Is it becoming too difficult to beat bosses or clear stages in Doomsday of Dead? It might be time for you to upgrade your character by increasing their power rating so that you can face even stronger opponents. The game isn’t so much of a pushover that you can freely beat all of the opponents that you face without the need to put a bit of effort into making your character strong. Luckily, it’s easy to increase your power rating as long as you know where to start.

How to Increase Power Rating in Doomsday of Dead

Power rating is the average value of stats that your hero currently has. This is usually a combination of your hero’s base stats and the bonus stats that they gain from various sources related to your character. There are so many things that players can do to increase their power rating, but knowing where to look is the real challenge that they’ll face. It’s actually not difficult to upgrade your hero, so let’s take a look at what the player can do to increase their power rating in Doomsday of Dead.

Leveling Up

The standard way to gain more power ratings is through leveling up your hero. As your character levels up, the amount of base stats that they gain increases. To learn more about stats and how they affect your character, you can read up on our DoD Hero Guide [Doomsday of Dead – A Guide to Your Hero] to understand them and some other functions better, so that it might prove useful when reading this article. Base stats are particularly important because they have the highest growth percentage and mostly target the most critical character stats.

How to Increase Power Rating in Doomsday of Dead

Leveling up is done primarily through questing, but there are also other ways you can level up quickly. By constantly challenging bosses that you can beat or taking advantage of the idle rewards system, your character can gain a ton of experience that will ensure you gain a few levels in a short period of time. However, players should always prioritize completing the main quests and side quests because these are the biggest sources of experience and also drop really great items for your character.

Upgrading Gear

Gear is the biggest source of secondary stats in the game and is probably what players will be spending most of their time trying to attain. Unlike traditional RPGs, players don’t really have the option to farm specific types of gear, so they’ll only be getting equipment that generally has the same stats. The only difference between each piece of gear is the values that they give. The ultimate goal is to get the highest tier and level equipment so that you will get the best possible power rating.

How to Increase Power Rating in Doomsday of Dead

Equipment is categorized by their tier and rarity. The higher the tier value, the better stats are given, the same as rarity. Needless to say, higher tier and rarity equipment are difficult to find, so it might take a few tries to get the one that you truly need. Aside from getting your hands on the best ones, it’s also a good idea to upgrade the level of your gear so that you can get the highest levels of stats on your current equipment. Make sure that you have a lot of gold beforehand too, because upgrading is costly. 

Vehicles & Mercenaries

Vehicles and mercenaries can be seen in the Partner tab. Unlike gear, vehicles and mercenaries can’t be farmed by trying to clear certain bosses and stages, but rather, are unlocked as players progress through the main quest or purchased directly from the Premium Shop. The vehicles and mounts can be upgraded by using experience crystals, gaining more stats and unlocking new skills that players can use while they are in combat. It’s difficult to get the materials needed to upgrade these though, so it’ll take time.

How to Increase Power Rating in Doomsday of Dead

Vehicles are extremely useful when moving around the map and trying to go in between quests, because they increase the hero’s movement speed by a significant amount. Mercenaries are really good when doing stages and bosses because they will help you deal with some much-needed DPS so that you don’t end up taking too long in a single dungeon if you don’t have enough damage stats. If you want to upgrade your vehicles and mercenaries one by one, just click on the quick upgrade to do it all at once.

Enhancing Skills

Skills are also a great way to get a lot of power rating and increase the combat efficiency of your hero. By going to the Skills tab, players will be able to see a selection of skills that they likely didn’t even know their characters had. That’s because most of these skills need to be unlocked first or equipped by the hero. Depending on what you want your hero to be doing during combat, you can select up to two basic skills that you can start using once you start playing on your next dungeon.

How to Increase Power Rating in Doomsday of Dead

Players can also upgrade skills to increase the effectiveness of those abilities during combat. At first glance, it might seem like the amount of stats that you get from upgrading skills is minuscule enough to seem irrelevant, but the real value comes from the increased modifiers that your skills get to increase the damage, buff/debuff duration, or the area of effect (AoE) radius. Players should commit to two skills to upgrade since the material needed is really difficult to farm.


Chips are similar to runes in fantasy RPG games. This function allows players to equip a chip that contains certain stats into their character, giving them bonuses, depending on what type of chip they have. Chips having specialized titles will only give one type of stat, which can either be defensive or offensive in nature. The player has the freedom to choose between the chips that they get to include in their build.

How to Increase Power Rating in Doomsday of Dead

Slots that are needed to equip chips are unlocked by finishing a certain number of stages. It’s important that the player continue doing the main quest so that they’ll be able to progress through the stages and make their character stronger. You can also get other useful stuff simply by following the main quest anyway, so it is a good investment to spam this as often as possible.