Divine W: Perfect Wonderland, the newest MMORPG for mobile has just launched globally for all regions. Developed and produced by the China-based development team of Leniu Games, the game is heavily focused on Asian Mythology with different lores from the region being seen in-game. Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is just like your regular MMORPG on mobile except its quality-of-life features far exceed those of its competitors. Players can even essentially farm throughout the game without being manually present or interfering as the game’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) can handle everything related to Auto-Battling and Auto-Pathing. Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is available as a free-to-play game, available on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland – Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression and Extra Resources

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland not only has some of the best quality of life features to make your gameplay experience smoother but also possesses a ton of content for new players to jump in and plow through. Being developed on a lower graphical engine, Divine W: Perfect Wonderland does not require much computing power or hard drive resources to run for long hours of time. Granted, this takes away from the Full HD high graphics experience but it helps the players in the long run, especially those who have a lower-end device. MMORPG games tend to be very grindy, needing to be played for long hours at any single stretch of time. Having a low graphical requirement isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, if you still want the best graphical output, players can install and play Divine W: Perfect Wonderland on their PC with BlueStacks for the most mesmerizing graphical output and a full HD 60 FPS gameplay experience.

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland – Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression and Extra Resources

Among the content available in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland, the PvP game mode might be one of the most different aspects. In the game, PvP isn’t a separate game mode but a separate location altogether where any player can hit any other player. These special zones are specifically marked in Red with the title PvP. Safe zones where players cannot get hit or killed are marked in green color with the title Peaceful. Hence, new players who do not like to do PvP or are weak can easily choose to skip going to these areas that are marked in Red. This also creates a balance between free-to-play players and pay-to-win players. 

Players can also focus their time and energy on engaging in various other activities present in the game. Fishing, Hunting, Cooking, etc, are just some of the activities that can be done in different areas of the game. Players can even get married to other players or NPC characters. With such in-depth mechanics relating to real life, Divine W: Perfect Wonderland certainly excels at creating a fictional world that is much more relatable to our real world. Currently, the game houses over 100 different servers in 5 different regions – Asia Pacific, North America, South America, Europe, and Korea. Each server is entirely different from the others, so make sure to make your accounts carefully on the right server. 

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland – Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression and Extra Resources

In this article, we will be providing some of our personally observed and curated tips and tricks to progress faster in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland as a new player or simply get more resources even as a veteran of the game. The focus of these tips and tricks will be to explain them in detail so players can easily replicate them. 

Tips #1. Choosing A Warlord

Choosing the right class in any MMORPG might be the most important decision you will ever make as your entire progress and gameplay experience depends on the class you have chosen. Some MMORPGs offer the ability to select multiple classes or unlock more than 1 class. In Divine W: Perfect Wonderland, the classes are called Warlords. Players can get a brief idea of all Warlords available in the game along with their skills by referring to a class guide for Divine W: Perfect Wonderland. Once chosen, players cannot switch back to a different warlord unless they quit their current account and make a new account. Each server can host up to 3 different accounts of the same player with each account being able to select only 1 Warlord. Currently, there exists no alternative to switch between Warlords but in the future, the developers might be looking more into this option as it’s a heavily requested feature by the players. 

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland – Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression and Extra Resources

Players can choose any 1 of the Warlords out of the 5 – Divine General, Taoist, Wukong, Seiya, and Lowrie. In Divine W: Perfect Wonderland, all the abilities, be they active or passive are the same for all the warlords. The difference seems to be only in the stats of each of them individually. A majority of the content in the early game can be cleared by any of the Warlords pretty easily. Hence, we recommend choosing the one that attracts you the most according to its lore, skills, style, and graphical animations.

Tip #2. Allotting Skills in the Martial

The Martial Menu will be perhaps one of the most visited menus in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland for all players. This menu harbors all the active and passive skills that your Warlord can have at a time. To give a brief, active abilities are those skills that have a cooldown associated with them and need to be cast by the user either manually or automatically if players are engaged in Auto-Combat. Passive abilities are those skills that are learned by all Warlords as their levels progress or locked behind certain unlock conditions which are based on progression. Each player has the option of deploying 4 active abilities and 2 passive abilities while on the battlefield. 

