With the new Dragon Trail: Hunter World out and available for everyone to play, we wanted to give all our readers insights on the different classes in the game, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, in the hopes of helping you choose a class for yourself. On the other hand, if you’re already chosen a class, and want to know how to progress and power up your character, check out our hero progression guide for Dragon Trail.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Class Guide - The Best Hero Classes for Every Play Style

Let’s get started!

Priest – Elemental Destruction and Crowd Control

We don’t really know why this class is named “Priest” considering that it has all the makings of a mage or witch, especially because it has no holy or healing spells, and its kit consists of powerful elemental spells that can both deal damage in wide areas, and also cripple groups of enemies with a variety of crowd control effects.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Class Guide - The Best Hero Classes for Every Play Style

The Priest is a specialist in dealing area damage, as well as decent damage to single targets, at the expense of their defenses. This gives the class a tricky learning curve that, once mastered, could turn it into one of the strongest classes in Dragon Trail. 

With that being said, all of the Priest’s spells are AoE, which makes them ideal for farming and grinding hordes of mobs. However, this focus on AoE might make them have a tougher time when fighting against bosses or other stronger enemies that require focused single-target damage to take down effectively.

Warrior – Tanky Melee Attacker With Lots of Movement Options

A melee combatant that specializes in repositioning tactics using his skills, which not only deal decent damage, but also allow him to jump around the arena towards enemies. In this sense, while the Warrior is seemingly limited to melee combat, he can get over this shortcoming by effectively having multiple different gap closer skills to close the distance.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Class Guide - The Best Hero Classes for Every Play Style

As far as his specific kit goes, the Warrior is fairly straightforward; he can wield his sword gracefully and use sweeping strikes to hit enemies in an area. His ultimate skill, however, summons a holy sword that deals tons of damage in a circle, which technically makes this class holier than the actual Priest.

The warrior is a hardy class ideal for beginners, and we recommend choosing it if you’re not sure which one is the best for you.

Shadow Hunter – Stealth Assassin With High Single-Target Damage

The sneaky and speedy class of the bunch, who even has a stealth mechanic that allows him to deal tons of damage to a single enemy. The Shadow Hunter is a powerful DPS class ideal for dealing with bosses and other tougher enemies. And though he has AoE skills just like the other classes, his focus lies in bursting down powerful enemies in one blow.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Class Guide - The Best Hero Classes for Every Play Style

One of the most important parts of the Shadow Hunter is his stealth skill, which not only renders him invisible and increases his movement speed for a few seconds, but also makes it so that his next attack deals 130% extra damage, which synergizes well with his ultimate, since it lets him deals heavy damage to a single enemy.

It might take some practice to get used to his most damaging combos, but the Shadow Hunter has a high payoff, considering that he, potentially, has the highest burst damage in the game, destroying most enemies in a single blow. And what isn’t defeated after this class’ attacks will be significantly weakened, to the point where it’ll only take a few follow-up attacks to finish them off.

Ranger – Easy Class With Massive Damage Capabilities

It’s not lightly that we say the Ranger is the “easy mode” class in Dragon Trail. This is because her skills are not only very strong, but she can also summon a powerful wolf with her ultimate, which joins her in battle and deals tons of damage for its entire duration. Overall, she’s very easy to play, can deal lots of damage like the Priest and Shadow Hunter, and can fight from large distances, making her ideal for beginners that want to play as a pure DPS class.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Class Guide - The Best Hero Classes for Every Play Style

Just like with the other classes in the game, the Ranger has a good mix of AoE abilities, single-target spells, and crowd control effects. She can not only slow down enemies in large areas, but she can also knock them back and stun them for a short duration, leaving them wide open to follow up attacks.

While she’s not as straightforward as the Warrior, since you still need to take care not to get overwhelmed or surrounded, considering that you’re quite squishy in comparison, the Ranger is the ideal class for those who want to deal tons of damage, but don’t really want to commit to learning complex setups and maneuvers. In other words, she’s a great entry-level DPS class, as we mentioned above.

And with that, we’ve covered the four different classes in the game. Hopefully, you can see what each of these has to offer, and choose the one that better conforms to your desired play style.  What is your favorite Dragon Trail: Hunter World class? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!