Disney Mirrorverse is a gacha action RPG where you must take control of a wide variety of Disney characters and march across perilous levels filled with dangerous enemies and powerful bosses, in order to uncover the mystery of the “Fractured” and save the mirrorverse. This game combines the awesomeness of gacha collectathons with the exhilarating gameplay style of action games, and takes it to a whole new level by centering it around the Disney universe and featuring tons of our favorite characters from their movies and shows.

The Best Disney Mirrorverse Team Builds and Formations to Defeat All Your Enemies

Even though it’s quite exciting to rampage through levels with our favorite characters, Disney Mirrorverse is still just a game, and as such, it can be optimized and min-maxed. However, just like with any gacha game where there is a wide variety of different characters to discover and unlock, knowing which ones are worth keeping and which are better to ignore can be a real challenge. Luckily, we’ve created a Disney Mirrorverse guardian tier list to shed some light on this topic.

The Best Disney Mirrorverse Team Builds and Formations to Defeat All Your Enemies

Nevertheless, in this game, you march into the field with teams of up to three characters, and the synergy between these three characters can make them far more powerful than they initially appear. In this sense, while having great characters is pivotal to your success in Disney Mirrorverse, arranging them in good teams is more important still. Fortunately, in this guide, we’re going to talk about the best team formations in Disney Mirrorverse, which you can choose to maximize your performance in this game.

Disney Mirrorverse Standard Team Composition

Before listing our best Mirrorverse teams, let’s briefly talk about basic team compositions in this game.

As mentioned above, you can take up to three characters to combat in Disney Mirrorverse. And while you’ll start with only one slot, you’ll quickly unlock the others as you progress through the game. Specifically, the second slot unlocks after beating level 1-4, while the third and final slot unlocks after beating stage 2-2.

The Best Disney Mirrorverse Team Builds and Formations to Defeat All Your Enemies

Once you have all your three slots, you can start thinking about team composition basics. Luckily, Disney Mirrorverse simplifies the distribution of guardians into four distinct categories, which in turn are divided into three different roles. The categories in this game are Melee and Ranged, which fulfill the role of DPS guardians; Tank heroes, which evidently fill the role of Tanks, and Support guardians, which are the healers and buffers in the game.

In this sense, a standard team in Disney Mirrorverse consists of one DPS, one Tank, and one Support. Though there can definitely be some variations, you’ll always want to keep a guardian that can take lots of damage and keep enemies distracted; another to deal lots of damage, and one to keep the team healed. And as of the game’s global launch, there are quite a few combinations that can fulfill these basic criteria, though there are definitely some that are better than others.

With that being said, here are our top picks for the best guardian formations in Disney Mirrorverse.

Mr. Incredible, Jack Skellington, and Hiro Hamada – Best All-Rounder Team

Don’t be fooled by his role: While Mr. Incredible is classified as a Tank guardian, his damage is not to be scoffed at, considering he’s a terrific DPS that can also absorb tons of damage. This is mostly thanks to his Kinetic Charge passives that can increase his damage resistance by up to 5%, and also due to the fact that he’s completely immune to knock back effects except from special attacks.

The Best Disney Mirrorverse Team Builds and Formations to Defeat All Your Enemies

Both Hiro and Jack are here simply to lend support to Mr. Incredible, by increasing his defense even further, and also letting him deal much more damage. Jack, in particular, can grant a stacking 10% damage buff that can stack up to 5 times, increasing the attack of his allies by up to a whopping 50%. 

With this setup, you don’t really need a dedicated damage dealer, since Mr. Incredible can destroy anything and survive most encounters with the help of these two support guardians.

Ariel, Sulley, and Hiro Hamada – Damage-Heavy Standard Comp

This is a more traditional team composition revolving around a powerful melee DPS guardian, a capable tank, and a support to keep the team alive and buffed. 

The Best Disney Mirrorverse Team Builds and Formations to Defeat All Your Enemies

It goes without saying that the current meta in Disney Mirrorverse revolves around attack buffs and boosting the damage output of the heroes, in general. Sadly, while Hiro Hamada is one of the best healers in the game, he’s sorely lacking in the damage department, which is why we must procure these buffs from elsewhere in this composition. Luckily, Ariel is a very self-sufficient DPS that can buff her own attack up to a whopping 120% if the right conditions are met. Furthermore, Hiro’s passive makes it so that buffs are 10% more potent while he’s in the encounter, further increasing Ariel’s attack from her self-buff

Lastly, Sulley is just a pretty good all-around tank that can taunt and stun enemies, and also deal good AoE damage.

Mulan, Baymax, and Belle – The Core Sustain Team

For battles where brute force is not enough, you might need to dial back your offense and concentrate on survivability, which is where this team composition thrives.

The Best Disney Mirrorverse Team Builds and Formations to Defeat All Your Enemies

Like Ariel, Mulan is a self-sufficient melee DPS, but focused more on defense rather than buffing her own damage. This isn’t to say she can’t dish out the pain, which she definitely can, but her self-buffs are more defensive in nature. This defense is further boosted by Baymax and his passives that can increase the defense of his entire team both passively, as well as with his special ability. Finally, Belle can also passively boost the defense of her team, but her specialty lies in directly healing her teammates.

As you can see, this team composition revolves around significantly boosting the team’s defense, and adding a bit of sustain on top with Belle’s healing skills.

These three Disney Mirrorverse team formations should be more than enough to get you through the main game. And as long as you keep your guardians upgraded, you might even be able to use them for other game modes.