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland – Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression and Extra Resources

Players cannot change these skills in the middle of combat and need to be out of combat to make changes. Certain active abilities that are listed as “Warlord Exclusive” are limited to the Warlord you have chosen. These abilities are quite powerful but difficult to unlock without progressing far into the game. We highly recommend using AOE—targeted abilities in your Martial at the start of the game to progress faster in the early-mid game as the enemies during these stages come in hordes. AOE-targeted abilities that attack all enemies come in handy in such situations. 

Tip #3. Following the Main Story Quests

One of the most important aspects of Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is to follow the main story quest in order to unlock a majority of the content that is hidden. Starting out, the players will unlock other features such as World Bosses, Dungeons, Training, Warlord Dungeon, Mounts, Wings, etc. These features will only unlock after they progress through a specific number of quests that are highlighted in yellow color. These quests are called Main Quests and guide players on which path to take to unlock the above-mentioned features. 

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland – Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression and Extra Resources

Players will interact with many NPC (Non-Playable Characters) that are part of the world of Divine W: Perfect Wonderland as they play these quests. One such person that helps unlock the Wings tree is Mingyeon. Players can use Wings and Mounts to not only boost their overall CP (Combat Power) but also travel around the fictional world of Wonderland faster. Playing through the main quests also rewards players with tons of Player EXP that are required to increase your CP as well as claim rewards from the Level Benefit Event which exists for new players. 

Tip #4. Completing the Warlord Dungeons

The Warlord dungeon is going to be the core focus for any player who wants to get stronger in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland. The Warlord Dungeon unlocks after the tutorial ends and players are guided by the mystical woman in red toward the secrets held by our ancestors. These Warlords are mythical warriors who excelled in different styles of combat. Players can fight and unlock pieces for different possessive Warlords. Now, to make a clear difference, warlords can possess other ancient Warlords to get access to new abilities and skills. This might sound complicated but it’s very simple. The initial 5 Warlords are those who can be chosen at the start of the game. 

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland – Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression and Extra Resources

The warlords that can be possessed are ancient Warlords that cannot be chosen at the start of the game. For example, the ancient Warlord Patriarch Bodhi can be unlocked via the Warlord Dungeons by fighting different bosses and obtaining Warlord Stones. These Warlord Stones are available only via this dungeon and players can challenge the dungeon infinitely. Keep in mind that for each fragment of ancient Warlord, different bosses need to be defeated. The higher the fragment number, the tougher will be the boss fight in the Warlord Dungeon. Players will get a reminder if they are facing a boss that has significantly higher CP than their own.

Tip #5. Using Training Efficiently

Training is one of the best ways to get some free resources in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland without literally doing anything. Consider it like an AFK resource that piles up even if you are not logged in to the game. Such features are never seen before in MMORPGs and it seems Divine W: Perfect Wonderland might just be the first one to cover it. Players can get some juicy materials through Training like Combat Spirit Pills, Sacred Spirit Pills, Incredible Spirit Pills, Orange grade gear, Warlord Stones, Copper, and tons of Player EXP. 

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland – Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression and Extra Resources

Players can also set some Assisting Warlords on the left-hand side of the menu to get some Bonus EXP Bonus. Each Ancient Warlord that you have unlocked provides 5% extra EXP. Up to 4 ancient warlords can be placed in the 4 different slots giving a maximum of 20% extra EXP. Players can also get extra EXP from the training through VIP EXP Bonus, Diamond Privilege Bonus, Warlord Assistance Bonus, Familiar EXP Bonus, and World Level Bonus. The first 2 bonuses are paid only and can be bought via in-game microtransactions. The rest of the bonuses are pretty simple to get and can be enabled if players progress through the game enough.