No less than 24 wonders are available to be built throughout the ages of DomiNations. These are split into 6 categories and your villagers can construct them progressively, once every couple of eras. For each category, however, you get to choose just one of four wonders. You’ll make your first decision in the Bronze Age, a few hours into the game.

Once you lay the foundation for a wonder, your villagers must complete several stages that cost a high amount of food and worker time. When the building is finished, you can no longer switch it out for a different wonder unless you pay an exorbitant price in crowns. As such, it’s essential to know exactly which wonders work best and how you intend to synergize them during later ages.

Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best wonders in DomiNations. Bear in mind, however, that these are not set in stone (unlike the Stonehenge) and that players with different play styles might prefer different wonders.

The Bronze Age

Best Wonder: Acropolis

Runner-Up: Hanging Gardens

As your village steps into the Bronze Age, the peace treaty you were given for free at the beginning of the game is just about to expire. In other words, it’s high time you attack another player and get ready to defend your own base. For the military-oriented ruler, the Acropolis wonder works best.

The value of the Acropolis is purely defensive, but considerably strong and able to scale with the growth of your nation. When positioned right (in range of Garrisons), this wonder reduces defender time spawn by 20% and increases defender health by 15%. Provided that your Garrison(s) is shielded from immediate attacks (by walls, for example), the waves of defenders they produce can weaken the enemy’s ranks and make their victory much less likely.

On the other hand, the Hanging Gardens increases the amount of food you gather from nearby trees and the amount of gold you obtain from mines. It also reduces the time it takes for these resources to respawn, which scales well with later ages and makes this wonder a close second for the Bronze Age. In fact, the Hanging Gardens is more valuable the further you advance in the game, which is why you might consider starting with the Acropolis and switching to the former later on.

The Classical Age

Best Wonder: Colosseum

Runner-Up: Notre Dame

The Colosseum provides a strength bonus to your attacking troops once per day and spawns waves of 8 defenders to protect your base when you’re under siege. It synergizes perfectly with the Acropolis, which will increase the defenders’ health and spawn rate, provided that they are in proximity to one another. Overall, it provides a powerful boost in both offensive and defensive situations, which is why it remains our favorite wonder for the Classical Age.

At the same time, however, one must recognize the potential cumulative benefit of the Notre Dame, which reduces the cost of library technologies and unit upgrades by 10%. For the economy-oriented player, this might be the better alternative.

The Gunpowder Age

Best Wonder: Versailles

Runner-Up: Taj Mahal

The Versailles is more or less OP compared to the other wonders of the Gunpowder Age. It not only increases the health of your troops by 10%, but it also decreases the speed of enemy armies by a staggering 40%. All in all, this makes it a fantastic option for defense.

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Play DomiNations on BlueStacks 4

Meanwhile, the Taj Mahal is a decent, albeit not very bright, alternative. It increases stolen loot by a meager 2%, but also allows you to recruit one free mercenary army per day. In essence, it offers a couple of free trade resources each day, which is pretty good compared to what the other two wonders have in store.

The Industrial Age

Best Wonder: Brandenburg Gate

Runner-Up: Statue of Liberty

All four wonders of the Industrial Age are impressive, so choosing a favorite is highly subjective. To continue the play style that we have proposed in eras thus far, the Brandenburg Gate and its Blitzkrieg power are perhaps the best option. Using the Blitzkrieg, you can disable the defender-producing buildings of an enemy base once per day. In addition, the wonder provides a small bonus to the attack damage of factory units, which can be particularly useful for nations that prioritize the latter over ranged units.

Alternatively, the Statue of Liberty boosts the attack power of air units by 20% and grants a bit of oil per day to boot. If planes are your favorite type of offense, it might make sense to pick this wonder over Brandenburg Gate.

The Atomic Age

 Best Wonder: The Pentagon

Runner-Up: United Nations

The Pentagon grants two impressive bonuses in one package. While training air troops 20% faster is decent in and of itself, the fact that you can assign an extra General to your defense is absolutely priceless. In fact, it is the latter feature that makes this wonder superior to other alternatives because, unlike other benefits, the added defense is not something you can buy with in-game or real currency.

If, for some reason, you’d rather not choose the Pentagon, the United Nations wonder is the best of the remaining bunch. Primarily of economic worth, the latter grants three national trade goods each day, which is particularly useful for F2P players. If positioned so as to attract attacking troops during a base defense, it will also spawn a wave of defenders.

The Space Age

Best Wonder: Space Shuttle

Runner-Up: Very Large Array

Both the Space Shuttle and the Very Large Array are excellent wonders for an aggressive play style during the Space Age. The difference between them is that the first is particularly useful for accumulating points during World Wars between alliances, while the second is best for regular base attacks.

The Space Shuttle completely disables any enemy traps during one attack per day, which means that taking a base becomes a piece of cake. In World Wars, where you only get to score two attacks on a daily basis, the wonder is a must-have. Alternatively, the Very Large Array decreases the cooldown on Rally, which is an advantage in any type of base attack and benefits especially those players who prefer not to meddle in Wars.

That sums up our guide to choosing the best Wonders in DomiNations. As you advance through the ages, don’t forget that the game encourages you to opt for the buildings that best suit your play style. At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with choosing the Eiffel Tower during the Industrial Age simply because you believe your camp is missing a certain je-ne-sais-quoi in terms of touristic attractions. Certainly, attacking troops might not be too impressed with it, but you’ll know in your heart you made the right choice.

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