DI is the complete opposite of most mobile RPGs nowadays. It’s not going to be reskin put on the App Store for the sole purpose of getting a share of the ever-growing mobile earnings. Even though we got to witness a vertical slice of the game, it’s still fairly early on. But we know that, like so many times before, Blizzard will pull through for us and deliver a phenomenal game.

Diablo Immortal on PC – What to Expect from the Class System

The Classes So Far

Based on what official information we have from the DI website, as well as our experience of Diablo 3, we’re going to go through each class and tell you what to expect. They definitely come in more than just “by the three” if you get what we mean:

1. Barbarian

The classic D&D melee class for those who love to wield big, sharp and/or pointy things. While strong in hand-to-hand combat, you should expect them to be unable to dodge or heal. If you’re going to party with your friends as the only Barbarian, you’re going to have to tank. Sorry.

  • Skills: Hammer of the Ancients (possibly a stun as well), Ancient Spear (since it pierces enemies, we expect it to land debuffs), Whirlwind (when you just want to yolo it out).

Diablo Immortal on PC – What to Expect from the Class System

2. Monk 

As masters of the martial arts, we expect them to also be the best at melee combat, surpassing the strength of the Barbarian. You might count on them being able to dodge and/or heal, but also deal a good amount of burst damage. Unfortunately, no weapons here as of yet.

  • Skills: Dashing Strike (attack ability with either increased damage mitigation or some form of limited invulnerability), Cyclone Strike (AoE attack that will CC nearby enemies), Seven-Sided Strike (7 rapid successive strikes spells good burst and invulnerability, the Ember Spirit/Riki kind for DotA fans out there).

Diablo Immortal on PC – What to Expect from the Class System

3. Wizard

This is going to be your classic glass cannon. Easy to play, powerful in the late-game due to sheer amount of ranged DPS, but extremely tricky to win with in PvP. If you’re looking to reach the endgame in record time, they might be your best path there.

  • Skills: Meteor (self-explanatory burning ball of fire, might have additional DoT options), Teleport (mandatory oh-shit button to give you a chance to survive, but likely limited), Lightning Nova (yet another AoE, perhaps some slow after-effect to make it more distinguishable from the Meteor).

Diablo Immortal on PC – What to Expect from the Class System

4. Demon Hunter

Alternative to the Wizard, possibly with less DPS, but with more control options (confirmed). If you’ve followed Pamela Horton’s playthrough at Blizzcon 2019, they’re incredibly fun to play and will definitely be our starter choice.

  • Skills: Rain of Vengeance (fixed-area continuous AoE), Daring Swing (Timbersaw-like chain that will pull you to a fixed place and deal damage to anyone in your way, skill-shot), Knockback Shot (possibly the highest DPS ability with a bit of added CC as a bonus).

5. Crusader

Here comes possibly the least popular DI class. Since there are no official skills released yet, we’re going to go ahead and predict high damage mitigation with some buffs/heals. At Blizzcon, they did show a sweep attack AoE with pushback, a Blessed Shield ranged ability (sort of like Avenger’s Shiled in WoW), and another ranged ability, Falling Sword.

Diablo Immortal on PC – What to Expect from the Class System

6. Necromancer

This is Diablo’s chance to have a balanced, all-round class that can maybe swap roles in a party as needed. Again, the abilities have not been officially confirmed, but we have high expectations. We want exploding corpses and we want them now. Corpsageddon or riot, there’s no other choice.

At Blizzcon, Necromancers were able to Command Skeletons and throw Corpse Lances, as well as Skeletal Spikes at their enemies.

Diablo Immortal on PC – What to Expect from the Class System

There you have it. These are the 6 confirmed classes of Diablo Immortal, alongside our reflections on them so far. As more information becomes available either from the beta-release or by way of developer updates, you can be certain that we’re going to cover it – theorycrafting, nurturing hope, and babyraging whenever we have (or don’t have) reason to.

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