Doomsday of Dead is a fun game to play that doesn’t require too much intensive thinking to enjoy. Players can potentially go the whole time without understanding anything about the game since everything has an auto system that relieves the burden of players making mistakes by doing it themselves. As good as that sounds though, that system prevents players from experimenting or learning about the different parts of the game since it removes hands-on experience from the formula.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Doomsday of Dead

The game has a lot of features that players might want to learn about. If you’re planning to take the game a little more seriously (or at least want to understand everything that’s happening while it’s running on auto), this beginner’s guide will help you get to know the game better. Since the game has a simplistic design, there’s not a lot to tackle, but the few things that you do need to know about will help you become a better player overall so that you’ll be set on the path to becoming the best player on the server.

The Auto System

The auto system is the main feature in most mobile MMORPGs today. From questing, battling, and even upgrading items, every task you do can be done automatically by the AI so the player doesn’t have to lift a finger to do anything at all. However, there’s still a small extent of player responsibility needed to play the game, such as turning in finished quests and accepting new ones by clicking them on your Mission Tab, which will cause your character to move automatically to the destination.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Doomsday of Dead

This system is not well-received by a lot of players, but Doomsday of Dead definitely does it right. Players will still be expected to engage with the game, even though most of the tasks are done automatically, so that people still play the game. For players that are set on playing the game manually and disregarding the auto-system, you can go to Settings and click on the “Block Auto-Quest” tab so that your game will no longer do things automatically.


The main feature in most RPGs is gearing. Gearing refers to equipping your hero with the best possible armor, weapons, and accessories to increase their combat capabilities. Doomsday of Dead has its own set of items that provide the player with specific stats, increasing their hero’s power rating as they upgrade the items in their possession. Gear that drops from monsters is usually either crafted or acquired as rewards from quests, missions, and events in the game after meeting certain criteria.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Doomsday of Dead

The main way to check if a piece of gear is good is through Tier and Quality. Quality refers to the rarity of the gear. The higher the quality of a gear piece, the harder it is to get from the different sources they can be acquired from. Gear also has levels that players can increase by spending in-game currency up to a maximum level. The better quality, tier, and level of the gear, the more stats those items give to the character that significantly increase the power rating of the character using it.


Questing is also a main feature in a lot of RPGs. There are two types of quests – Main Quests and Side Quests. Main Quests are the primary way to progress in the game since it introduces the narrative and guides players to carry out necessary actions to make their character stronger and unlock the different game modes. Players should always prioritize completing their main quests before anything else or at least until their character can’t keep up anymore since it will give your hero useful rewards.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Doomsday of Dead

Side quests are unlocked a little later in the game and aren’t usually mandatory, but the game still insists that players complete them while undertaking main quests. Side quests simply guide players to do tasks that will make their character stronger and are usually a by-product of the main quest. While we urge players to focus on the main quest, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to finish side quests in between a few main quests so that you can still receive benefits from their completion.

Stages & Bosses

Stages and bosses are available in the game for players to attempt. Just like any other function in Doomsday of Dead, players can use their auto-combat function to complete these instances since most of them are easy enough to beat. Completing a certain number of stages will give the player a rare reward, such as a weapon or item piece, that will upgrade their hero by a lot. Players can complete stages solo or invite other players in co-op dungeons that will truly test their ability to work together.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Doomsday of Dead

Bosses are similar to stages, but there are only one or two big bosses that will hit you for high amounts of damage and have more than one HP bar. Just like stages, players can attempt to do it solo or invite other players to help take down the more powerful ones so that they don’t end up dying too much. Stages and bosses are a part of the main quest, so players will be obliged to attempt them throughout their gameplay. Players will find that the difficult dungeons are exciting, leaving them to want to attempt them more.

Unlocking New Features

As mentioned before, players will be able to unlock new features in the game by proceeding through the main quest. You’ll notice that on the very bottom of your screen, some tabs are locked behind the chain icon; that indicates it will be available after meeting the requirement to unlock it. To check the requirements on how to unlock a certain feature, just clicking on the icon will show the player what they need to do before they are eligible to use that function.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Doomsday of Dead

Some features and game modes aren’t shown as locked/unlocked on the tab. Simply following the main quest or leveling up your hero will unlock these features, so don’t worry too much about them since they’ll come naturally in time. Every feature that you unlock in the game is important, so players should try to make use of them as soon as they become available in the game tab.