Doomsday of Dead has a long-term goal for players of the game. By the time you’ve read all of our BlueStacks guides on this game, you’d probably just only be halfway through the beginning. Since it’ll be quite some time before you reach the stage where you will be competing against the best of the best, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself with what’s to come. These tips and tricks are designed to help you get a solid start so that you can start standing on your own two feet.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Doomsday of Dead

Idle RPGs may not be the most complicated games to play on the market, but they definitely have a lot of technicalities that players need to look out for. If you miss out on the important tasks that you need to do in-game, you might find yourself lagging behind the players that are racing towards the top of the rankings. Whether you’re planning to be a top PvE or PvP player, there are a lot of things that you need to do which all depend on how strong of a start you can build for yourself.

Challenge the Stages

Stages are the most important content in the game because it unlocks so many things for the player. Most of the time, stages are linked to the main quest but players can manually enter it by going to the Challenge tab on the right side of the screen. There are over a hundred stages that players can challenge and each one becomes more difficult as they climb higher. If you’ve reached a point that’s too difficult, you might want to look at the Power Rating Guide.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Doomsday of Dead

One of the features that are unlocked when clearing stages are the Chip Slots. There are also other benefits to challenging stages since it offers a milestone system that rewards the player with a ton of resources once they’ve completed a certain number of stages. These are also the most fun pieces of content in the game because you get to face off against waves of zombies; these can be cleared with so much more ease if the player tries out manual mode instead of letting the auto-combat system do it.

Upgrade Your Construct

One hidden feature where players can get a bit of power is the Construct system. Players may access this by going to the character tab and clicking on constructs to take a look at your construct’s level. This item can be upgraded indefinitely, rewarding the player with free stats that will definitely help in increasing your power rating in the game. This is absolutely worth looking into as soon as possible because it can take a really long time to upgrade this feature to the max level.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Doomsday of Dead

Constructs are upgraded by layers that use a resource called Nuclear Energy. Nuclear energy is basically an energy system, so it requires a bit of waiting to get one charge to upgrade your construct. As the construct’s layer goes up, the length of time needed to wait for the next charge of your nuclear energy becomes significantly longer. Seconds will turn into minutes, then hours. Luckily, nuclear energy is also recharged even if the game isn’t open, so you’ll have it ready during your next play session.

Collect Titles

Titles are a standard in any MMORPG. Since mobile MMORPGs are notorious for having the flashiest character titles, it makes players want to collect the most extravagant one so that they can flex it in front of other players. Titles are not only useful as an aesthetic upgrade to your character, they also include a certain amount of stats that players can benefit from to further increase their power rating and make their character more efficient in combat.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Doomsday of Dead

Collecting titles in mobile MMORPGs isn’t the same as collecting them in traditional ones since most mobile games make use of premium shops to unlock them. However, Doomsday of Dead stays true to the MMORPG methodology and gives players a chance to collect titles by simply making content in the game. While some of these titles aren’t a guaranteed drop when finishing game modes, it only adds to the excitement of whether or not it drops during your next run.

Use the Quick Melt Function

The Quick Melt function can be found in your bag. Most players only see this as a way to clear up bag space but there are actually a lot more benefits to using it. One of the benefits is that players are able to gain stats from the melted material which further increases your power rating. Don’t be afraid to melt your gear – even if it’s the red quality ones – since they will just clog up your bag in the future if you continue to hoard them in your inventory.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Doomsday of Dead

On the other hand, one must be careful when melting your equipment since not everything is completely useless. Make sure to use the crafting function to create new gear that you’ll need in the future. Do this by taking your red gear and crafting them until you can get 2-star or above equipment that has all the good stats. If you accidentally melted all your gear, you can easily farm them back by doing bosses or solo challenges and leaving them there until your inventory is full again.

Compete in the Arena

The arena is the ultimate testing ground for players to prove that they are the strongest. Players will be fighting against other players by challenging them in the arena, controlled by an AI using the auto-combat system. The challenger (you) will have the option to continue the fight automatically or do it manually by toggling off the “Cancel Idle” button on the right side of your screen.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Doomsday of Dead

Winning in the arena will grant you points that will push you upwards in the Ranked Ladder. On the other hand, losing will cost you points and push you back down. Losing or winning as the defending player will also change your points. The ultimate goal is to reach the Top 1 spot, which you can do by gaining large power rating margins and challenging the ladder until there’s no one left to fight anymore.