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Dig Out! Gold Digger Advanced Guide – Dive Deeper into the Mines!

Dig Out! Gold Digger is one of those addictive games that makes it difficult to quit once you’ve learned how to play. As for the veteran miners in the underground kingdom, learning how to play more seriously can be quite the hurdle to overcome. Playing the game more frequently will definitely bring you to more challenging stages, where you’re flooded by both monsters and hazards that try to prevent you from moving forward. However, if you’re playing on BlueStacks, you have nothing to worry about.

Dig Out! Gold Digger Advanced Guide – Dive Deeper into the Mines!

The game is packed with elements that you’ll need to learn to use to your advantage. Like all arcade games, learning the patterns can give you success when it comes to overcoming certain hurdles. Familiarizing yourself with some of the abusable advantages in the game will prove to be a skill you’ll have for future arcade games, or any other game genres with similar mechanics. It’s time to figure out the best ways to get more points by following these tips and tricks.

 Maximize Using Your Boosters on Later Levels

Buying boosters can be really expensive. Unless you’re playing on a premium account, it’s best not to use your boosters in the earlier mine levels. You can make the most of your boosters by waiting until you reach at least the 200-meter mark. You’ll realize that the amount of gold you have will gradually dwindle the more you play the game, especially if you’re the type to use your gold to continue runs when you die.

Dig Out! Gold Digger Advanced Guide – Dive Deeper into the Mines!

Learn How to Use Movable Blocks

Learning how to use moveable blocks is an important skill to learn in order to conserve your pickaxe’s durability, as well as get rid of unwanted monsters and hazards. Moveable blocks include boulders, totems, boxes, and weapons. Understanding how each of these blocks moves gives you an additional way to sweep your path clean. Once you’ve defeated enough kings, you’ll notice that the ratio of blocks to monsters and terrain get smaller.

  1. Circular Blocks (Boulders and Gems)

Circular blocks are unique in the sense that they will roll off on the side if they are stacked. Be careful with boulders stacked on top of gems – or even each other – because they can roll in your direction without warning. You can use this to your advantage by dropping these blocks on monsters or hazards to wipe them out. Remember that you can push blocks towards empty spaces if you want to open up a new path, or even just kill a monster lying underneath that block.

Dig Out! Gold Digger Advanced Guide – Dive Deeper into the Mines!

  1. Square Blocks (Crates, Totems, and TNT)

Breaking square blocks give you extra rewards and experience points. Crates will give you either a random reward or a hidden monster, so always make sure to keep your distance when breaking one; you wouldn’t want a tough monster popping out and ruining your progress. TNT is extremely useful to farm points, as it destroys everything in a cross-shape. Be careful when using it though, since it can explode and kill you, or even destroy treasures in the surrounding area.

Dig Out! Gold Digger Advanced Guide – Dive Deeper into the Mines!

  1. Weapon Blocks (Cannons and Lasers)

One important thing to learn about weapon blocks is that it can harm both you and enemy monsters. Weapons activate when you move in the direction that they’re facing. You can use this knowledge to clear pesky monsters or activate TNT blocks. Since they’re moveable blocks, you can place them wherever you want to, but make sure to push it from the direction that it’s not facing so that you don’t get blasted away. These blocks are also fragile, so they break if you move them downwards.

Dig Out! Gold Digger Advanced Guide – Dive Deeper into the Mines!

Learn How to Manage Pickaxe Durability

Managing your pickaxe durability is the most important aspect when you’re trying to dive deeper into the mines. The deeper levels have harder blocks, which means that they’ll consume more of your tool’s digging durability. By plotting out your path, finding out where Repair Points are, and controlling your greed for items and rewards, you can save a lot of durability. Another great tip: Plan for the later levels by collecting treasures in early levels, where repair points are abundant.

Dig Out! Gold Digger Advanced Guide – Dive Deeper into the Mines!

Utilizing blocks properly will help you conserve a lot of durability. Moving the blocks from one place to another will open up pathways that were otherwise not present. Also, before consuming repair points, maximize on collecting your rewards, or leaving them in a place where you can return to them when you’re running low. Empty spaces are your best friend; killing monsters and removing hazards should be higher on your priority list than digging down unnecessary blocks.

Finish Daily Quests and Active Missions

Quests and Missions are a great way to earn gold and upgrade materials to improve your tools and buy more boosters. These missions are relatively easy to complete, so the most efficient way to do them is to farm your missions early on in the upper levels. Another great way to get additional rewards is by watching ads. Now of course, that doesn’t sound enticing, but if you’re playing on BlueStacks, you can play other games while you wait, by using the Multi-Instance Manager.

Dig Out! Gold Digger Advanced Guide – Dive Deeper into the Mines!

Collect Characters and Make Full Use of their Abilities

Character abilities are extremely useful in helping you descend into the mines. If you’re not a premium player though, looking for the rarer characters can be quite the grind, since you’ll need to collect random shards every time you dive. You shouldn’t worry though, they’ll come to you naturally in time. Until then, learn how to use your current characters’ abilities effectively so that you can plot out what you need to do to take advantage of the situation you’re in.

Dig Out! Gold Digger Advanced Guide – Dive Deeper into the Mines!

Keep Learning More About the Game From Guides

Reading more about the game can propel your knowledge about how to play it. Aside from the BlueStacks Dig Out! Game Guides, you can watch professionals play the game on streaming platforms or read other articles online. If you think you’re the professional, then why not help other players by sharing some tricks and tips you’ve learned along the way? By using the BlueStacks Screen Recorder, you can share your gameplay with others who enjoy the game too!

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