There are five different classes to choose from in the new DK Mobile: Genesis mobile MMORPG, each with their own set of skills, traits, stats, and more importantly, their own play style. As such, despite the game heavily featuring automation through its auto-battle and auto-questing functions, players won’t be able to rely on these aspects when going up against the toughest bosses. And in cases like these, it’s important to choose a class that you actually enjoy playing, not only because you’d like the game more, but because you’ll have a much better and easier time fighting against difficult enemies if you actually like the class that you’re playing.

With that being said, in this brief guide, we’ll be giving an overview of the five different classes that are available in DK Mobile: Genesis at launch. If you’re having trouble deciding which class to choose, then this guide is for you!

DK Mobile: Genesis Class Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Different Classes


In most games, Paladins are usually a halfway point between attackers and tanks. In DK Mobile, however, Paladins are the designated tanks of the bunch, sporting the lowest melee attack values, but by far the highest physical defense and HP of all the other classes. This is complemented by a decent magical defense, though not as high as the ones offered by the spellcasting classes. Regardless, the Paladin’s kit is more than sufficient for weathering the strongest attacks and emerging unscathed. However, the class’ low attack might make it difficult for beginners to use correctly.

DK Mobile: Genesis Class Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Different Classes


While Paladins are masters of defense, Warriors forgo this passive demeanor in lieu for a more aggressive approach to combat, offering much better offense, but with a tradeoff in defense. And while the Warrior has similar defenses than Paladins, they have lower overall HP. Furthermore, their kit is much more offensive, offering skills that can deal tons of damage to multiple enemies with every swing of their mighty weapons. 

DK Mobile: Genesis Class Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Different Classes

Overall, Warriors are a bit more fragile than Paladins, but they have a much more powerful skill set, which makes them really easy to use on most occasions, making the class ideal for beginners and newcomers to DK Mobile: Genesis.


While the previous two classes combine offense with powerful defenses, the remaining three are all about dealing as much damage as possible, though their methods vary. In the case of the Archer, this class is the sole ranged physical DPS in this game, which they can achieve by using their powerful bows to unleash a series of special shots and maneuvers to mow down foes where they stand.

DK Mobile: Genesis Class Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Different Classes

Archers are very straightforward to play; simply aim and shoot, and all your enemies will be down and out of the fight before long.


Warlocks are one of the two spellcaster classes available in DK Mobile: Genesis, whose kit revolves around wielding powerful curses and debilitating effects to soften enemies up, before eventually finishing them off with destructive finesse. However, despite their powerful spells and devastating effects, they can also offer a bit of support in the form of skills that can temporarily boost the stats of their teammates, making them into both team players, as well as powerful solo fighters.

DK Mobile: Genesis Class Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Different Classes

Warlocks are relatively easy to use, which makes them into an ideal class for those who want to fight using spells, but don’t want to feel overly challenged by having to learn complex mechanics. The same can’t be said for the final class on this list, though.


While Warlocks are fairly easy and straightforward, the Sorceress class in DK Mobile is significantly more complex. The reason why this class is so difficult is because they’re very fragile, with the least health and among the lowest physical defenses in the game, prompting players to learn the ins and outs of combat before being able to get the most out of this class.

DK Mobile: Genesis Class Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Different Classes

Once players have gotten used to the combat in this game, however, the Sorceress class is arguably the strongest in the entire game, being able to launch devastating spells and effects to dispatch entire crowds of enemies in one fell swoop. As such, this class is ideal for advanced players who want to try something a bit more challenging, and considerably more rewarding than the rest.

How to Play With Multiple Classes at the Same Time

Now that we know what each class is about and what each of them can do, we can go ahead and decide which to use. However, even with this information at hand, we’re sure that there will be a few readers out there that will still struggle to decide. Luckily, if you play DK Mobile: Genesis on PC with BlueStacks, you don’t really have to decide, as you can simply use the Instance Manager to play with multiple classes at the same time, all in one screen.

DK Mobile: Genesis Class Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Different Classes

The Instance Manager is a feature that lets users create multiple instances of the BlueStacks app player and use them to either play multiple games at the same time, or to access the same game on many different accounts simultaneously. For DK Mobile, this means that you can essentially play with all the different classes at the same time, without ever missing a beat.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use the Instance Manager, as well as other useful tools, when playing DK Mobile: Genesis on PC with BlueStacks, then feel free to read our BlueStacks usage guide for this game that we’ve prepared. 

With that being said, you should now be able to effectively decide which class to start your adventure with. What’s your favorite DK Mobile: Genesis class? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!