The hero in Doomsday of Dead is the beacon of hope which is expected to save the post-apocalyptic world and lead it to the reconstruction of modern society. While the character creation in this game isn’t as in-depth as other MMORPGs, nor are there class systems that define how a character behaves, the game is filled with ways to customize the hero that can be a little bit complicated for beginners. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects that define your hero’s abilities.

Doomsday of Dead - A Guide to Your Hero

The hero in the game has its own narrative that revolves around him. There are a lot of other colorful characters in Doomsday of Dead, but yours plays the most important role. Just like any other RPG, the player is expected to raise their character to their maximum potential by raising their abilities to the highest point. To do that, players must first understand those abilities and how they affect the progression of the game when they make decisions to give their heroes resources.

Choosing Your Hero

There are two choices that players can choose from when it comes to heroes – The Ranger (female) and The Sharpshooter (male). There’s a very little distinction between the two in terms of combat capabilities other than ability and attack-type distinctions. The player can choose whichever character they want with very little repercussion, not affecting the story or their progression at all. The only deciding factor to choose from is aesthetics which only affects your experience playing the game.

Doomsday of Dead - A Guide to Your Hero

Doomsday of Dead doesn’t have a character customization option at the beginning of the game, so you’re stuck with what the game gives you once you start. However, there is the option to equip character skins, which players can acquire by purchasing them at the store using real money or wait for an event that gives them for free. The character skin that you can purchase depends on the starting character that you’ve chosen at the very start of the game.

Skills & Abilities

Each hero type has a set of skills and abilities. They have active and passive abilities that you can use in combat. These abilities can either give the character a buff or just deal widespread AoE damage, which is particularly useful in dungeons or against bosses. Depending on whether you have auto-battle enabled, the skills and abilities will cast as soon as cooldown is available. More abilities can be unlocked later on, but for now, these abilities are enough to get you through most stages.

Doomsday of Dead - A Guide to Your Hero

Skills can be upgraded on the Skills Tab using a resource called Skill Enhancement Ore. By upgrading abilities, players will be able to benefit from upgraded effects for the chosen abilities such as dealing more damage or increasing the potency of a buff/debuff. Skill Enhancement Ores are difficult to farm, but you can purchase them in the mall using B-diamonds. You should always upgrade the abilities that deal the most damage so that you’ll have easier time clearing stages.


Factions are groups in the game that place the hero’s loyalty to a specific set of players. Players from an opposing faction can be attacked outside of the safe zone as a form of open-world PvP. There are a ton of benefits to joining factions in the game so you should do that once you’ve unlocked it. A few benefits that players can get when joining a faction is participation in limited-time events and getting free resources whenever an allied player achieves something for the faction.

Doomsday of Dead - A Guide to Your Hero

Factions make the game a lot more interesting since it allows players to test their skills around other players. Just keep in mind that killing too many players may cause your status to become hostile, making you vulnerable to enemy attacks. If you’re afraid of enemies taking advantage of you to PvP you, just stay in a Peace area where PvP is prohibited. Most big cities and beginner areas protect new players from getting bullied by bigger players in the game.


Stats play a big part in the identity of your hero. Just like any other RPG, your hero’s stats determine their ability to do damage in combat. However, non-RPG players or total beginners might be confused as to what the stats mean exactly. You can simply go to your character tab and click on the Question Mark icons to review what the stats do in detail. For now, here’s a short overview of how the stats function in this game.

  • Basic Stats

Basic stats are the fundamentals of the hero which include modifiers for damage and health. The four most common stats in Doomsday of Dead are ATK, HP, Break, and DEF. ATK refers to the amount of damage you do currently. HP refers to the amount of health you have to take damage. DEF weakens the effectiveness of ATK while Break weakens the effectiveness of DEF.

Doomsday of Dead - A Guide to Your Hero

Other modifiers include Critical, Accuracy, Dodge, Weakspot Accuracy, and Weakspot Defense. All of these stats can be acquired by getting specific gear equipped. The most basic ones grow naturally whenever the hero levels up, but also shine whenever the item contains the specific stat they own. For basic stats, they’re pretty easy and straightforward to acquire as long as you follow the main quest.

  • Advanced Stats

Advanced stats or Ultimate Stats are a more specific version of basic stats. To put it simply, they are the modifiers of the modifiers which increase the effectiveness of the stats that they’re trying to raise. If you’re a beginner, you’ll notice that all of the values in these stats are set to 0 and will only be raised if you increase CRIT, ACC, Weakspot Accuracy, and Weakspot Defense.

Doomsday of Dead - A Guide to Your Hero

Advanced stats depend entirely on the gear that a player has, so there’s really no other way you can raise these. Some premium bonuses also increase these advanced stats to benefit the player in terms of combat. Hero skills and abilities can also buff their own character to gain temporary bonuses on advanced stats that make their job a lot easier during combat.