It’s an excellent experience to play Divinity Arrival without any expectation of what you need to know or not having other people tell you what to do. However, we also understand that many people out there are not fond of playing a game blindly since they want to tackle the game with as much efficiency as possible. This beginner’s guide aims to help players get a better idea of the basic principles of the game to lead them on a proper path that improves their overall gameplay experience.

Table of Contents

  1. Character Collection
  2. Campaign Modes
  3. Gearing & Upgrading
  4. Arcadia
  5. Combat Power

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Divinity Arrival

Divinity Arrival is a turn-based RPG that uses the traditional anime aesthetic to create a very rousing game. Its combat system and the animation style aren’t the most outstanding features that it has but the gameplay will definitely give players more to think about since they’ll need to tackle everything with efficiency if they want to win. Make sure to install Divinity Arrival on BlueStacks to get a better experience of playing the game on your PC.

Character Collection

Character collection plays a huge role in Divinity Arrival. Heroes are acquired by randomly summoning them in the Prayer feature. Each hero has their own rarity and the rarest characters in the library are also the most powerful units that a player can collect. Naturally, players want to collect and use the rarest heroes in the game to add to their team so that they’ll have an easier time trying to finish content that might prove to be more difficult if they face it with lower-ranked heroes.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Divinity Arrival

Summoning heroes is done either by spending tickets or premium currency called Diamonds. Tickets can be purchased using diamonds or acquired as a reward for completing missions and events in Divinity Arrival. Diamonds are a premium currency that can be purchased using real money or as a reward for completing missions and events as well. It’s important for the player to use most of their resources to try and pull for more heroes since you will really need powerful units to complete your team.

Campaign Modes

The campaign is probably the most confusing part of the gameplay since it is oversimplified in terms of features. Many RPG players are used to having action-packed gameplay but Divinity Arrival uses a more simplistic combat system that they might not be familiar with. The campaign mode is one of the very few modes that display the game’s simplistic combat system. The first mode is the boss challenge which lets the player challenge the boss present in the current stage. Defeating the boss will let you proceed to the next stage.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Divinity Arrival

The 2nd campaign mode is the idle combat feature. This allows the player to collect rewards such as experience and loot passively even if they are offline. The value and number of rewards depend on which stage the player is in at the main campaign. This means it’s a good idea to complete as many stages and chapters as possible to increase the amount of rewards acquired while you’re not playing. The player can also use the auto-battle feature to instantly gain rewards from idle combat.

Gearing & Upgrading

Gearing and upgrading are central parts of any RPG. In this game, the player can upgrade both the unit’s equipment and the unit itself. Gearing is the primary way of powering up in the game and it is done by collecting and equipping powerful armor and weapon pieces that will make your characters stronger. Gear is acquired from the campaign mode. The higher the stage you’ve completed in the game, the better gear you’ll acquire as you complete bosses or collect rewards from idle combat.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Divinity Arrival

Upgrading your heroes is a lot more complicated. Aside from trying to collect more powerful heroes, you’ll also need to develop the ones that you already own in the game. This can be done in a number of ways such as leveling up, awakening, and gearing them up. Awakening a hero involves trying to pull a duplicate version of that unit so you’ll need to be really lucky if you want to power up your favorite unit in Divinity Arrival.


Arcadia is the main city in Divnity Arrival. This is where players can do their miscellaneous tasks such as joining alliances and participating in the arena. Keep in mind that a lot of the game modes in Arcadia are locked behind level barriers that require the player’s account to be a certain level or to have finished a certain stage in the main campaign before they can use them. It’s a good idea to rush playing the main campaign as it unlocks a lot of beneficial rewards that simply can’t be ignored.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Divinity Arrival

Some of the game modes in Arcadia seem to have extremely high requirements but players will be able to unlock them eventually. The most important feature that players might want to unlock is the Arena mode since it is the premiere game feature that players want to use to test if their teams are up to the task of defeating the best players in the game. It’s also a good idea to join a guild as soon as you can to enjoy added features that are exclusive to those who join one.

Combat Power

Combat power is the number value that you see just below your account level on the home page. This shows how powerful your current account is by taking the average value of all the stats and bonuses that your units have in the game. Combat power is often used by alliances as the basis on which players they want to have in their guild since only the most dedicated people have more than a certain value in terms of power.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Divinity Arrival

The more important value to look at is team combat value which only calculates the power of your current team. This is important as it shows how your current lineup can fair against certain enemies before you even attempt to fight them. For example, you want to take a look if an enemy has a higher combat power than you in the PvP arena as it indicates that there is a low chance that you can beat them.