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DomiNations: Conquer the World with BlueStacks

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At a glance, DomiNations employs the same tried and tested MMO strategy formula that was popularized by earlier mobile games like Clash of Clans. You build a base; then you attempt to destroy other bases and protect your own. However, DomiNations allows you to develop your prehistoric village through the ages in a way that is reminiscent of yet another incredibly popular title, Sid Meier’s Civilizations.

The result is a highly addictive blend, as well as a game that feels new despite the fact that it applies older patterns. At the end of the day, there’s something about the moment when one’s nation steps into the next era that makes players constantly come back for more. Know the feeling? Then you’ll probably love playing DomiNations on BlueStacks, which makes it possible for you to enjoy the game on PC like in the good ol’ days of Civ.

MMO Strategy with a Pinch of World History

Due to the fact that your small tribe from the Dawn Age can progress from one era to another through thousands of years, there is a certain historic dimension to DomiNations, one that appears to be encouraged by Nexon and lead designer Brian Reynolds. Once your village enters the Iron Age, you have the opportunity to side with one of seven historic nations? (Link to Nations Guide) for additional bonuses. Regardless of whether your choose Britain, France, Germany, Japan, China, Greece, or Rome, both the aspect of your town and its features will become in some way related to real characteristics of these great cultures.

DomiNations: Conquer the World with BlueStacks

Moreover, the game features a single-player campaign in addition to its multiplayer mode. Throughout the latter, you get to travel across Mesopotamia, battle alongside the river Nile in northeastern Africa, take part in the Peloponnesian War in Greece, and even settle the war between the Three Kingdoms in China. Of course, you don’t need to pay attention to these details in order to win the battles set out before you, but if you happen to be a history buff, the realistic context will tickle your nerdy predispositions in just the right way.

In fact, even if historic events are not your thing, the storyline keeping DomiNations together will set a satisfying background to your accomplishments.

DomiNations: Conquer the World with BlueStacks

Starting Off on the Right Foot

As DomiNations introduces you to the Dawn Age and helps you lay the foundation for your first buildings, you’ll quickly realize that, if your village is to survive through millennia, you’ll need to plan ahead. Although you will be able to move constructions around once they are completed (and you should), there are other aspects of the game that will have more permanent consequences.

DomiNations: Conquer the World with BlueStacks

For one thing, if you’re an F2P player, you’ll want to be very conservative with your crowns. As soon as you give your villagers a task, the AI will prompt you to start using this special currency to cut down your waiting time. Resist it. It is possible to play DomiNations without investing actual money into it, but that means you’ll have to farm assiduously for crowns and never waste them on completing tasks.

At this point in the game, everything is done fairly quickly anyway, so there’s really no reason to be impatient. Before you know it, your village will hit the stone age and you’ll be on your way to developing a decent nation.

DomiNations: Conquer the World with BlueStacks

Play DomiNations on BlueStacks 4

Other decisions you’ll face early on and should take carefully include your first wonder and whether or not you battle other players as soon as multiplayer becomes available. If you do decide to “righteously plunder” a neighbor, as the AI likes to put it, you should also take immediate measures to defend your own base.

Even before any of the above becomes a problem, though, you can set yourself up for success using the BlueStacks Combo Key feature.

Setting Up Shortcuts with the BlueStacks Combo Key

DomiNations may be based on older mobile MMO strategy games, but the various nations, ages, buildings, and upgrades it adds to the typical formula make it fairly complex. As such, it deserves and warrants being played on a PC, while BlueStacks allows you to do just that. Why slouch over your phone in the attempt to make out the right building when you can display the full splendor of your growing nation on a screen that can actually contain its greatness?

The advantages of playing on BlueStacks are not all aesthetic, either. For example, there are some buildings in DomiNations that you will place more often than others. Roads and walls are the most common, but every time you want to select either of the two, you have to go through several menus in order to do so.

DomiNations: Conquer the World with BlueStacks

Using the BlueStacks Combo Key  tool, we’ve reduced the entire chain to one key per building. To do the same, you have to press the Controls button at the bottom of your BlueStacks window and select Advanced Settings. Once the new menu is open, begin recording for a Combo Key and take the steps you normally would in order to access the road in the building screen, for instance. Once the pattern is selected, stop the recording, give it a suggestive name, and assign it to a key. We set our Combo Key for building roads on R and we use W for walls. Neat!

DomiNations: Conquer the World with BlueStacks

Battle Your Way through History on BlueStacks

Once you achieve the Bronze Age, you’ll already have a serious attack squad in your village and you’ll be ready to sweep through the first single player campaign map. Alternatively, you can jump straight into the fray, give up your 24h immunity (peace treaty) and attack another player. Or you can peacefully continue to develop and redesign your base to perfection. Your nation, your choice.

DomiNations: Conquer the World with BlueStacks

No matter how you decide to play DomiNations, however, you’ll find that the game is significantly better on BlueStacks. With a village masterfully designed, coffers full of gold, and a veritable army in your camp, little will stand in your way as you conquer more of the game world…

Until your bowmen first encounter an enemy tank, that is. Regrettably, BlueStacks (or anything else in the world, for that matter) will be unable to help them.

DomiNations: Conquer the World with BlueStacks

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